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Defiance Fleet - First Encounter

It is a work night unfortunately. However, the start of the industrial defense is going well.

I had some worries that the members would not want to fight. I got CC'd on the corpmail sent to them however and if I could blush I would and being mentioned so boldly. Such responsibility but I was excited too.

Last night I moved my Orca to Dodixie to buy ships for myself. I sent Sugar to the new staging system in an interceptor. While I was at work today, I grinned to myself. When I got home I started my link alt to the new system as well. I figure, I've not needed her before but we might as well have all the tricks up our sleeve. Altaen agreed to enter 7-2 into the war as an ally.

For tonight we started working on getting everyone into a position to achieve. We got out in space and started going through basics. Overviews. With overview packs and instructions on hand we got everyone basically sorted to a nice, clean overview. No fleet mates, no blues, no corp mates and excess junk cleaned out. We opened up dscan and went into how it works. We opened up the overview settings and made sure everyone could see probes. There are dozens of small things that you take for granted once you learn it that you have to bring back out and share. Things from selecting celestials to dropping safes mid warp.

One member of the corp was two systems away. We mounted a rescue operation. The war targets have been moving in and out once the war went live. What I decided to do is send my Orca with an Atron to replace his Throax. We then moved our little fleet across the two systems. Every gate was a learning experience. Warping to zero, holding gatecloak, orbiting the gates when sitting on them. Jumping on command.

It's a learning experience for me. I'm clumsy with the broadcasting tools. I need to get comfortable with my verbal commands. There are a lot of questions as we go. We practiced warping to things at range and discussed the right click menu and what 'top station' or 'top belt' means. We rescued our member and went into insta undocks.

The whole goal was for people to make some of those early mistakes. We discussed safe spots and what they meant and why we make them. After a quick break for dinner people were brought up to overview speed when the war targets were seen ganking something in the low sec system next door. Everyone wanted to go after them. I said, "Okay, let's go."

There was a bit of confusion caused by me as we landed. I forgot their war was live and not mine. That was sorted out and I gave basic instructions that we would target when I said so and shoot what I said. With that we jumped in and the war targets were located on the other gate. We warped to the gate and I started them orbiting. It was a Navy Vexor and a Proteus to our six little T1 frigates.  I decided we would take out the Navy Vexor, or at least try as the better of the two ships.

We targeted and we attacked. And we died. We got the Vexor into armor before they realized we were really attacking them. As they died they announced it and I told them to warp off their pods. There was more 'noise' then there should have been but everyone was amped up and I didn't want them losing their pods. I felt that I needed to keep up that constant, calm flow of information. "Keep shooting the Vexor," "Get your pod out," "Keep shooting the Vexor." "I know you are webbed, but ignore the Proteus. Keep shooting the Vexor." I think we got one or two ships out. I died as well which was fine, I was to busy trying to FC to worry about staying alive at the time. Frankly, I didn't even shoot them. I just repped their damage and got everyone else out as I went down.

The end result was zero pod loss. We had one bit of confusion as someone couldn't jump but we got everyone out and I was happy. We got called faggots in local and I asked everyone to drop 'gf'' and show them what class was. They did. Not a drop of smack back. Absolutely beautiful.

We jumped out, docked, and had a nice little AAR. End result is everyone was pleased with themselves. They went and attacked the attacker and they are proud of that. I'm proud too. They focused fire when asked. They got their pods out when asked. They attacked when asked. They showed up to the war dec.

Tomorrow, we shall do more. I don't work Wednesday so we will be able to have a longer fleet and if we don't get a war target we will go on a roam. Everyone is in a good mood. I'm glad that we went and did that little attack at the end. Defiance. All of it.

I told them that I want them to have fun. I want them to experiment and try things. This isn't about us killing the war deccers. This is about us taking the opportunity to learn and improve ourselves. They are learning to PvP and defend themselves. I am learning to FC and helping in the ways that I love best. I'm not going to fret about doctrines and rigidity. That can come later. For now  there are a hungry little skills and habits that need to be developed first. A solid foundation now. Fancy things later.

I reminded everyone that everything takes time. Our success is that we are out there doing. And we will be out there doing some, every evening for this dec. I'm rather exhausted from today. I learned a lot but phew, it is a ton of energy. I'm pleased with trying things my way. No yelling. No cursing. No going off on rants. If someone trips, pick them up brush the dust off, and we kept going. I hope they are happy with me. I hope that I can keep their enthusiasm high and their interest strong.

It was a good evening. Now sleep and tomorrow we will see what it brings.


  1. Sugar 6 months ago: Oh my God I'm don't know what I'm doing.
    Sugar now: Vexor is the primary, keep orbiting, get your pod out.
    Sugar 6 months down the road: Siege green!

    By the way if you are bringing suicide cheap against their bigger ships, try HULL rigged destroyers. They have stupid amount of buffer and large DPS for the price of 2 frigs.

    1. Hmm, destroyers don't up-engage as easily as frigates unless you really know how to fly them. With low speed and a big sig, "orbit @ 500 and press f1" doesn't really work. You have more buffer and dps, but you can die really quickly to cruiser size guns.

      Neuting dragoons would be handy, especially for killing t3s, but they'll die with alacrity. Neut tristans would do the same job, live longer and cost half as much. Also if they hull tank Sugar doesn't really get to teach them about logi, which is more to the point.

    2. Our fight lasted a few minutes. These are new players who have very low skills. Dessies maybe later in the week when we're moving better.

  2. who are these "real men" that start a fight and are somehow are upset when they receive one? good on you for maintaining the class. (both noun and verb).

    1. It was somewhat pathetic to me. But some will judge only on the outcome. Remember they told them to stay out of the low sec system.

  3. I'm inspired! ty sugar


  4. I want in! :) If you need/want any help post a reply here and I'll pm you in game. In any case GL out there!

    1. Toss me a mail and we will see. Also you can hop in my chatroom and when Inlog in. The link is in Sugar's bio.

    2. When I told everyone to form up an hour before you said you'd be on I expected one or two people to show up... Even I was surprised by our good turnout!

      An awesome first day and the first time some of them have willingly gone to low sec, much less done PvP!


  5. I am a die-hard solo carebear. Been playing Eve for about a year. Reading this is the first time for me that joining a corp or doing pvp might be fun.
    I turned 50 this year, and have zero patience for smack talk and ass hats.
    The only thing I have ever observed directly in space or local chat was the worst kind of moronic or rapacious behavior. You give me hope.

    1. Well thank you for reading. Sometimes you have to carve a place for yourself in the strangest parts of Eve. I've decided that smack talk will have no place with me.


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