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A Post About Liking Eve

So... there is a lot of negativity going around right now. People are leaving. People are subbing. Some are biomassing and moving on with their lives. There are theories about the subscription base. There are conspiracy theories to write a book about. In general, there is this thick murky layer of angst and darkness on things.

Except, I'm not really into that. My life is pretty good right now. I'm at a personal high with the CSM elections. I'm being productive back in Molden Heath. Plus, I've helped set up a local Eve meet for next weekend (May 17th) for and MD/VA/DC locals that would like to go to a place and hang out.

Here is my thread on the Eve forums. We had some needs that I wanted to fill. Some people want some particular beer options (I don't really understand but okay) and we had transportation restrictions as well. Hopefully, our solution works and we'll have a few more people dip their toe into meeting us. Epi (Who writes Journey Through the Mind) is kind of selling me as an attraction at this thing so I'll bring a notebook and a pen as well and consider it a business dinner.

Back to the darkness and negativity.  I may just be in a position where I don't wish to soak in all of it. I was thinking, actually, that Eve's done a lot of great things for me. I've taken trips that I never would have taken. I've been to a country that I might never have visited. I've also met people I'd never have gotten to meet. None of my trips have been perfect but for all the things I might wish were different the over all is great enough that I immediately sign up for the next one.

There is a big sum of positives for me. I know that not everyone is invested in the game outside of their in game client. I can't expect my activities to be the gauge that another person's interest in the game is judged upon. While that would be fantastic it is not expected. In fact, some would probably have distaste that I would let the game creep into my real life as much as it has.

The problem is that seep such as that has defined my life and the life of several of my friends. Such as my best friend who I met 16 years ago and cemented our friendship through a MUD. Or one of her employees who she has recently been made the boss of whom she also helped get the job he is in, eight or so years ago that we also met from the same game.

I'll fight this fight for Eve. I rather like the game and its given me a lot of fun moments. I'm going to admit that I'm going to give things a chance. And in general, I'm pretty happy to be here for the good and the bad. Plus, I have the added bonus of saying that I took vacation to go to a video game convention.

If I don't see you Saturday and you are local, we'll be doing more of these. If I can't see you Saturday because of silly things like distance, how about Eve Vegas?


  1. I have always considered myself an advocate for Eve, both in-game and out, mostly because I remain so enthusiastic about it even after six years. It is an amazing place, the community is incredible and the people continue to amaze me. I will also say that I remain enthusiastic because of the players themselves, I've met so many more new players because of Stay Frosty - most of whom are new, young, and also incredibly enthusiastic themselves.

    I still believe Eve's best days are ahead of her.

    Congratulations on the CSM. All of Stay Frosty and ABA worked hard to get you a seat and we are very excited about the upcoming year. Represent.

    1. We will be having more of these! We can move them around Saturday or Sunday and the times up and down.

    2. It is 3 hrs to DC from here (and back ofc) so it isn't outside the realm of possibility. Plus it would give me a chance to punch Mord Fiddle in the shoulder pretty hard.

  2. This is a timely post, and I'm glad you made it. :-) If I only had negative feelings toward EVE, I'd just leave and not give any feedback. Something that's gotten to that point with me is on the verge of slipping off my radar altogether. Just not worth another thought.

    When I do criticize EVE, it's because I believe at the core it has something good and worth supporting. A friend of mine is fond of saying that the cure for stuff that sucks is sometimes not to vigorously oppose it but to make BETTER stuff that doesn't suck -- to deluge the world in awesome fun cool stuff that drains the energy out of the stuff that sucks. (Obviously, there are things that need to be opposed no matter what, but for others, this isn't a bad approach.)

    And I think you do that. You decide on something you like and you do it, and other people see it and join in.

