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Rubicon 1.3 - Gizoogle Patch Notes

I downloaded Rubicon 1.3 today. For the first time in a long time a patch hit on my day off. This is because it was delayed by a day but that does not stop my celebration. I patched when I got up, did my morning chores, and settled down to do logistics for both TCS and an Op tonight. However, people kept asking about the changes that had happened.

The offical patch notes can be found here. A pastebin for work access is here. Please, read them. There are changes to ships, changes to sites, new items dropping, and other changes such as the camera itself. My Jaguar's colors are brighter and many ships look different. Dscan is changed. Chat channels have new options. There is a lot going on in this patch.

But for those who do not want to read the patch notes from CCP, I have provided them here. They may be a big blingged out but Gizoogle is the best translation program ever to figure out the true meaning of patch notes.


Patch notes fo' EVE Online: Rubicon 1.3
12.03.2014 10:28
Patch notes fo' EVE Online: Rubicon 1.3
Released on Wednesday, March 12th, 2014

Art & Graphic
  • Lightin model updated ta use linear calculations fo' ships. This first pass of Linear Lightin increases tha texture fidelitizzle pimpin-out tha richnizz of color n' gives tha graphics crew much mo' control fo' future improvements, n' you can put dat on yo' toast. We'd like ta emphasize dat dis first implementation of linear lightin n' tha straight-up original gangsta step up in overhaulin our lightin system. Mo' shiznit be available here.
  • Da Tristan T1 hull now game a modern design dat reflects its Nemesis T2 counterpart n' uses freshly smoked up warp-induced animations.
  • Asteroidz is now rockin sickest fuckin shadaz n' is simplified fo' both performizzle n' visual quality.
  • All Sovereignty units is now renovated n' rockin tha sickest fuckin shaders. There done been various bug fixes fo' tha Sovereignty Territorial Claim Unit which ensures tha erect visual state is represented dependin on tha sovereignty status.
  • Da background images up in tha Character Creator done been converted tha fuck into a gangbangin' finger-lickin' different file format. This decreases tha image file size without losin image quality.
  • Da format fo' 3D meshes has now been upgraded ta tha sickest fuckin version. I aint talkin' bout chicken n' gravy biatch fo' realz. All mesh filez done been converted n' will impact tha patch size.
Drone Assist

Capped tha number of drones dat can be assigned ta a single character at 50.
Note: dis cap ignores drones owned by tha asignee

German Localization
  • “Hardpoint” is now consistently translated as “Montageplatz” up in German.
  • “Warp core strength” is now consistently translated as “Warpkernst√§rke” up in German.
  • “AU” (astronomical unit) is now consistently translated as “AE” up in German.
  • “Wormhole space” is now consistently translated as “Wurmlochraum” up in German.
  • “Frontal lobe” is now consistently translated as “Frontallappen” up in German.
In-Game Browser

When clickin a funky-ass button up in tha client ta loot a PLEX or enter account pimpment dat requires, tha system browser is ghon be used instead of tha In-Game Browser n' shit. (Includes actions up in tha character selection screen, tha NEX store n' tha PLEX show-info window)

