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Second Lieutenant

From: Caldari State
Sent: 2014.03.07 23:32
In response to your continuing victories against enemies of the State you have been promoted to the following rank: Second Lieutenant.
Did not I say that the State found me amazing and sent mails to make sure I knew just how amazing I am? Just weeks after joining the state has promoted me. The vicious plex defense and the eventual explosion of my ships must have impressed them with my show of dedication. Despite the fact that a Tristan is a bad idea, I went in anyway and I died, but I died defending the State and obviously they can see this.

Let me say that I was proud. Newly minted officer I may be but I do not think my pride will consume me. I was to busy buying Navy Cap Booster 50's and scripts for my damps because I'd forgotten those. Let me tell you that nothing humbles you like learning you can't fit a DCU onto your Kestrel fit because your skills are still terrible. Top that off with losing access to Rookie Chat and I was a truly humbled being as I set out into space.

The Kestrel is a change from my Condor. It is an after burning frigate. This is something that I technically understand is a major thing in frigate combat. Yet, my soul kicks and thrashes longing for the speed of the Microwarpdrive. Even the signature bloom cannot discourage me as I gleefully streak through the sky. Yet, I must snap back to reality and make sacrifices. And with this knowledge weighing heavily upon me I undocked with an afterburner and dove into the low sec warzone.

One jump in and there where wartargets in system. The system control was good but there where Novice Plexes that needed my attention. I dove in and tended to the beacon.

This may sound odd but I don't really watch dscan. I'm here to defend and I'm going to take any fight that comes in. When an Executioner from the Gallente militia warped in I was ready. Life or death where in our future but the fight was now.

I realize that I may resemble a plex farmer at first. My ship names are not creative. I've not decided upon a naming convention for them. I'm orbiting my beacon frantically. I'm a new character in the NPC militia. But, as the other ship lands on grid it is time to battle. Afterburner on! Lock, point, web, pewpew. I need to start shooting before I point things. I'm a bit slow on the DPS application still. I'm so busy thinking about range, and orbits, and everything but shooting the other ship. Of course, I don't do much damage yet with my T1 BCU and meta 1 launchers. I can't even fit a DCU on this fit so I went with an overdrive and added more skills to the queue.

The Executioner burned for me. I pointed, webbed, and started to shoot him. Once I hit about 70% shields I started to hit my ASB (ancillary shield booster). Active tanks are something I'm still getting used to in general. I so often run as tackle or run buffer fits that I am still feeling out where to boost myself. My rockets (faction) slammed into the Executioner and I boosted with all my little strength. Then, to my complete and utter surprise the Executioner was taking more damage than I was.

No way.

I'm going to die. I always die.

But he is in low armor.

I'm almost out of boosters.

But he is in structure and I'm at quarter shield and half armor.


Boom. Executioner down.

Holy shit. Solo PvP kill. Wow.

I looted the wreck and dithered.. My mind was buzzing in so many different directions I didn't complete my plex and warped out. I had the shakes so bad that my announcement of my feat came out in gibberish.
(In 7-2 corp chat) Sugar Kyle > holy fuck my fw alt kjust kileld someone
Such was my amazement and hand shakes. I went and docked until my head cleared from the shock. He was T2 fit! Once my scattered, shocked wits coalesced I dropped off my loot and went and restocked on cap boosters. All set, I went back to my Plex to complete it. However, I wound up in the wrong one (for there where now two). A Hookbill came in and I dove into battle again.

I died. I also derped all over the place and stopped moving at one point. It was like I rolled my face across the keyboard and turned everything off. I'm still not sure what happened. Even if I had flown perfectly I was not coming anywhere near killing said Hookbill. But, these odds shall not stop me.

But, I conquered the plex as I died. Another step in securing the system. I went to reship. I went back to complete my original plex. This time I was visited by an Atron. I did honorable battle and beat him down into shields but he repped better than I did and I died again.

But that plex too was captured before I exploded. This is why I have been made an officer in the Militia!

With that, I decided to go and work on my skill plan some. I need to get a DCU on this fit. I'm like 4 shy of accomplishing this.

I was given some suggestions on twitter the other day as to FW corporations to apply to. Right now I'm still working on the basics. I want to run some missions and making some ISK to compliment my little stack of LP. Sugar can't be my wallet forever (well she can). There is also the fact that I probably qualify as a spy to some. Although, what I'd spy on I don't know. I'd not want to consider myself exempt from the most common accusation in Eve when one looks at a corporation.


  1. Great job! Isn't it great when you get a super close 1v1 that could go either way at any time? Even if you are on the wrong side of the fac war :D

  2. Well Done. The State was right to promote you! Another glorious victory for the State, and the making of yet another fine upstanding officer. Carry on, and show those Federation lackeys how it's done.

  3. COME AT ME BRO(ess)! For the Federation!

    My deplexing alt with the dual scrams killed a farmer last week solo. When 50dps tackler alts are soloing people there is something wrong.

    1. I'm trying to go for the whole experience. Defensive plexing, offensive plexing, missions, and ready to attack whomever comes to me with might missiles.

  4. ...derped all over the place and stopped moving at one point... ...rolled my face across the keyboard and turned everything off.

    ROTFLMAO!!!! I actually shed real salt water corcodile tears for a few at that one...

    I remember an early fight where I felt that while I had died I was so BUSY DOING :things: , I targeted and fired my weapons. I used my mids even! I felt that I MUST have at elast given a good accounting of myself... then I looked at the logs and realized I had:

    tried to target the moon... several times;
    locked up 2 rocks... and fired on them;
    reversed course, twice... taking big chucnks of damage each time;
    never once targeted or fired on my opponent;
    and, last but not for the last time...
    died with my drones giving me the finger from the drone bay... sheesh

    Ahhh... thanx for that love.... =]

  5. Sounds like you're learning to Fly Fearless. I killed a dual ASB SFI once with a blaster comet. Dude was so shocked I bull rushed him he forgot to activate his tank. You never know what will happen when the bullets start flying, just got to dive deep and take no prisoners... ransoms are ok though. Also, mid range rocket kestrel is murder on short range gunnery based ships. I have a fit I rather like that just eats them up.

    1. At a month old, most of them just kill her :P But she fights back and attacks, much to their surprise.

  6. People are so quick to discount the power of T1-fit frigates. T2 fits don't matter as much as people suppose - especially not compared to the nature of the overall match up. (Never understimate the power of the t1 dual-web rocket armor kestrel).

  7. Go Sugar!

    Also, on ship names: there is ONLY ONE name fitting to an FW PvP ship: "stabbed plexer". They expect you to warp out when they land!


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