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Ranting: Reviews and Behavior

My own time in Vegas has moved to vacation from Eve related events. I spent some time over the last two days writing my notes. I still have one more session to write up and one session that wound up not having many notes.

CCP Manifest created a feedback thread early on Sunday to get peoples feedback. This wrapped into the community team's request for feedback from the attendees.

In general people had a good time. There were some details that were nitpicked. Volume was sometimes an issue for some and the layout of the speakers in the room kept the volume towards the front. People also need to shut the fuck up or leave the room to talk a lot of the time.

I did not watch any player presentations and I missed several CCP presentations. I stuck to the round tables so that I could write notes. It has been my thing for events to share in this way. I'm no longer alone in this task so perhaps I will not have a 'niche' to fill in the near future.

Not being invisible was an interesting phenomenon. I've always been absolutely transparent before so it was odd but pleasant to be seen and to interact with people. Upon reading reviews and comments from those who did not attend I notice that there is a low grade buzz that the attitudes of the game follow people into the convention. I can say that they both do and do not. Groups do hang around together. Some groups attacked other groups during the convention and that caused friction. However, I think that Eve Vegas has reached a tipping point where there are so many people attending that the cliques are diluted. When I logged in this morning someone asked me how people were reacting to some large loss that happened over the weekend. My answer was that no one brought it up in any manner that I heard about it.

I think the attitude that does follow people out is that what they do is the most interesting thing in Eve. I saw a lot of comments saying that we should vet the questions people as at the round tables and in the public forums. I disagree with that. Everyone goes for their own reason. For someone to stand up and speak in front of a large group of people to ask their question and receive their moment with the developers is a very special time for most of us. It is something that we remember and it can sometimes be something that can affect change. Just because someones question is stupid to another does not make it a stupid question. If anything this is one of the few times that we are dunked into the middle of people who do not play as we do and have a different view and vision of Eve.

I do wonder if there is a way to have a non-awkward after party. I do not mean the players so much as I mean the venues. The entire night club concept is nice, but I was reading someone commenting that people need to learn to dress for a night club. That is the type of thing that gets my hackles raised. I'm a proud hater of dress clothing and I come to Eve Vegas to socialize, not wrap myself in hated clothing for social standards. I understand that night clubs are somehow special and whatever or something or another and 'dress codes'. I may simply not be the correct audience targeted by the night club environment. Yet, I'd hate to have people flustered over their clothing choices. That may also just be me projecting my intense dislike for the entire topic. I think the privacy we had was nice, even if we didn't dress like the night club would have liked for us to have dressed.

But maybe that is what evening parties are about and I am the odd man out fighting against a highly desired standard.

It'd not be the first time.

The Event is also a lot of fun and just raw, enthusiastic energy that it is rather strange logging in and plunging into a negativity. I also read the most hateful, bigoted comment about CCP Seagull on Nosy's blog. To get up in front of a camera and talk is hard. It's god damn hard and I did it today knowing that I will probably be mocked and ridiculed for my looks or ethnicity by some vicious, small souled creature. Seeing it happen to CCP Seagull was disgusting. People don't have to agree with her. They don't have to like her. They don't have to think she does a good job. They can have all of their conspiracy theories that Goonswarm runs CCP. Go for it. But the nasty, bigotry is outside of the realms of the game and absolutely disgusting. And some people wonder why people don't want to talk to players or put themselves out in the public eye?

God knows we love this game. I love this game. It brings us to quite an obsessed love/hate relationship level. We fly to Vegas to run around doing and talking Eve Online. No one can doubt the player bases passion. But there is a line between disliking, disagreeing, and being hateful and disgusting.

I'm glad that line didn't happen at the Event. Seeing it in the echos just makes me shake my head. That's only magnified by my high from how great Eve Vegas was.

So, that is about it for disjointed happy and angry words for now.


  1. Somehow I always pictured you looking vaguely like your avatar, with blue 2013 Fanfest fingernails and a bag of Skittles (see Twitter pics). Which is sort of strange considering I couldn't look less like my avatar.

    The brain is a funny thing.

    Kudos to you for getting on camera. Wish I could have been there. Keep up the good work.

    1. Looooool

      I'm quite the reverse image of Sugar the svstar but the nails are blue. Check the pictures from twitter :)

  2. Would you mind sharing a link to that feedback thread created by CCP Manifest?
    Couldn't find it in Information Portal, General Discussion or Out of Game Events and Gatherings or Features and Ideas. Thank you.

  3. Why do you have such a negative view of Nosy's comments? I read them just before seeing your piece and did net view them as so critical.

    1. I guess Sugar isn't refering to the blogpost of Nosy itself but to one or two of the comments his readers left there. Like CCP Seagull being a toy of nullsec and that she will kill Eve.

    2. People can believe what they want about her ability and her employment. It is when we start into attacks on her gender and sexual preference that I have an issue and that issue was with someone in the comments. I have no issue with Nosy's blog or I'd call him out clearly.

    3. The comment in question has been deleted now, but suffice to say that it included misogynist insults attacking her appearance that were rather unrepeatable. (I went back to see what the poster's handle was, since someone commented on it being notable.) It also strongly implied that The Mittani is dictating game design to CCP.

  4. I found one comment that was worth condemning. It was a mysogynistic homophobic harangue penned by someone whose chosen posting name filled in the blanks about why it was posted in the first place. Even though there's no reason to be ashamed of one's penis size, the few really demented ones often are, and the results almost always read like the comment in question.


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