  • New Hull Maintenizzle Bots done been added ta tha game up in Light, Medium n' Heavy sizes n' both T1 n' T2 variants, n' you can put dat on yo' toast. Blueprints fo' tha Tech One Hull Maintenizzle Bots can be obtained at CreoDron stations.
  • Two freshly smoked up improved variantz of tha Mobile Tractor Unit structure done been added. Y'all KNOW dat shit, muthafucka! They is known as tha ‘Packrat’ Mobile Tractor Unit n' tha ‘Magpie’ Mobile Tractor Unit n' blueprints ta manufacture dem can be found up in Pimp Joints.
  • Four freshly smoked up cosmetic variantz of existin ships done been made available up in tha NEX store. These ships require they completed base hull ta build n' have no increase up in juice n' shit. They can be purchased rockin AUR from tha NEX store or rockin ISK from tha market. For mo' shiznit please peep dis dev blog. I be bloggin like a muthafucka up in dis biatch.
Punisher Kador Edition
Merlin Nugoeihuvi Edition
Rifter Krusual Edition
Incursus Aliastra Edition
Abaddon Kador Edition
Rokh Nugoeihuvi Edition
Maelstrom Krusual Edition
Hyperion Aliastra Edition
Da Popo Pursuit Comet has been added ta tha CONCORD LP store. Well shiiiit, it aint nuthin but a cold-ass lil cosmetic variant of tha Federation Navy Comet n' has exactly tha same stats as tha standard Federation Navy Comet frigate.
All data on Jovian vessels suddenly disappear from capsuleer shizzle databases; conspiracy theorists go wild, until a CONCORD straight-up legit explains they just decided ta archive tha shiznit cuz of a lack of recent sightings.
Russian Localization
Various strings up in tha Neocom n' Station Skillz was updated.
Ships n' Modulez
Da Remote Sensor Dampener Optimal Range n' Falloff bonus on tha Celestis cruiser has been reduced ta 7.5% per level.
Da optimal range of all Remote Sensor Dampeners has been reduced by 16.66%.
A seriez of balizzle chizzlez ta nuff muthafuckin Tech One Frigates n' Cruisers done been made.
Da chizzlez can be found below:
  • +2 PWG
  • +3 CPU
  • -20s Cap Recharge Time
  • +25 m/s velocity
  • +143000 mass
  • -0.45 inertia
  • +1 sensor strength
  • +5 m/s velocity
  • -50000 mass
  • Removed +7.5% Lil Small-Ass Projectile Turret trackin bonus per level
  • Added +10% Lil Small-Ass Projectile Turret falloff bonus per level
  • +10 m/s velocity
  • +0.01 inertia
  • Removed +5% pistol damage bonus per level
  • Added -5% pistol RoF bonus per level
  • +2 PWG
  • +10 m/s velocity
  • +0.02 inertia
  • +50 Capacitor
  • +25s Cap Recharge Time
  • +95 m/s velocity
  • -0.05 inertia
  • +160000 mass
  • +30 Capacitor
  • +15s Cap Recharge Time
  • +70 m/s velocity
  • +0.35 inertia
  • +35 Capacitor
  • +17.5s Cap Recharge Time
  • +80 m/s velocity
  • +0.35 inertia
  • +30 Capacitor
  • +15s Cap Recharge Time
  • +80 m/s velocity
  • +0.35 inertia
  • +25 m/s velocity
  • -0.12 inertia
  • +2140000 mass
  • +10 m/s
  • +0.02 inertia
  • -130000 mass
+10 m/s velocity
-0.044 inertia
+1100000 mass
  • +200 shields
  • -100 hull
  • +50 capacitor
  • +15s cap recharge time
  • -220000 mass
  • -10 m/s velocity
  • +0.03 inertia
  • -210000 mass
  • +25 m/s velocity
  • -0.08 inertia
  • +1950000 mass
  • +0.01 inertia

Da effectivenizz of tha Corporation Management, Empire Control, Megacorp Management n' Sovereignty game done been doubled. Y'all KNOW dat shit, muthafucka! Corporation CEOs will need ta reapply they game up in tha corporation pimpment intercourse fo' tha chizzlez ta take effect. Da freshly smoked up bonuses are:
  • Corporation Management: +20 corporation thugz allowed per level
  • Megacorp Management: +100 corporation thugz allowed per level
  • Empire Control: +400 corporation thugz allowed per level
  • Sovereignty: +2000 corporation thugz allowed per level
Da Repair Drone Operation skill n' Drone Repair Augmentor rigs now increase tha Hull repair rate of Hull Maintenizzle Bots up in addizzle ta tha bonuses they provide ta Armor n' Shield logistic drones.

