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CSM9 - Day 84

Crius is released.
The new Thukker POS module is out in the wild, waiting to be found.

Yes there is now a NPC Tax to use your POS. Several mails came in last weekend and even Monday as people read the patch notes and found out that there was going to be a POS tax. I personally saw it as an ISK sink. Then, CCP Fozzie wrote a detailed answer as to the meanings behind the NPC tax on POS manufacturing. Like or hate it, it is here to stay. I am not fond of having a tax in my POS.

There are some new taxation options on the corporation POS as well.

“I need access to a corporate wallet to build from my POS!” This came up immediately and I was embarrassed to have missed that particular problem. Like many people, I use an alt corporation to do my industry. My alt corporation is just me or it is me and someone else and we all have access to everything. This is a very common thing so when Crius went live, people who used their mains to also do their industry but had no corporation wallet access, suddenly needed it.

The use of a corporate wallet to pay for a POS fee makes sense on a structural level. The problem is that Eve players do not use their corporations in that way. Corporations are often social groups and the corporation functions are used to help support various things we are doing. But, because this is Eve and everyone can steal everything stuff is locked down and we do not share well due to the current state of corporation roles. This means that our industry tends not to be a corporation project and access to something like a wallet for the average member isn’t going to happen.

The solution, of using alt corporations is one I’d like to discourage as the automatic default. I believe that our habit of fragmenting into alt corporations for everything is a symptom of the current corporation mechanics not being able to keep up with what we, as players want and need to do. I don’t want people to feel as if they cannot do things to sustain themselves inside of their personal corporation and feel that they have to go off to alt corporations and maybe come back together under an alliance. If they want to, that is great, but I’d love if it was not the default to just feel functional and secure. Please, do not confuse that with my not wanting people to have the option. Go for it. Have eleventy thousand alt corps for everything that you do. I simply want those who actually want to work together to have a better time of it.

On Tuesday, when Crius launched, I was asked if I prefer it to be my day off or not. I said that I prefer it to be my day off because people come to me with stuff. There was a lot of information to filter and sort. For those who want to keep up to date but are uncomfortable with the forums, remember that you can just read Dev Posts. They have a nice little block of text as well so you can pick and choose what you read. You can also click on the blue DEV stripe on their portrait to move to the next Dev post.

The other thing is that there are people who like Crius. I’ve received as much positive feedback as I have negative feedback.

CCP Seagull is the new Executive Producer of Eve Online. The Executive Producer job has gone unfilled for a long time. While she has been filling in the position that is not the same as it being 100% hers. Now it is. She also did an AMA (ask me anything) on Reddit. Susan Black gives a summary of some of the points made. There were a lot of 0.0 questions. They were not all answered. There were some nuggets here and there. She let loose the fact that there will be a sharable overview coming soon. That is one less thing to bite my tongue about.

“Sugar, industry didn’t interest me! What is next?” Stuff. Stuff is next. Per CCP Explorer people will be heading back into the office in August. He also listed the release dates and name list for the rest of the year and links to the Fanfest 2014 Keynote which also holds the 2015 release schedule.
3 Jun – Kronos
22 Jul – Crius
26 Aug – Hyperion
30 Sep – Oceanus
4 Nov – Phoebe
9 Dec – Rhea
Remember, every release is not going to be Kronos and Crius size. They will often be smaller. If a group takes six months to do a project they take six months. If they take three months or six weeks it will launch at that next release window. The old method was everything piling in for a six month window and onto the next thing.

And that has been the bulk of my week.

I was asked if I really spend four hours a day doing CSM stuff. The answer is, some days. If I include everything, the CSM eats a good portion of my time. From Skype to internal forums to external forums to chats, e-mails, eve-mails, and conversations. Even doing things like writing this weekly summary eats into time. Some days things are quiet but frankly, the CSM eats a lot of my free time and I’m fine with that. That is why I am here.