  3. Hear, hear. There's a reason I am quite unconcerned about whether or not wormhole space has lots of CSMs. Well, two, actually. One is that I believe most, if not all, of our CSMs care about the game first, and their piece of space second. But mainly, it is because EVE in wspace is a fun game right now. Sure, POSes are a PITA and corp roles are impossible to understand, and this and that. But the game is solid, right now, and I would play it -- and I do play it -- just as it is. All the whiners strike me as profoundly myopic in not seeing the game that is -- right now -- right in front of them. If you are playing it now, is it not good enough?

  4. I don't know if you are keeping a list of local Eve players, but I am in MD and would love to come meet people in the area. I can't come this week, but I'll try to come to any future events if you have them!

    1. Join our thread on the forums. We'll tweet/post/blog about them. I'd love us to do monthly ones while the weather is reasonable. The goal was to move around some to make it easier for some people but we may also find a 'perm' location.

  5. Hi Sugar,

    While there may be an element of bittervettedness with my current viewpoint, I am representative of the casual player. Those people who (by necessary default) spend more time in high sec than anywhere else.

    I don't have the time to devote to EvE as I used to. I certainly don't have time to grind for plex. RL is just too busy. In other words, I'm a subscriber, and on more than one account.

    My viewpoint is not driven by negativity. It is certainly not driven by any conspiracy theory. And while I think CCP has done a marvelous job in ship balancing (as an example), these are functional changes to the tools within game, but not new game play as such.

    I must acknowledge that there is also an element of what have you done for me lately. I also know there are the necessary changes to industry pending some of the bigger (and likely seriously awesome) stuff, but right now I'm looking for reasons to log in.

    After nearly six years in game, I've at least checked out a majority of the elements in game. So, I guess that remains CCPs challenge. How do you keep it interesting for the longer term casual players (and retain those subscriptions)?

    Again, this is not a negative viewpoint. Just as I see it right now.

    1. I don't think that everything has to be positive and gushing rainbows. CCP does have a huge challenge in keeping its population interested. I don't think everything has to be swallowed and thanked. There are things I do not like. There are things that do not interest me.

      Just, some seem to hate the game. Sometimes, the only words are negative ones. And sometimes, when that is happening, I decide to kick the walls that are closing in and go look for some new scenery.

      Call it my way of not burning out :)

    2. I know what you mean there. In fact, there are some that appear to have left the game and only drop in to certain blogs to spew bile everywhere.

      There are some also who have majority shares in the tinfoil factory, such that it negates any valid points they might actually have to share. And they never seem to learn either which saddens me. You read the name of the poster concerned and immediately skip to next without reading...

      Anyways, you're aware of the level of angst out there. Please don't take it personally if they take aim at you. Messenger, shooting etc.

    3. Helena,

      I'd say "don't fret about it". Bitter Vets may very well be people who poured their heart and soul into the game, only to suddenly realize that it's just a game, and who are then scrambling to overcompensate for their earlier enthusiasm, to deflect any notion that they "wasted their time".

      In my opinion, time one enjoyed wasting, is not wasted.

      Ultimately I will walk away from EVE one day as well, like I did from other hobbies, because hobbies by their nature are limited in what you can do. And when that is going to happen, I'll accept it as yet another phase in my life.

      What remains are memories. This year at fanfest, I ended up taking rum-coke shots with a freshly married couple (who tied the knot at one of Iceland's waterfalls just two or three days before) and a number of Scots, none of which I had known before, until we were politely, but resolutely expelled from the venue.

      Such memories are what matters to me - the game itself is just a catalyst.

    4. You might be right. Have been mulling that over for some time. For my part though, I think the trepidation I'm feeling is more based in this: I want CCP and EvE to succeed. Not so much the wasted time element you mention.

      No game has quite captured my imagination like this one has. And if I'm struggling to find reasons at present, then it is likely others are too...

  6. Vegas. It seems that in a moment of post-Fanfest delirium I managed to buy a ticket for that; even though I haven't actually played in the last two months (mostly because of :work: ).

    Because so far meeting the people behind the characters has been totally worth it.


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