Da Sistaz of EVE

Sistaz of EVE LP stores now offer Astero, Stratios n' Nestor BPCs up in exchange fo' freshly smoked up Rogue Drone Nexus chips:
  • Rogue Drone 46-X Nexus Chip fo' Astero blueprint
  • Rogue Drone 43-X Nexus Chip fo' Stratios blueprint
  • Rogue Drone 42-X Nexus Chip fo' Nestor blueprint
These freshly smoked up Nexus chips gotz a cold-ass lil chizzle ta drop from ‘Sentient’ Rogue Drones, which can be found up in Rogue Drone cosmic anomalies or asterizzle belts up in Drone controlled regions
Da Nestor has received a lil' small-ass set of balizzle chizzles:
  • Capacitor raised ta 7000 (was 6200)
  • Capacitor recharge time lowered ta 1025s (was 1154s)
  • Scan resolution increased ta 125 (was 85)
  • Role bonus ta range of remote armor repairers raised ta 200% (was 100%)
User Interface
  • Da Direction scanners user experience has been improved. Y'all KNOW dat shit, muthafucka! Da single field range input has been replaced by two input fields, one fo' km n' one fo' AU, n' a range slider n' shit. Those three input widgets is interconnected n' will update when one chizzles. Da scan angle slider has been modified ta be easier ta use.
  • Filterin n' highlightin of lyrics up in chat is now possible by settin up a list of word up in a settin window opened from a cold-ass lil chat channel window. Those settings is stored on tha server.
  • Da capacitizzle of tha bayz of yo' current shizzle is now displayed up in a funky-ass bar up in tha Show Info window.
  • Da "Fitting" tab up in tha Show Info window has been given a lil' bit of a gangbangin' facelift, n' will list tha fittin of yo' current shizzle or ships up in yo' underground station hangars.
  • Da settings fo' tha Notification section of Evemail done been chizzled ta allow you ta have different blinkin n' pop-up settings fo' each of tha Notification groups. Those settings is ghon be stored on tha server.
  • A freshly smoked up Notification group, Insurance, has been added.
  • A configurable shortcut ta toggle between “custom” n' “center“ camera trackin modes has been added.
  • A configurable shortcut ta enable “custom“ camera trackin mode has been added, as well as a shortcut ta enable “center“ camera trackin mode.
  • Da “Consume“ right-click option fo' sticky-icky-ickys has been moved towardz tha top of tha menu.
  • Additionizzle right click options is now available fo' celestials up in tha Orbital Bodies tab of tha System Show info window.
  • Yo ass is now able ta open multiple Bust a cap up in Reports by holdin down tha shift key when clicking, just like you can do wit Show Info windows n' Saved Fittin windows.
  • Da station hommie list now comes wit a cold-ass lil counter fo' tha number of playas currently docked.
  • Da station hommie list can now has a cold-ass lil compact member list icon, dat only displays tha standings icon n' name of tha playa.
  • Da station hommie list now comes wit a searchable filter fo' docked guests, which filtas tha list tha moment you start typing.
Yo ass can now drag modulez from bust a cap up in reports ta tha compare tool, chat n' other places.
Further details is available up in a thugged-out dev Snoop Bloggy-Blogg here.

