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An Opinion on Salve

Vov often comments that people fail to leave when they are not pointed and instead die. This puzzles him endlessly. He spends a lot of time kiting and leaving is one of the strategic choices that he likes to give to himself. Similarly, often we have lost a bit more than we might have if we had left the field when we had a chance. Then someone gets pointed and the choice has been made, be it good or bad.

Withdrawing is a tactic but it seems to be one that few are willing to use. Reading the PL announcement and Grath saying that he is going to make the choice that is best for his people, and that means withdrawing had me throwing respect points his way. Leaving when it is best to leave creates a lot of feedback, on the field, in conversations, and most certainly by the public forum.

I often listen to the arguments from people who want to brawl. Spaceship to spaceship is the only way to go, I often hear. Kiters are ridiculed for possible sexual open mindedness. They should come fight in the face because that is the best thing ever.

It is a matter of tactics. The joke about Sun Tzu quotes and such is an echo of the tactical aspects of Eve. Despite the "Eve is easy just press F1" there are a lot of battle tactics used. The game is a spaceship simulator and some people are playing that game. But it is also a game of tactical decisions and choices with a broader picture that we call the meta, other's are playing that. The bulk, however, sit inside the two areas and drift one way or another.

Screaming for blood is easy enough. Violence has long been a spectators sport. From gladiators to boxers people enjoy watching other people get hurt from a safe position. The clash of alliances and the screams for them to shake it off and keep fighting has a similar tone to me. It is easy to goad another and let them take the fall.

I respect the honesty of PL saying they are going to withdraw and heal. I may not understand posturing well enough. Maybe some people do drink of that kool-aid. I may just lack the proper, aggressive attitude. I have a lot of belief in supporting the corporation and that means taking care of the people that surround you everyday and mold the game for you.

Withdrawing is s tactic too. It isn't some terrible, unacceptable thing. Not from wars, not from fights, not from situations that are only going to cause damage. Because, there is also the fail cascade and it lurks under everything. People need to be treated like people, not autonomous objects. Corporation members can always leave. To have them is not to own them. It is a partnership.

I've never questioned if PL had a strong leadership before. I'm a spectator in this sport after all. However, today, I'd say with certainty that they do and applaud them. Some may approve of how well they have handled their loss. That to is well done. But to me, out of this whole fight and the limelight that comes with it I find the most interest in the care that PL has demonstrated for its members.

Of course, there is also a lovely ring to legion on legion action. The boys have decided that they should have said action in Legions and make a holy trinity unlike anything ever seen before.


  1. Great post - interesting perspective.

  2. Exactly this. I'm surprised the propagandists and bloodthirsty sperg-lords haven't shit up your comments section over this post, yet.

  3. Ahhhh the story of why dash?. PL had survived for as long as they have because they know when to go lick their wounds. Almost every time their kb logo changes to pathetic legion they withdraw from the conflict they are I. Gotta know when to hold em and know when to fold em

  4. Sure wish this fight had not happened. CFC were on the edge of cracking and others were seeing the blood in the water and starting to dive in. If all those that complain about the big blue donut would actually go after the whale at the same time, it would go down. CFC has deep pockets due to years of passive income. It's members don't have as deep a commitment and it was showing. Maybe something will be done about SOV before all of EVE is under their thumb. Maybe not. Maybe a significant level of unsubs or other such protest would force the issue. Maybe not. Maybe I will find something else to do and close my 5 accounts. Maybe not.

  5. To use a boxing analogy, PL is the medium build, fast-on-his-feet finesse fighter while the CFC is the big and ugly slugger whose nose has been broken time and time again, his ears have been permanently deformed from years of getting hit.

    In my minds eye I imagine the fight starting out with the PL-fighter dashing out and nimbly dodging swings and getting his own licks in, but it's not enough. The CFC-fighter shrugs off the lightning quick blows as he's used to the pounding and continues stalking the PL-fighter.

    Before the knows it, the PL-fighter is cornered and can't dodge the blows anymore and one of the CFC-fighters haymakers lands...followed by another, and another. Blows rain down. The PL-fighter, through sheer dogged determination keeps hitting the CFC-fighter, anything to catch his breath and get some room...until the PL-fighter is left being held up by the corner post, his face a bloody mess. The PL-fighter coach wisely throws in the towel and it's over.


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