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Offical Candidate for CSM9

I just received my e-mail from CCP saying that I qualified to become an official candidate for CSM9. One hurdle jumped and a few more on the path. I think I can keep jumping just fine.

New blog layout to celebrate.

P.S. I received a note that the new blog layout was not liked. I'm more than happy to tweak and things like colors and shades being to much or not enough are important for reading. I do like changing it around. It is the artsy in me. I'm happy to accept feedback about it to a reasonable extent. :)


  1. I'll be a bit of a one-issue voter, and for whatever it's worth, you passed my hurdle, too. You will have all my votes and my good wishes for success.

  2. Huzza!

    I'm not done with my voting list, but you are in the top 3 :)

    1. Thank you, closer to the top is more better!

  3. A friend of mine told me to go read your CSM thread, and I'm so glad I did. You've got all three of my votes. I really hope you make it!

    1. Thank you! Questions or thoughts or whatever I'm happy to chat :) If you like podcasts I have interviews done too :)

  4. Oh no! My favorite blog looks different, I can't handle change. *Crawls into a corner to shake vehemently*

    1. Oh no hugs! Think of it like me dying my hair! Just something new! Curls?

  5. Did I go to the right blog?! *double checks her bookmark*

    I'm glad you passed muster and I'll definitely have you on my ballot! Maybe once I get out of the stupid hospital and to a computer that can actually run EVE I'll drop by your chat room! I keep meaning too. :)

  6. Congrats on the officialness of your candidacy. I like the new layout, ignore the haters. :) // Abavus


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