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Hullo There, Year Two

It is amusing that I have started to play Skyrim again just before my second Eve-Birthday. I was playing it rather obsessively before I discovered Eve. Once I discovered social contact in Eve it fell to the wayside and I never finished it. Now, feeling in the mood for some relaxing, non-stressful gameplay I have picked Skyrim back up thanks to the steam sale and a little setup to allow me to use a controller on the PC. It is a funny circle for me. 

My Eve Birthdays are very interesting as markers for my progress. Two years is a long time to play a game and yet, I am far from a master of things. A lot has soaked in. Perhaps, more, than I realize. I'm enamored with playing and make my time to log in each day. It is another reason that I am happy to have more than one thing to play and do in Eve. Sometimes the energy and focus needing to PvP escapes me and tending my market, working boosters, and doing logistics while chatting keeps me happy.

Last year, at this same time, I was looking at where I had come. I spent a few days working on my "year one post" and I was very proud of it and where I had come. That same day, the removal of the static DED complexes was announced and I wrote a long post about that. In a way that post muted out my crafted, year post. But now, watching at what happened over a year. I'm now two and the complexes are back as non-static complexes set into the exploration system. This year, with the expansion behind us, I don't think I'll have a rage post to write on my Eve-birthday.

I think I am supposed to say things like, "Wow, what a journey it has been!" and imagine myself on stage in front of a corporate gathering where I have zero connection with anyone there. I hate pompous presentations such as that. My job recently had one.

What it has been is every day. I've lived, I've loved, I've lost in game. I've changed corporations and tried things that I never expected. I never really thought of success just trying all of the things that I want to do. But with each thing tried something else seems to spring up to fill the gap of things to do. For all of the projects that I have attempted, few have gone poorly. Not everything has happened the way I might have wished for it to happen but that too is not always bad.

For the progress made over the last year in stat type things. Chella is just under four weeks older than Sugar. My scout a month or so behind them. I've not always done the best job with remaps. Oh well. Things are coming along. Also, the six million skill point jump from the battlecruiser/destroyer racial split is in here as well.

Last Year vs This Year
Chella had 18,700,000 skill points. Chella has 42,100,000 skill points.
Sugar had 17,500,000 skill points. Sugar has 42,700,000 skill points.
My Scout had 15,000,000 skill points. My Scout has 40,000,000 skill points.
My Industry Alt has 13,000,000 skill points. My Industry Alt has 28,000,000 skill points.
Last year I had eight billion liquid, 7 billion in ships, a billion in sell orders, and about three billion invested in things like my drugs and some alt accounts.
This year, I have about 10 billion liquid, 75 billion in total assets with ten billion of that in sell orders (mostly TCS with a bit for Boosters).
As for PvP, I've killed a lot more stuff and become more happy with where I stand in the PvP game. I spent a lot of this year soul searching. Solo PvP became a personal demon. Something I felt that I had to do to prove myself. Who I was proving myself to, I wasn't sure. It wasn't myself because I didn't even want to do it. Yet, I felt as if I was chasing a poison to prove that my antidote would work. And at some point I realized that it was stupid and decided fuck it. If people didn't respect me because I didn't indulge in their prefered style of game, especially when I didn't judge them for not participating in mine they could go fuck themselves. With that decision made, I have been a lot happier. There are vast depths to this game beyond solo PvP. Maybe it will work itself out one day for me but until then I refuse to care about it as some way to define or prove myself to something I don't want to be or do.

And as I said last year:
Goals for the new year?
I don't have any. I have things that I want to accomplish and things that I want to do. Yet, I will go after them or I will not. I've never been one to go "Thusly I go forth into the future and shall accomplish these things as my goal!". I'm much to wandering a spirit for such a process. Random interest is a core part of my personality.
My accounts are paid up for a year and I am only starting to step foot into the adult swimming pool that I've been staring at for the last year. I don't see myself going anywhere.


  1. Very cool post. I joined Eve 9/1/2011 and my main has just under 46 million SP and I am just now feeling that I can do a lot of different things with him. I have a stable of alts, and little solid planning for the future in Eve. Recently, I, like you decided to stop being what others expected and look to what I want to do. almost a year ago, my main left his first corp in Eve, it was dead for almost 9 months and finally, I had to swap. Now, the corp I am in is done with it's npc null experiment and I find that I don't want to mess with it anymore so again, after nearly a year, considering jumping ship. For me, Eve has become a mirror of life, doing what was expected and being loyal to a fault and somewhere it lost the fun. So, I, like you, set out to find it again and to hell with those that don't share the same outlook. Life is too short for my relaxation activity to not be relaxing.

    Fly fun.

  2. "Two years is a long time to play a game (...)"

    You're actually being serious, right? For other people, myself included, "long time" is measured in decades. And yeah, I'm being serious too.

    1. But, I am not you nor am I other people. :)

      I am myself and yes, two years is a long time to play a video game, to me. It is not the longest I have ever played a game nor do I think or insinuate that it is a record of some sort. I consider two years of time invested a significant sum of time.


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