  1. I will just raise a point to CSM awareness, the ACU (Averaged Concurent Users) data for July 17th was not released, apparently, and I am wondering whether this API service has been interrupted by CCP or just July 17th ACU data suffered a hiccup of the system. Unfortunately I don't have any active account and can't check with Chribba.

    ACU data displayed at has been used by players and former players to check the health of the game in terms of how many people is actually loggin in, and it would be quite serious if CCP suddenly changed its mind and stopped allowing access to this data.

    1. There have been API blips. They are doing a lot of work with and to them.

    2. As the PCU continues to fall, I would not at all surprised to see CCP kill that API feed, for the same reason that they killed the info needed to calculate subscriptions. That, or CCP will starting fudging the numbers in that feed.

      If the trend continues, and I see no reason to except it to change given the full effect of Crius has not even begun to be felt yet, there is zero chance CCP wants a record of their failure documented on a real-time basis.

      Seems that letting the null sec cartels overhaul industry for their benefit is not working out as advertised.



    3. Yah know Dinsdale,

      While I continue to find your Chicken Little, The Sky is Falling pronouncements absolutely adorable; I’m beginning to worry for your wellbeing. If you’ll forgive a little real life detour . . .

      I happen to live in the Western US among a fair dose of survivalists preparing for the soon to appear apocalypse. Not far from my brother’s house there’s even a company that sells astoundingly large, premade survival shelters. Just dig deep hole, drop shelter, cover, stock with weapons & food and BAMB! you’re ready for defend your family against hordes of post apocalyptic raiders.

      Chatting with prospective customers can be great fun but it’s a little disconcerting to discover that in addition to preparing for the end times, they are also rooting for the end times with enthusiastic zeal. This, of course, should come as no great surprise. Having sunk *a lot* of money into apocalypse preparation, one understands they would feel the fool if said apocalypse didn’t appear.

      Along the same lines Dear Dinsdale, you expend a lot of effort and time preaching on the upcoming end of Eve. While I won’t go so far as to accuse you of downright rooting for Eve to collapse (you wouldn’t do that would you?), I do wonder what you will do if the predicted Eve Apocalypse doesn’t occur. How will you find meaning then?

    4. While I will not don the tinfoil. Facts remain; the announcement and delivery of Crius has coincided with noticeable decline in player participation in Eve. Historically the growing player count has received attention at FanFest - yet it was skipped this year. So if CCP is going to further limit visibility on this statistic, then is a concern.

    5. @Dire

      You do realize Dinsdale is a Goon plant, benefitting from Goon patronage and protection and profits greatly from a highsec industry slump.

      His tangential "Eve is dying" rants are merely tolerated by his Goon masters as one might tolerate a deranged, but gifted, Uncle at a family reunion.

  2. Onions, are you perhaps looking at the wrong address? The site I usually use for this is a .net one, noe a .com one:

    It is up, and shows a steady and marked decline over the past three months, six months and year. In fact, the first and second derivatives both show a downwards trend since January 2011. Basically, the lifetime of Dominion sov.

  3. Access to a corp wallet has always been required for industry work at a p I s. The simple and obvious workaround is for the corporation to take one wallet division which they will never ever put any assets into, label it "petty cash" and grant everyone in corp access. The difference now is that the industrialist will now have to find out what the fee is, give that money to the correct wallet division and then use that money for the job. It was a little easier before as the fee was zero isk, yet for some activities there had to be an a time corp wallet division to take the zero isk from.

  4. "I believe that our habit of fragmenting into alt corporations for everything is a symptom of the current corporation mechanics not being able to keep up with what we, as players want and need to do."

    Agreed wholeheartedly. Hopefully this is something that they keep in mind with the POS rework.

  5. Sugar, here's a question to pass on to the new EP: why hold your AMA discussion on an external site, when you have your own perfectly functional forums with sections specifically designed for developer-player communication and feedback?


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