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CSM9 - Day 70

This has been an interesting week.

My Open Q&A on Eve Uni Mumble is today. I have a session at 15:00 GMT and another at 22:00 GMT. These are simply open talks where we can sit down and engage each other. You don’t have to talk, you can type your questions. I try to drag other CSM members along. This is number two of my monthly chats. Download Mumble and log in following the directions on the links. You don’t have to register. I will tentatively schedule the next for August 11th. As always if another day is prefered I am happy to abuse the kindness of Eve Uni to your hearts’ content and use their comms freely for CSM outreach stuff.

It looks like SiSi is down until Monday. Eventually the practice server will be up and CCP Fozzie has addressed that he will get that together as soon as he gets it together.

Skype has been full of very interesting discussions. I learned not to type out deep thoughts while eating lunch at a restaurant with my mother. I wind up not finishing said thoughts and missing my point completely. However, there has been a lot of very productive things going on.

CCP Greyscale posted about the decision to remove the stacking bonuses from POS. This has made many people upset. This has made some people happy. It has in general made people go, “OMG everything is broken will this even work?” Things will still work. Eve will move forward. The global balance will be lopsided for a few days. The sheer amount of scenarios and edge cases that are being discussed and planned for are overwhelming. This is an everyday project.

The things project. Last week Heretic Caldari said that we were mimicking CSM8 with ‘little things’ projects and he’d like us to stop. He said calling these projects ‘little things’ would artificially restrict the players and that CCP should make the call if they are little or not. I thought about it for a bit and I’ve decided to try to explain.

The ‘things’ projects we are doing are projects owned by the CSM members. These are not CCP’s tasks. They are ours. All of that campaigning we do when we state platforms and interests and such? Well these projects are a manifestation of those. Some are areas of personal interests, such as mynnna working on null sec anomalies. We’ve gone to CCP and asked what can we do to improve these areas. We’ve received feedback and direction and we go from there. If we have questions, we ask them such as, “Is this a little thing or big thing?” These projects are not the only thing we do but they are self-made tasks that some members have taken on. It means that we direct it as we can, we gather what we can, we condense and distill it, and we hand back something that we hope can be added in sooner rather than later. Dumping a big stack of things without any prior work is not going to produce the productivity we are looking for.

I feel incredibly productive doing this. I hunt people down, I ask questions, I listen, I read, and in general I am doing what I can to take advantage of the opportunity. Because I am nosy, I butted into Mike’s Incursion Things and sat down with some low sec incursion runners to get feedback. I’m hunting down more, so if you do incursions in low sec hit me (or Mike) up.

Also, PvE things. People have been very happy to send me more than ‘little’ things. This is good and I discover what is and is not doable. The full revamp of PvE is not a little thing but there are good ideas in there that I can hold onto and use if and when I get the chance.

The Summit. Known as the ‘summer’ summit it happens in September. It qualifies as summer considering the first day of Autumn is September 22nd and the summit will be September 17th-19th. It seems that Iceland, being Iceland, has all sorts of weird traditions that I learned about when trying to find the first day of fall. The general gist is that September is still kinda summer there too so there we go.

The attendees shall be Sion, Ali, Mike, Steve, corbexx, mynnna, and me. For those who don’t keep up with the CSM rules, Sion and Ali will get to go to both summits and fanfest automatically due to their vote count.

Going to the Summit means I can activate my Summit project that I’ve been holding so close to my heart. I thought of it in the early weeks of my campaign. I started working on it then with dreams of being elected and being selected for a summit.  It is a document of all the ideas and problems brought to me that I’m printing out and having bound with note space so that I can make sure not to miss a thing. I’ve been serious about my desire to represent the people who voted for me so I’m bringing everyone along as best as I can. Right now I’m organizing the information, making sure my mails are sorted. From there I’ll organize it into the summit topics and have it all printed out.

The next VA/MD/DC meet I would like to do August 23rd. If I get no significant backlash that is what I will set it for and see about the venue again. DC was popular it seems. Hopefully it is enough time for people to schedule


  1. Congratulations on being selected to attend the first Summit!

  2. Sugar, I think you've misrepresented what I was trying to say. Or maybe I didn't say what I was trying to say. I'd say it's probably 60% on the I didn't say what I was trying to say properly side.

    I was never saying you should stop these projects. I never said these were CCP initiatives. All I said was that you should stop calling them 'little things' because we, as players, don't know what is and what isn't a small thing. I also never once said (or rather I certainly didn't mean to say it if that's how it came across) that you shouldn't vet these things with CCP.

    All I said was that, by asking players to self-censor, you maybe be (probably are) losing out on some 'little things' because players either mistakenly believe their idea/tweak is a major thing when it isn't, or players make the decision not to comment because they don't want to put in all the effort of putting forth their idea only to be told "that was a major thing don't waste our time".

    By all means solicit ideas for changes and tweaks and fixes from players. And if the CSM knows ahead of time what CCP says is major and minor, then put a list of what's major and what's minor right at the top (and a specific list). And if someone posts something that isn't on either list or could be a grey area and turns out to be major, don't call them out on it. Just bring it up to CCP and if CCP says "that's major", just respond that CCP has said that's a major thing.

    1. I linked back to your comment last week because the tone of it is what I was going on. I guess, I felt, that you were not giving me/us the credit of how we handle the situation. Of course how it is presented gives you the opinion that you have of it. I don't know if you assume that I just cut things off and go 'oh its probably X so I won't even give it the time of day," so I am trying to take this as you giving advice as to how you think this should be handled and that maybe you have found the approach to be poorly done.

      Some guidelines have to be put in place. The two biggest problems are people presenting a problem with little to no information or productive commentary such as, "level four missions suck and are boring" mixed with things such as, "PvE should be redone from the ground up and here is how". And those still come in anyway and they are great and useful things but people also get lost in the big picture and skip over all of the smaller bits.


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