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Patch Day: My Life and Times with Rubicon 1.1

"If you pour water on a patch gremlin does it turn into bogus code?"

Such was Kaeda's question to Vanderie as I fanned myself from my near faint as I recovered from my second client crash while warping my jump freighter to the high sec gate. It is the day after the patch with the first hotfix landing this morning and causing its own cascade of problems.

Yesterday, we logged out and played DayZ and Minecraft. Then, James found a Paladin in a wormhole so they went and killed that. I was fixing dinner and dedicated to restocking Bosena. It had already taken me two and a half hours to download the patch so I was massively behind. I have these little internal schedules that I make and when I get to far knocked off of them I start to fret. It is the closest to an OCD habit that I have but it is one that I've managed to conquer by telling myself it doesn't matter because normally, they don't.

That is why I didn't stock Bosena last night.

I wake up today and decide that I will get Bosena working. I log everyone in and start moving people. I work on my POS and cycle my boosters and reactions. I get my cynos in place, have TCS write contracts to my Jump Freighter alt to move the items from high sec to low sec and take a minute to check the new dock radius of the stations.

With the stations all changed they are shaped a bit different. Reports are coming in that some have had a lot of change to their kick out and dock radius. I came in from several angles and saw that the stations dock is a bit smaller then it used to be but still large. I'm going to have to readjust my cyno spot some because I warp into it with a big of the edge into the station structure now where it used to have a 3k gap around it.

That reminds me. Everyone tells me that cynos come in a 5k sphere. I've been watching ships cyno in an 8k cylinder. Anywhere inside that pillar they will pop into being but it is a cylinder, not a sphere and while it might have once been 5k it is most certainly 8k now because I watch my ships pop in at that distance. But whatever. I'm all set.

And I do my jumps. I undock my JF, warp her to the high sec gate, switch over to move things, look back and notice she is frozen in space. I click to her because, "Am I in high sec?" I realize that my system information windows have minimized again into just the icons, showing me no system name or any information. I didn't log her off that way. But, the window crashes. Crashes. On my JF. In space. In low sec.

I cover my eyes.

Actually, I piteously cried out on coms in distress. Kaeda responded to check dscan, my cyno alt had a Legion staring at her, and I'm logging back in my JF alt. She gets in and she is in emergency warp. Warp, warp, warp, by the way its slow. So far, we're still aligning before entering warp upon landing. I guess the change is just for logging back in. What happened is I logged back in while she was in warp from disconnecting. She landed, aligned back, and emergency warped back. I have zero control during this entire time as I watch my ship just do its thing.

She lands on the gate and I jump her through, spamming it and moaning, "Why can't I select the gate!" as Kaeda, calmly, tells me, "You are not yet out of warp." "Buralllllreeaaamoooaaannnn" is the incoherent sound of distress I make in response.

Back in high sec I dock up. That takes the normal 2 hours to do anything because freighter. I finally make it to the station and dock, load more things, undock, and watch my cyno go down.


Next cyno.

Wash rinse and repeat. To my cyno bookmark, light, discover I'm not in fleet because disconnect, re-invite myself, broadcast, jump, dock, dump, warp, crash. Again. Again. A.G.A.I.N. My life is over. Stress consumes me. The world shimmers with dark edges. I fan myself. Kaeda consoles me. I whine on twitter. I get logged in and my JF safe.

Next cyno. I still have more stuff to move. This time I stay docked. Local has gone up and a Typhoon Fleet Issue pops my cyno. Distress! Distress! Local bounces up and there are a lot of ships in space now. Do I want to do this? Do I want to risk another crash? We know it is going to happen. I've been recommended to drop to Direct X 9 but still...

I log off my JF.

I'll handle this later. I need lunch now. But, I'm going to chew on this bar of dark chocolate my husband handed me the other day and unwind. Naoru is having the same problem. Kaeda mentioned that it may be AMD cards. I have an AMD Radeon HD 7800.

I think I'll go to Fudruckers for lunch.

Patch day.



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  2. LOL gods Sugar... makes me feel bad for feelin bad last night...took me from 6PM to 1lmost 11PM to get the client to first actually download and install the patch... then to get it to agree it actually HAD already downloaded and installed it as it kept trying to after the first time (6PM to 8PM for that one).... because, you know, patch day.

    But after that I can't say I was unhappy...

    Din't really wanna 'do' much so I bought a new Warpthingie (TM), undocked inna Covetor (lol) and instawarped to 1km direct down from the Amarr hub... dropped the Warpthingie (TM) and tried it out... I can see some possibilities here... Later another player dropped one roughly 9ish Km from mine and played with it a bit then he warped up to the station and I never saw him again... so I spent a truly meaningless hour warping to and fro, from one wrpthngie to the other, burn back to range and POOF! one moar time....

    Finally I droaned mine to deth, set course for a .5 sys close to Amarr, mined up some Luscious 'whatever' ore then settled in for the night a station there...

    So while my patchday was.... uneventful... in comparison to yours... my game of late has sucked so bad... I'm mining.... solo... in hisec... gods just permakill me pls... =\

    (first comment removed cause I kant spel...)

    1. instawarped 1000 km down, not 1km... sheesh...

  3. Are you running the DX11 client? If so try switching to DX9 (via the launcher) and see if that helps with the crashes. For me, at least, the launcher forgot all my settings including my DX9 selection during the Rubicon 1.1 patch.


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