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CSM9 - Day 56

Month two and summer is into full swing. That means it is quiet on the Skype and forum horizon.

Not that we do not talk to each other and those members of CCP that are around. We had a meeting on Friday and I was well pleased that I was home to make it. I simply cannot call in from work and being there and listening to recordings are very different things.

Most of my CSM duties right now are self made. My PvE little things project goes well. Other little things are being tossed my way too. I gather them all up and file them. We’ve moved a step closer to our CSM9 little things initiative.

We are just under a month from Crius. In a way its detachment from Kronos really overshadowed what a large, game shaking expansion this is going to be. This is the industry expansion that Eve has been waiting for and I don’t think that is going to sink in until after it is released. I've been joining in random teaching sessions in high sec on my alt about the fact that industry and refining and reprocessing is going to change. For those participating in the Crius development the test server was remirrored earlier this week. Many bugs fixes are in. The threads are rolling along productively on the feedback forum.

There is a discussion on the forums about ISBoxer and asking the CSM to pressure CCP to ban it. If such a topic or decision comes up I’m in favor of doing away with ISBoxer.

Inside my own social circles I am looking to the future. I do not know what is coming for ship rebalancing. I am making educated guesses based off what has already been rebalanced and what is left. I’ve opened up a thread in our Molden Heath forums for people to preload their thoughts and opinions. Because of the NDA I am trying to get things out of the door before they become NDA topics.  Plus, having seen Fozzie in action I need to preload myself for whatever he brings to the table.

In the area of sharing. Susan Black suggested I start a low sec Skype chat. I’m interested. The Molden Heath jabber server has a public chatroom. If anyone wants to sign up for it they can add me to their jabber lives if they wish.

I also got my husband still long enough to look at his travel schedule and book my rooms for Eve Vegas. If you are going, I will see you there. If you are thinking of going, go. I’m pretty easy to find if you are interested. Plus, I’m going to get a hoodie that says Sugar on it just to make it that much easier to figure out who I am.

Weekly reminder about my monthly Open Q&As. The next is July 13th at 1500 and 2200.

And that about wraps up this week. The slower CSM front has meant more normal game time. All in all, I’m having a lot of fun.


  1. What makes ISBoxer bad for Eve in your eyes?

    1. It is the point where human ability to mulitask that ISBoxer shores up that does it for me. I'm a multiboxer but once I have 3 or 4 accounts going I mess up. I make market mistakes. I forgot to dump ore. I leave alts on gates. I don't cloak someone. I don't jump someone to a gate.

      It removes the breakdown of human error that comes with keeping track of so many things and so much divided attention.

    2. Fair enough; I was under the impression you were opposed to multiboxing in general. Got you confused with Xander, who seemed to be implying something about multiboxing in one of his CSM blogs.

      I personally agree that ISBoxer goes over the line, though that line is awfully fuzzy.

    3. The line is very fuzzy and it will probably be hard to defne. I am very much for multi boxing. To end it as some would like would involve s lot of information acquisition changes and play changes.

  2. It's a form of botting and that's plenty to earn it a ban. People using ISBoxer affect the efforts of players who engage in the same sort of activity but aren't similarly cheating.

  3. ISBoxer allows players to do that which is humanly impossible, namely controlling multiple accounts at the same time with a single click or keystroke. One player should not be able to run an Incursion site solo because he can control 10-15 accounts simultaneously, for example.

  4. ISBoxer is good for CCP as it transforms 1 customer into several subscriptions each month.

    But on the other hand, ISBoxer leads to a case of the tragedy of the commons. If someone ISBOxes an ice belt, he's depriving several players to exploit that resource, and when he grows tired and quits, CCP losses both the people who were driven out by the ISBoxer and all the accounts-per-customer that justified the decission to allow ISBox.

    Also, lest not forget that ISBox is a bad sign in itself: it means that some people who pay the game can't enjoy it any further without being forced to multiplay it one way or another. ISBoxes is the ultimate F-U to MMO designers who can't get their shit straight and provide soloers and casuals with good content.

    1. A lot of the people who use ISBoxer don't do it because of limitations in the game. They do it for the challenge. Many of the people who are using ISBoxer came over from WoW after Blizzard removed the /follow command from battlegrounds. The maker of ISBoxer ran a promotion around that time trying to entice people to use his product in EVE.

  5. Have you talked to a hardcore ISBoxer yet? Don't get me wrong, I'd be personally happy to see the last of it, but it seems fair to at least ping them.

    Rain6637 is (one of the toons of) a hardcore boxer.

    1. The Rains are multitaskers, not ISBoxers.

    2. I think Ali knows one. I've seen him attend one of her Space Hangouts. I don't know the guys name but I know he's made YouTube videos on how to use ISBoxer in EVE.

    3. Huh, I was pretty sure he used ISBoxer for UI layout, just not for click replication (because he is a multitasker).

  6. As a user of isboxer for scouting therefore all alts on different grids I find the video fx feature the most important which allows you see the screen in high res in small windows the most important feature. If you don't like key broadcasting ban that rather than isboxer

  7. After all it will key broadcasting that will be detected by ccp systems and prevents other systems coping it I see no cheating in video fx other than saves you buying more monitors.

  8. How does isboxer prevent market trading mistakes ?

    1. I didn't say that. I was pointing our various bits of human error that compound as attention splits.

  9. Ah ok I was wondering if there was some very clever bot in it surely the supply of info in isboxer must be overloading too I find that one the big challenges of pvp in eve I'm always impressed that some people can actually process that much


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