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Organization and Focus

While I have always related more with Eeyore, there is something about the CSM akin to Pooh and his often chronicled issues of gorging on honey until he cannot escape from the tree. With things to read and catch up on and discuss it feels a bit like an information overload. It also makes it disturbingly easy to fill up on Eve without doing Eve things. While that is expected it has the unpleasant side effect of making me feel out of touch. While it may or at least should get better when things are a bit less new it is still unpleasant to feel disconnected.

Awareness of a problem is how one combats it. While debating is a very consuming pastime it does not leave a lot of productivity in its wake. In fact, it leaves a lot of non-productivity in its wake which exacerbates the problem. I'm seeing this in my writing some and in my gameplay a lot. At some point, I will reach a new equilibrium.

For now, I'm just looking at what has been productive.

A few weeks ago I said that I was going to take down my large tower and switch it out for a medium. On Monday, I did that. Space was slow and I had a few corpmates floating around to back me up. For those who do not know the joys of owning a large POS the take down is not fast. Unanchoring takes an hour. It took another half an hour or so for me to scoop up all of my modules with my Bestower before I could offline it. I also had to dump the fuel and strong.

Once the tower was down, I had to flip and online the new one. That only took fifteen minutes to anchor and then online. Then, fuel, stront, and modules back up and all of my reactions bubbling along. The entire process took about three hours to do. I remember why I was putting it off for so long. However, the fuel savings make it worth it. For any not travelling along with my journey, I only had a large to research blueprints. I've been researching and selling Blue Print Originals for about a year. I have made very little money from it. I was debating getting into T2 invention but I do not see myself actually getting into it as an activity while I am on the CSM. For now, I shall do my book learning before I get my hands on education.

In the middle of that, I managed to catch the tail end of a fight the boys were having with another group in a belt. They needed scrams. With my POS crew docked waiting for timers to count down Sugar was able to flip into a scramming Jaguar and go assist. I have this little personal goal of trying to be on at least one killmail a month. I really, really need to make more effort to get out in space. I'm starting to get down and depressed at my activity levels.

I also restocked TCS. I need to do that again, today at some point. I also need to catch up on all of the buy orders that expired. I am terrible at that. Absolutely, positively, terrible and waste a lot of ISK I shouldn't waste. I can't even promise to work at being better because I think it is an empty promise. I discovered that some of my buy orders expired because I didn't have my accounts set up to sell properly from when I reinstalled my client at the end of last week. The default sell time is 1 day. Let's say I spent a lot of time recovering from that particular action. However, that did get me to Jita where I was able to sell some of my built up stock.

I then turned around and dumped that ISK directly back out into Amarr Carrier for Chella. I think she has the most expensive brain out of all of my accounts which I rather like considering she was my first character. However, that means she now needs an Archon. Bleh.

I ended by making headway on my POCO post. It, however, has pushed the History posts aside. I should pick back up on them next week. I'm pretty sure that I missed some trailers but I'll get that all sorted.

As for now I need to run errands some of which are, to my amusement, Eve related. Tomorrow is the MD/VA/DC meet in Bethesda.


  1. The CSM is the murderer of EVE activity time. When I started on CSM8, I was a PvPer, industrialist, and marketeer. By late May of last year, I shut down my market stuff. By August or so, I shut down virtually all of my industry. And even my PvP suffered a good bit when summits were in the offing. I still haven't restarted everything.

    What's more, when I was first elected, Jon Lander (CCP Unifex) grinned at me at Fanfest and said "I'm really curious to see what this does to your blog output." Guess I should say the same about you. ;-)

    1. I don't know what it will do to my output. I actually have as much to write if not more. I simply don't want the entirety of my writing to turn into 'the days of CSM'. So, I don't know.

  2. Oh, and you might want to add corbexx's blog to your list of CSM blogs on the right:

  3. If you don't want your head explode, you have to cancel some activities. When I was ganking miners, and exploring living in a WH, I shut down everything else. No trading, no nothing.

    Maybe you should offline all your towers for your CSM term. They don't make that big money, but can take your time from TCS and flying.

    1. I only have the one tower these days and its a medium tower to produce boosters with a moon that pays a chunk of the fuel bill. I'm going to hold onto it for now. Someone still has to make the boosters.

  4. Fill your time with the things that award the most fun to you. And don't be bothered if your definition of "most fun" doesn't match with everyone else's.

  5. How well I remember the shell-shock of trying to fit a giant new baby (CSM) into what was already a busy routine even back in CSM5's day when we didn't enjoy nearly the amount of communication with CCP that you guys do. Sounds like you have a handle on managing it and will hit your stride and rhythm soon enough! I agree with Wex: keep your in-game time as rewarding as possible (and not just on the ISK front).


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