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The Significance of Fives

One day, long ago, Chella was flying between Gallente Space and Derelik. During that trip I saw a can advertisement that would sink deeply into my definition of myself. I've written about that can before. It was for some random corporation who wanted Black Ops pilots. Black Ops sounded so intriguing but they had a five million skillpoint minimum. There I was, newbie self still far from a million skill points and that cool future full of amazing ships and fascinating game play was still far away from me. But when I reached five million skill points I would be there.

Yesterday my Aura app notified me that Chella needed to update her clone. Puzzled, I checked and sure enough she had tipped over 55 million skill points and moved into the next clone area when Fighters V finished. As I sat and decided what to work on next it was also a good moment for reflection. Do I want to train Amarr Carrier V? In the current meta sure but will they be nerfed hard and 'waste' my training time? I have worked to train all of these logistics and capital skills that I have not taken into battle. Do I want to continue under the hope that one day I'll be useful?

It seems that it is time for some self evaluation and general evaluation. For the blog I do it every so often sot hat anyone who is looking at my little winding life can see where I am in the game as a player character(s). For myself I like to lay out where I am and what I am doing. I've consolidated some alts and settled down to have a serious, "What do you want to do with yourself," talk.

But, for some reason, seeing Chella at 55 million skill points made me reflective. That number five throws me back into newbie hood. I remember when I reached five million skill points. Black Ops was a long way away. I was on my feet but not very stable with dreams of flying a Hurricane in PvP.

Sugar has 53 million skill points to Chella's 55. Chella sits in implants while Sugar, a combat pilot, has spent several months with no implants in the last year due to null sec heavy deployments. Sugar's 53 million is combat focused. She flies pewpew ships of all sizes with Command Ship V and HAC V being two of my more prideful spaceship command skills. She can the three turret platforms up to T2 larges in both long and short range platforms. Armor or shield tank makes no difference to me. Over the spring I finished up her drone skills and she can use T2 sentries and T2 heavies. I can also put her behind a Loki or a Proteus. Where Sugar is weak is support skills. Her ewar skills are mostly there for neuts and webs. She has no logistics skills.

Enter Chella at 55 million skill points. Chella is my logistics pilot flying Guardians, Oneiros, and Scimitars. Her gunnery skills are poor. She makes up for that with fantastic drone skills, maxed drone logistics, and Gallente Battleship V which not only makes her an awesome Dominix pilot but she is a Sin bridge to boot. She is my carrier pilot with Gallente Carrier V, Amarr Carrier IV, maxed jump skills, Fighters to V, T2 sentries, T2 heavies, and T2 triage. Yet, she spends a lot of time in her cov ops hauler and she can sit in a mining barge at need. She does my gas mining.

Number three with 50 million skill points is my scanning alt. She is a maxed scanning alt who can pick a Tengu or a Legion. She's also a Recon V pilot for Amarr and Caldari with the skills for a Falcon (I don't own one yet) or a Curse (I have one). She's a cov ops pilot, a cov ops hauler, and a  freighter pilot. She is also my link alt that I have never used with maxed link skills and she has Fleet Command plugged in. I haven't trained it yet because, well, I haven't ever even used her as a link alt. Her side project is that she builds my boosters.

My fourth alt is my hauling and building alt at 40 million SP. She is my miner, my industrialist (whos had to learn new skills for Crius), my freighter pilot (two types), and my perfect Rhea pilot with all jump skills to V, Caldari Freighter V and Jump Freighters V. She can also fly an Orca and fit up a Prospect.

Last but not least is my Dread pilot. She is a highly focused Amarr pilot with armor tanking skills. She can put a Revelation onto the field with T2 siege. She has some work to do still but she is there and able to be deployed.

I also have my TCS employees. They are scattered across accounts. They are trained up as perfect traders and frozen there. Their task is in the station.

All of my accounts have utility skills like cynos. Most have cyno trained to V so that they can just use a rookie ship with no expanders. It helps me to move my jump capable around at need. It also means that any secondary account I have logged in can light an emergency cyno to extract ships. That's happened a few times and it is one of the most important reasons to have cyno trained.

From here I need to figure out where to go. My scanning alt is working on her combat skills. I am torn about Amarr Carrier V with Chella. It seems a waste not to learn it. At the same time I've learned so many skills for a maybe and I'm kind of tired of it. I stopped training for myself over a year ago with a very focused view of becoming a well rounded and highly useful fleet member. I'm very much there and I find my pursuits go three ways for Sugar: Battleships, Missiles, EWAR. I don't know which ones I want to do or even if I wan't to do them.

I'm thinking support skills. Maybe, since I am so confused, I'll take the time to work on topping up compensations and little things here and there until I find a clear path again where I know what I want to do with my skill training. There is always plenty to train and chances I should just push the buttons and not worry about it.

Is this some type of weird mid skillpoint crisis? Things were very clear for a while. Will I just start buying fast cruisers and take off through high sec daring the gate camps? Will I cheat on my Jaguars?


  1. It's not unusual. You're hitting the point of the game where you run out of things to train. Jester had a very large series of posts that touched on it last year. I hit it at about 75 and 45mi on my main and alt respectively. I'd gotten to the point everything I was worried about doing was covered, and then I was trying to figure out what to do with the ever increasing number of skill points.

    Congrats btw, you're well on your way to being a bitter vet. Hitting this point is a major milestone on your journey. :)

    1. Except I'm not bitter! :)

      A bit lost and pensive but that is natural in something I've invested so much time, energy and passion into.

  2. While neither here nor there, if I’m piecing things together correctly all your characters (or at least primary characters) are female and all your ships are male.

    Though I didn’t particularly plan it, my first character was male, second character was female and all subsequent characters were female as well. About third character in was when I discovered the entire group was a family: Papa Tragic and his crazy ass daughters. No one’s really in charge of the parade but the batch of daughters incessantly boss Papa around and he shoulder shruggingly complies because he absolutely adores them, each and everyone.

    Eldest Daughter,

    1. Yes. I tried to make a male character before. It felt odd. I tend to make female characters in games where I make characters. My horses (or spaceships) are always male. I like guys.


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