Saturday, August 2, 2014

Back to that Network Issue

The final part of the story.

My husband came home today and got everything sorted. It turned out when he redid his enter setup last month he forgot to redo all the auto start scripts for his virtual machines. What locked me out is that they did not come up. It even took my Minecraft server offline to which I apologize to those that share my Minecraft world.

We're working to correct this little glitch in our setup. I learned a lot. Life went on. I played a single player game of Minecraft that I liked a lot.

He did bring me chocolate.

The tin of alcohol infused ones are his. There is a whole table top fondue kit with another tub of chocolate.

He delivered. Just letting everyone know.

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  1. Oh oh. Did you know that it is not allowed to import Kinder Surprise egss in the USA.