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A Short Thought: Drone Names

There are no drone implants.

Well, I said the logic behind that makes sense. If we were to have implants for drones that would connect us to them, correct? Well, the problem I see with that is there are five of them and one of you. What happens when they take over? Suddenly, the drones are flying you. You're fighting for your freedom as they make you slam into frigates and and go assist strangers.

It is a bit disturbing.

However, with the new look on drones for ships where they only get one or two or three drones, I started to wonder... do we need a way to name them? After all these are our companions. And this is Eve. We don't do pets. But really, Cynthia and Phillip the drones sound good, no?

This has been a non-serious post.


  1. Good God no! If we name them we’ll grow attached to them. I learned my lesson with characters. Characters with consciously chosen names grow an interior life and begin making demands. It wasn’t so bad prior to multiple training on the same account since it mostly meant the characters bickered with each other but now, with the mere cost of a plex, each and every one of the named characters know they could be training and it’s my miserliness alone that holds them back. Meanwhile, the characters I merely labeled have proven much more complaint. I had to pull a fast one on the boats. They believe they are named but, truth be told, when a boat is lost its replacement gets the same name - labels in disguise. And now, now you ‘jokingly’ suggest we name the drones and multiply the web of lies? You have a malicious streak Sugar. Cruel, callous, despicable.

    1. Not quite, but could you leave Bambi behind?

  2. In response to your first statement: Drones don't have implants or drugs, and can't be overheated. Those three things are the only reasons Ishtars aren't incredibly broken.

  3. Sure would be nice if sentry drones applied their damage in much the same way as battleship guns. Trying to peg a well flown cepter with 1400mm arty is all but impossible yet bouncers seem to have no problem.

    1. What if they jumped onto battleship guns and shoot from them like cowboys riding broncos?

  4. Why not. We can name cargo cans which are a whole lot less interesting. Although if I were granted one unit of developing time naming drones would not make the cut.

    1. We will stick with a quarter unit of developing time?

  5. I would actually support this option because it would solve a minor grip of mine. Cycling drones due to incoming damage, then launching the most recently recalled drone instead of one that has had a chance to recharge its shields.

    Admittedly, this was more of an issue for me when I was just starting the game, but I could see this as being a slight boost to quality of life with out having severe repercussions.

    1. Oh, I'll be serious.

      The drone interface leaves everything to be desired.

  6. My wife names their folders. "turdmonkeys" for her flight of Hobgoblin II's and "roaches" for her flight of salvage drones.

    1. My drone folders have random typos in them. Its awful. Then I get used to the typos and name all the other ones the same thing for consistency.

  7. I knew a gallente pilot who loved his drones like this... Had a name for all of them. He always warned people to watch out for Billy... he did... funny things :P

  8. Do enjoy it when i can laugh out loud at a blog
    Thanks Sugar, much appreciated


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