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Nerf Proof

I can now Zealot. I should be over joyed. I’m not. I am glaring, truth be told. Why? Because now I need to Ishtar. Damn it. Wasn't I just writing about how amazing my boys are and how much I enjoy them… grrr…

(Deep Breaths)

 I have finished Amarr Cruiser V. This finishes me off with my sub battleship skills. I have almost no Caldari abilities but I have no missile skills and no interest in Caldari hulls at this time. Instead, I’ve been working on my triangle of Gallente-Minmatar-Amarr. I have T2 large guns in all three races. I have Cruiser V in all three races. At 41 million skill points I’d be feeling very full of myself if it were not for Ishtar.
I have sentry drones V plugged in now. I announced this quite loudly along with my belief that when I finish it, they will never undock Ishtar’s again and will, instead, look towards missile boats.
Often, this endless case of running up hill feels futile. I am very sure that I was supposed to be absolutely amazing at 40 million skill points. Instead, I still feel as if I don’t have the basics. It is frustrating. It is the same list of complaints of every young player to the old while the old sigh for the goals of the young. However, it was Diz who recently broke this cycle of frustration for me and I he didn't do it on purpose.
Diz described his long term plan as becoming Nerf Proof. As Gallente Ships lose weight and become speed demons and Minmatar settles on the couch with a box of Oreos and a Whip Cream Latte, life has changed and flying habits change with it. Diz’s goal is to be able to do everything well so that when CCP picks up the Nerf bat with a gleam in their eye he simple side steps it and moves into whatever the new meta is without a blink.
It is a good goal. It is also a less frustrating goal then chasing fleet doctrines  I could always leave my boys and find a corporation who have a lower, average skill point. Then we’d all be smacked in the same way when the changes hit. Considering how stupid that plan sounds, I think following Diz’s example makes a tad bit more sense when it comes to goals. It helps deal with the frustration that changes bring.
However, being able to fly a bunch of stuff does not mean that I am comfortable flying it. Tonight, the fleet was a Halloween themed fleet. We did black ops drops (blops drops) on people. I had to take time to do silly things like make dinner. Having other people in the hose can be detrimental to Eve time. However, once food was distributed I scuttled back to my desk and realized that my Proteus was not fully fit. Some super glue and a few dismantled ships later and I was set with a covops blops Proteus for the fleet.
I managed to miss a drop by moments. I wasn't going to interrupt the fleet to ask them to relight the bridge. This pod died. We did another drop onto a little goonswarm fleet as Brave Newbies ran around the system. To our amusement we managed to drop a blops fleet with an archon, and run away while the GSF pilot scolded BNI for not coming to kill us with a carrier on the field.

My nervousness was through the roof. It is every time I undock a T3. I'm not comfortable in my T3s. I'm not comfortable in about 2/3 of the things that I can fly. It creates another goal. Being able to fly them is one thing. Fly them well is another. And fly them with a clue is still further past that. All of that is part of the future. Not just the skills on the skill sheet but the skills in space.

And when the nerf bat is wielded with such intense focus one can side step and do something else. 


  1. I am on the same trajectory... Amarr Cruiser finishing in 10 days or so - should give a nice boost to the Stratios...

    Becoming nerf-proof is a very long slog - even if you ignore capital ships. I still have no laser skills and very little projectile at 60 mil SP. Also, I am so used to skills that need 20 days that I routinely forget to update them when they do run out...

  2. I like this whole post. Embrace the nerves. It's what separates Eve from other games! I also noticed Diz' comment about working toward being 'un-nerfable,' and like the concept as well. At it's core, our corporation is one that tries to do the hard things, so it's to be expected that our goals evolve. I know it won't make you feel better, but I have the same feeling and I'm well past 40 million SP.

    Great. I've succeeded in depressing both of us.

  3. It is a goal and it is reachable. diz is a 94 mil sp toon and only has lrg beams to go to have all t2 weapons. I have only ever focused diz on sub caps so those are all almost done. to cheer you up a little skill training is all about the base. Build a good support skill structure and everything else is just dominos. they fall down one after the other. and I know your supports skills are taken good care of.

    But as you stated that's just skill training. more important then that IMO is being a good pilot being aware of what your doing and making fewer mistakes then the next guy. everyone makes mistakes minimize those and you are going to be better then anything a skill point number can give you.

  4. Gong for Black Ops on a couple characters myself.

    Damn those jump skills take forever to learn and after that I have months of additional skills training to look forward to before I can actually fly them. Especially on the alt who needs to train up all the weapons skills too.


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