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June Open CSM Q&A: Follow Up

I had my two chats today and I think they did well. Corbexx came with me for my 1500 chat and Corbexx and Silva for my 2200 chat. I decided to grab any interested fellow CSM members because the goal of this entire thing is to make the CSM accessible for people.

I didn't have a lot of method to my madness. I assume that everyone is as excited as I am to be there. It takes a bit for the question to warm up but once they do it goes from there.

One note is that my headset seems to not like mumble very much. I've debated getting a new one for a bit. This one is almost three years old and has traveled all over the world with me. I think after the volume issues this last time, it is time to get a new headset.

The talks went well. They start slow and warm up. The morning talk was a bit more question filled then the evening but we made it work anyway. I may try to develop a bit more of a 'things to talk about list' for the future to help fill time and get people engaging with me. I'm learning as I go when it comes to this.

So we talked about a lot of things. We introduced ourselves and what we do. We discussed the CSM and what we do and how we interact with CCP. We discussed features that have come and what people want to see. We talked new player retention and war decs. We went over the needless complexity and how I feel that UI changes will improve more than people think.

I was asked, what is my number one goal? I don't have just one. I have this stack of things that I want to bring forward but mostly I want to bring what the players want brought forward. I'm happy to do everything I like because I think they are great ideas. But it isn't all about me so I want to hear that feedback.

I was asked to ask the art team about the new Dominix model. I asked people to visit the test server for the industry changed. I was corrected by someone when I said mirror instead of update for the industry changes coming to SiSi. :P

We talked war decs and new player experience and PvE some more. Then we got trolled by Eve Radio which was okay until the Game of Thrones spoilers started. They were fake spoilers but I find spoilers to be very impolite and disrespectful. It gets people worked up and I made the decision to moderate the channel (I was given moderation privileges after my morning chat). It may make me not fun or a bitch. I can deal with that and I will deal with that. The stuff that I am trying to do as a member of the CSM is very important to me and my attempts to talk to players, many who may not know or care about the CSM is a very serious topic for me.

People also got to hear us disagree which is good. I can say over and over that we disagree and discuss things and still move forward even if we don't agree but it is nice for it to show. Disagreement isn't bad. Fourteen different people were picked and it means things are working correctly when we can bring forward different opinions. And also, I think we were able to share how we have different projects.

Moving on. I've received two mails already with fantastic lists of things. Some are little. Some are not so little. Some are general things. I'm so happy to get them! I'll address each one back to its writer point by point and put them into their assorted files. Then I can bring out the little things for PvE to where they belong. It means that I reached out to some people today and that is the entire purpose of my chat.

I label it a success. I promised to try to bring various methods of communication to people. I hope that this type of project qualifies with that. I've said that I plan to do these monthly. I do as long as Eve Uni will let me soak up their mumble server. I appreciate everyone working with me through this learning process. I'm sure that we will get a smoother as I gain experience. I'm happy to take feedback and opinions on this.


  1. Hate mumble. So many better platforms, why use that one.

    1. Because it is what Eve Uni uses. I believe Mumble has easier licensing which is important for a group the size of Eve Uni.

  2. Please ask about the progress in removing the overview. Would be great if there was a nice way to show state such as icons etc right on the ship brackets instead of resorting to the overview. Would remove that crutch that people rely on and get rid of the "spreadsheets in space" vibe eve currently has.

    1. The over view is a huge project that will involve many small things. The sound team has been working to improve spacial awareness. What do you think of the various warp sounds for people landing and leaving grid?

  3. Is there some place the industry changes are listed since the Dev blogs? I know what the Dev blogs say but I don't know if something changed due to player feedback

    1. There is greyscales blueprint thread but most of it is going to be in the feedback of the dev blogs. Once the industry changes are uploaded I expect we'll see what has been added and get into what needs to be added. A lot of feedback came during round table sessions at fanfest for instance and that is not going to be reflected on the forum threads.

  4. You are welcome anytime to use the E-UNI server!

    1. Thank you :D I'll try to remember to take the trash out and mop when I'm done.

  5. Did miss the announcement. Maybe joining nxt time.


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