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CSM9: Day 28

"What is the CSM like?" Naughty asked me.

"It is fun. Interesting. Overwhelming. Somewhat intimidating."

I think the meetings have helped us get a better grasp on what everyone is doing and who to go to with what. Everyone on both the CSM and CCP have a different style of communication and we're now interlacing all of those forms as we get to know each other. For some its the forums, for others it is free flowing conversations, others serious chats or private chats. For an infovore such as myself it is intoxicating.

Someone asked how much time is the CSM taking up per week? I told them that I don't know. I don't block it into time chunks. I engage in conversations as I can. I respond on the forums. I write this blog. I have conversations with people in chat and in game. I try to comment on other people's blogs where appropriate and I'm trying to improve my forum presence.

Our interaction with CCP is constant. As players bring things forward, both big and small, comments wishes and wants, I've been learning to present them where and when I can. Things have been quieter this week because of the last touches to Kronos. Once the release is out I can go and note what has changed and has been added and gather up the ideas not presented to work on them

The CSM’s internal interaction is also interesting. Sometimes we agree. Sometimes we don't. More often than not we have a lot of different viewpoints on a subject. Sometimes it is just brainstorming. People may mail the CSM as a group, mail their individual representatives, or mail an individual. Often we discuss, agree, disagree, and figure out what Dev to bring a topic to. It tends to help a topic develop into something more coherent. Sometimes we stop and go find more details or gather more public opinion. I know that I want to bring everything forward so my time is moving very much into information seeking, sorting, and presenting.

I've learned a lot about my capacity to debate. It is enormous and I don't seem at all bothered to voice my opinion when and where I need to. Having the added weight of the office behind my words is something I am still getting used to. It does change things but seeing how the comments and discussions around various blog posts are going, I think it is working. As always, feel free to call me out if you feel I am going down a path you dislike.

At the same time I can do more than debate. I'm learning a lot from others. Both the players that come to me to discuss things and my fellow CSM members who have different specialties. I think I'm going to come out of this a more informed person in ways I had not imagined.

I'm happy with the freighter changes. I see them as an area that involved a lot of work and discussion to reach the end product. Hauling ships have shown themselves to be some of the harder ships to work on in the new rebalance. Their very simplicity makes them complex. I'm happy with the end result. Then there is the medium micro jump drive. I’m glad it is not on the ABCs (attack battle cruisers). In one way sniper fleets are fascinating. In another, this is Eve and I think it would become something ugly.

I do think that ATXII will be an interesting place to look at the 100km range of these micro jump drives and after it will be a good time to revisit if lesser range (such as my wished for 75k might be a future path).

The patch notes for Kronos are out. As always, I suggest that people take a moment to read the patch notes. One topic of discussion has been how do we reach the people who don't read patch notes? Kronos has some serious ship changes that are above and beyond the line of a rebalance. Freighters now have modules. The drone changes affect supers. And one would think super pilots would read patch notes but I've learned the hard way that presenting people with information via text form always has someone going, "I don't want to read." I also can't be scornful. I never paid attention to patch notes before I came to Eve.

If you build stuff for a living or just for fun, please go visit CCP Greyscale's blueprint thread and weigh in. These are the first step to the next release. Be a part of them. Post on the thread or share your thoughts with me or whomever you are comfortable sharing them with.

For the areas of communication:

I'm looking for invention feedback. Likes? Dislikes? I've been polling people about it and talking to individuals who do a lot of invention. I've received a lot of good information as to how people feel about the mechanic. I'd love more.

Ali is still running her space hangouts. Corbexx and Mike are on all sorts of pod casts. Plus, blog posts are everywhere and a steady flow of communication is on the forums.  I have my first Eve Uni chat next week but text is my place.

Please communicate with me. It is sweet but worrisome when people mail me and tell me they know I am busy. I appreciate that understanding. I worry because I do not wish anyone to feel that I don't have time for them. That is pretty much what my game of Eve is right now, having time for people. You all are first so please, please don't feel as if you shouldn’t come to me if you think you want to. If we need to schedule something, I will. I won't blow you off. I won't tell you I'm too busy for you. I will answer your mails. I am your CSM rep after all.

Edit: The first draft pulled off color html code from the Google documents drive when I pasted it into the blog program rendering it unreadable. Instead of deleting that line by line I deleted the post and started fresh before I hit the airport. Thank you MoxNix for pointing that out.


  1. Again, thanks for the continued updates. Been gone a week (vacation) and this and other blogs on my phone kept me sane during the 12 hr car rides. :)

  2. Invention is a repetitive clickfest. When I ran my operation I'd end up queuing up ~120 invention jobs at a go. There's no skill involved in actually setting them up, just a lot of repetition that is somewhat being addressed by the industry UI revamp. I'd still much rather be able to either 1) select 10 BPC's and mass invent them with one run through the set up interface or 2) be able to mass select 100 BPC's and have them be processed one after the other akin to setting up an industry PI planet (ie, toss input materials into one box and let a factory process them according to their capacity.

    The skill involved with invention is entirely in selecting the right items to build.

  3. Hi Sugar, I like your regular CSM updates. I learned that people don't read stuff like patch nodes and dev blogs quiet some time ago. Thats why I try to inform my corp members about upcoming changes on coms. It helps to spread the word but it doesn't reach that far.

    I commented on the industry changes some time ago but lost track over the last week. Have some stuff to read before I'm back up to date but as far as I am informed I like the changes grayscale is planning. With Invention not consuming max run copies but only using one run from a copy per run is a very good direction. I have to check the invention times but last time I heard about them the direction looks good too.

    But it is a lot of numbers depending on so much math... build time changes, invention depending on build and copy time. Oh and copy times change too. It is a lot of stuff but necessary and I really like to see ccp working on it.

    The current system is as you might guess a really click heavy duty. If you place 10 Inventions (into a POS lab) I estimate about 80 clicks you have to do. And it is always the same clicks. With the new interface i have hopes that this will be thing of the past.

    Invention results (without decryptor) in a ME/PE -4/-4 10 run copy. Thats 50% waste or an increase of 50% in material you need. Compared to T2 BPOs thats almost 50% more material cost (something like 49,8%). The T2 BPOs don't dominate the market (well maybe in command ships but ok) but they had way better profit margins.
    Combined with the lag of access to this bpos (only through player trading throwing a huge pile of money to someone who already made billions of isk from it) I found the BPOs always a bad legacy of old. Keeping newcomers at the low profit inventions while the old players could enrich there wealth.
    With the negative ME/TE values gone the invention result will be only 10% behind the BPO result. Thats a step in the right direction and I really like that. It opens up the T2 market for new players as invention is far easier to reach than T2 bpos.

    I will leave you with that for now. After Kronos patch I hopefully find the time to get more into the details of Crius changes.

  4. As a new FW war pilot and a veritable nobody among nobodies i can at the very least say Sugar will respond to your mails i really didn't expect her to but a well thought out and great response to my mail was in my box less then 24hours later.


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