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The other day I was on Battleclinic for some reason. While I was there I looked myself up in a fit of pure narcissistic joy. While not containing all of my kills and deaths, Battleclinic has at least realized that I like Jaguars. Last time I looked it said I had a Rupture obsession which is a complete and total lie!

As far as I understand their ranking system I suck because I don't solo. That finishes my understanding of Battleclinic rankings. I'm also going to add the obligatory "I don't care about my rankings and stats but here they are" notice that people put up when they list their rankings and stats and show how well they are doing in this particular ranking and stat.

However, the Jaguar mixed with my little slef thought has led me to make a game plans as I look towards ships and fits in the future.

Jaguars will now be Jaguars.
Vagabonds will now be Large Jaguars.
Sleipnir will now be X-Large Jaguars.

I like this and I feel that it represents my new understanding of my ships. Of course, I write this and title beg from Titus. He has recently declared me the corporate hugger. I wanted a title about being the corporate hugger. What I wanted and the organic nature of titles according to Titus were not quite in sync.

Ahh well.


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