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A Partial Hiatus

I came home from work today to half of my house not functioning. I had stopped at the grocery store and their power was out. I was not surprised when my own house power was wonky and my internet connection was down I live down the street from the grocery store.

I had to reset the breaker for my washer and dryer. After a bit, the internet started to somewhat come back up. My computer, older and not as happy as it used to be does not always handle rapid change. I rebooted it and when it came back it couldn't see the internet.

At the same time my phone could not switch over to the house WiFi. Irritated, I sent my husband a message to inform him that the house was down. He is in Sweden, building a data center site which is part of his job. He travels a lot.

Onto trouble shooting the problems. I went and checked the server rack. I have one in my garage. It has three servers in it, a switch, a wireless router, and some more magical things.

My husband is a DNS admin and the setup in my house is not simple. However, from the outside I can trouble shoot basic problems. After I did everything I knew and nothing would resolve he told me that he believes it is a software issue and he will have to fix it from his computer.

His computer is six feet away from me. It might as well be in Sweden with him. It would, in fact, be better off in Sweden with him because he could fix whatever broke because the power went out in his program.

Instead, I am in the internet Junkie's second worst nightmare. I have my phone still so it is not the worst nightmare and my computer still works meaning I can read, write, and play my offline games.

Where does that leave me?

I'll still write. I have my phone after all. I have plenty of things to write about. I can watch my Eve projects grind to a halt.

I can still do my CSM stuff. I can answer eve-mails. I can just not sit and chat in the evenings with everyone as I love to do.  I have such good discussions in the evenings. If the CSM has given me anything it is more awesome people to hang out with.


I'm comfortable with my internet addiction. Some people will say to me that this is the perfect time to go an do other things. I will roll my eyes. I am happy with what I do. I have a rather planned, life and I spend my time doing the things that I want to do.

I travel. I go out occasionally, but I am a happy homebody. I am not an extrovert and I often think of curling up in my huge reading chair and vegging out for the day. My main outside thing is swimming (my main form of exercise) and riding my motorcycle. The weather has been to hot, humid and awful for me to even enjoy going out on my bike so far this summer.

And as for being mad at my husband? Well, irritated? Yes. Mad? No. And it turned out that was a good thing because by his computer he meant his laptop and when he got back to his hotel we started working through everything. It involves a lot of pictures. These are the times I love technology. He tells me what to do, I do it and send him a picture. He confirms what I did and I do the step. I learn quickly and normally can repeat whatever he wanted once he shows me the first time. That means each time we have a problem it goes faster.

I have an hour before I need to go to bed to get up. It is three in the morning in Sweden and he to has to get some sleep. We will work on it tomorrow and he said that he has a backup plan if we cannot bring it back on line without him here. He told me he was a bit annoyed that I thought he didn't have a backup plan. Well, he has never discussed it with me!

Now you know my marital woes. Is this over sharing?

Such was my evening. I'll push through replying to comments and such. Expect an even greater level of typos and mistakes as I type my posts on my phone. Hopefully we fix this tomorrow.

If you can't wait to talk to me in game on gtalk I am and for Skype I am sugar_kyle.  Thankfully this did not happen last week!


  1. All that hardware and no uninterruptible power supply (UPS)?

    I also recommend a Golden or Labrador Retriever - they make excellent backup when waiting for the mining lasers to cycle, the freighter to warp to the next gate or a prime brown-out.

    1. Hmm... looks like a UPS on the bottom of that rack...

      Probably just hasn't been rebooted in awhile, so it didn't come up cleanly...

    2. We have more UPS than we know what to do with. Each computer hasnits owm. The tv and consoles have their own. The rack has one. Even the FiOs box has onem Whatever happened caused a power surge that blew breakers. Shit still happens even with UPS.

  2. You are not an admin yourself. You use computers on a "user" level (making documents, playing online games, web stuff).

    Then why is your stuff interconnected with his professional stuff?

    If I were you, after he got home asked him to completely separate your computer(s) from his server rack and whatever. Maybe up to the point of having your own landline directly to an ISP, both paying your own separate internet bills. I know that interconnected saves money and maybe setup time. But having completely independent systems means if anything bad happens with one of the systems, the other will still be functional. And above all: if one of you messes up his/her system, the other won't be affected and won't be reason to be mad at the other one.

    1. In marriage there are often compromises. This is one of them. Since this is the first time I have been this badly affected I think that going and creating a new house hold bill is a bit extreme. Sure, it is frustrating for me. I'd also prefer If these lovely problems didn't happen on my weekends off.

      As is there is a backup plan that will be implemented if we can't get this up amd running.

      Annoying? Yes. But that is about it.

    2. @Gevlon: Bit extreme of a solution for an (freak!?) indecent that only happened once in how many years?

      @Sugar's husband: Looks a nice setup, little bit jealous.

    3. @dog: paying $10-20/month and do some rewiring isn't extreme to remove an issue that can make you annoyed with your life partner.

  3. GL! Tell your husband to enjoy the weather in Sweden. It is hot as fuck today ;)

    /Stormguard Storm

    1. His hotel has no AC. He is not exactly thrilled. He is also British and suffering terribly. It was 35c and humid here yesterday but I had AC when I was inside. Therefore he gets my pity.

  4. Kindly elaborate on this motorcycle you don’t ride.

    Sport/Touring Honda ST1300
    A civilized bike for a civilized pilot


      Soon as its not ninty plus and humid I'll be back out. ATGATT is hot :P

    2. Ducati Streetfighter rider here.
      An uncivilized bike, for an uncivilized pilot.

      I ride mine in every weather, but then again, I live in Italy.

    3. Yamaha FZ8.

      Weather here has been around 34-36c. To damn hot for anything by my standards. I also stop riding around freezing. I have cold gear but burr.

    4. Harley Davidson Electra Glide Standard. Old school and carbureted. Chrome and plastic are for sissies. You people should be ashamed of yourselves. If you wanted a car you should have bought a car. If you wanted a sewing machine, you should have bought a sewing machine.

      And if you ever dreamed of owning a tee-shirt collection that people wouldn't laugh at... you should have bought a HD.

      You have brought shame upon your dojos.

    5. Too many bikes to mention. but most miles on a Kwaka GPz550. As an ex intercity dispatcher it was all day, all weather, riding.

      Well worth it, if only for the confusion Americans show when they find out a Brit used to work for Pony Express :-)

  5. Get that boy out (early morning perhaps?). I can hear his forlorn, "Nobody loves me," yowls from here and it’s breaking my heart.

    Also, does he have a name yet? I found myself calling the ST “Kiddo” thinking it an adorable diminutive. Only later did I realize the full name was Beatrix Kiddo (google it) meaning she *always* gets my delicate respect.


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