Blueprints n' Manufacturing
Da Gnosis now requires one unit of Tritanium ta build instead of materializin outta thin air.
German Localization
Various consistency thangs up in tha German translation was fixed.
  • A texture was adjusted ta reenable pistol smoke trails.
  • Corrected occlusion thangs causin stations ta be visible all up in moons.
  • Fixed missin textures on certain dungeon stations
  • Isolated tha Mobile Micro Jump Unit effect ta activatin ships only.
  • Modified tha jumpgate transizzle ta eliminizzle distorted fisheye camera effects afta jumpgate travel.
  • Reinstated exhaust flame effects on tha Rorqual.
  • Da Purifier shows now tha erect Viziam logo.
  • Fix fo' a issue where a stationary wreck dat had previously been moved by a tractor beam could occasionally become impossible fo' some pistols ta target.
  • Fixed a issue preventin station skillz from transferring/disablin properly.
  • Modified tha Gallente Military Station ta prevent ships from becomin stuck on undock.
  • Minor content fixes includin spellin errors, object placement n' mission completion triggers.
  • Corrected a issue givin medium-sized ships tha potential ta become stuck on Customs Offices.
  • Jump count up in Incursion Global Report n' fo' saved locations up in Muthafuckas & Places now uses autopilot settin fo' calculations.
Missions n' Complexes
  • Da NPC will no longer battle you afta you finished tha mission: What's up in a Name - Poke (3 of 5)
  • Da Industry skill book has been added as a reward fo' completin tha mission: Makin Mountains outta Molehills (1 of 10).
  • Da Industry skill book has been added as a reward fo' completin tha mission: Balancin tha Books (1 of 10).
  • A Civilian Miner module is provided all up in tha beginnin of tha mission, n' tha misleadin un-minable asteroidz up in tha mission location done been replaced wit less confusin objects up in tha mission: Balancin tha Books (3 of 10)
  • Da transhiznit shizzle Mo' Bark has been chizzled ta a white cross afro transhiznit shizzle up in tha mission: Fair Play (2 of 5).
  • Fixed a issue wit too nuff Outposts bein present up in tha level four variantz of tha mission: Intercept tha Saboteurs.
  • De-spawnin thangs wit Blood Den has been fixed.
  • Da required mission-item was chizzled ta "Angel Simple Trigger Mechanism" which is found up in tha complex up in Traun fo' tha mission: Hype at a Cost.
  • Popups fo' sticky-icky-icky thang Radar cribs now indicate mo' clearly they risk & potential rewards.
  • Da static joint "Ancient Amarr Tomb" was moved from it's moon location. I aint talkin' bout chicken n' gravy biatch. This joint can still be found rockin probes.
  • Da True Centus Preacher has often been found carryin blueprints fo' Bhaalgorn battleships. Right back up in yo muthafuckin ass. Sansha Kuvakei has personally ordered dat tha Preacher be reeducated ta ensure dat it only carries glorious Nightmare BPCs up in tha future.
  • Rogue Drone Officers gotz a higher drop rate on modulez now n' is guarantied ta drop a 42-X Nexus Chip.
  • NPC AI has been enhanced ta handle multiple targets up in mo' robust way.
Ships n' Modulez
  • Da bonus text on Scimitar n' Oneiros now say "Remote Trackin Computer" instead of "Remote Sensor Booster".
  • Cloaked ships is no longer able ta use tha extended fittin range of a Mobile Depot ta refit whilst still cloaked.
  • Da velocitizzle of Heavy Pistols is now properly affected by Bastion Module I.
  • Fixed descriptionz of tha Chimera, Wyvern, Thanathos, Nyx, Nidhoggur, Hel n' Revenant ta properly link tha Capital Shield Emission System skill up in they "traits" tab.
  • Fixed issue dat caused some overheated trackin disruptors ta affect target falloff range too strongly.
  • A shizzle dat is invulnerable as it exits warp is ghon be prevented from activatin a Cynosural Field Generator until tha warp invulnerabilitizzle has cleared.
Da "Required for" tab up in tha Show Info window fo' game like Anchorin or Propulsion Jammin is now also listin structures like Control Towers or Mobile Warp Disruptors.
Da CONCORD NPCs up in tha Advanced Warfare Tutorial Arc (9 of 10) - "Glue" was adjusted ta not blast tha playa if his thugged-out lil' punk-ass bumped tha fuck into they ships.
User Interface
On tha star map, tha list of station skillz shown up in tha solar system pop-ups sometimes did not erectly include 'Militia Office' as one of tha available skillz. This has been fixed.
Ghetto Shaping
  • Added some missin Ore upgrade cribs fo' certain null sec systems.
  • Changed namez of two hoodz up in 8S-0E1 as a part of a reward fo' a DUST 514 tournament:
  • Hood Pt III becomes Eon Prime
  • Hood IV becomes Ancient Gliese
  • Wormholez
Da aggression range of Sleeper NPC's has been adjusted up in all wormhole cribs.


  1. I tried to read your version and I felt my iq dropping as brain cells committed suicide to make it stop..... gonna have to patch tonight and check out the npc changes in my rattlesnake

    1. I'll do a paste bin for the original post as well for those who cannot see the official page through the link at work. Gizoogle is not for everyone. Thank's for the idea.

  2. Dis be tha crackinest blogsizzle I see fo ever!


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