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Eve Vegas 2013 - Day Two - Morning Session and Pho

First of all CCP is streaming everything on their twitch stream. It looks a bit more chaotic there because they are able to switch between their two rooms to do interviews with their own developers during the down time between talks. I am sure that it will eventually go up on YouTube. Right now I am taking a lunch break and getting caught up with my words.

I was up early, put myself together and went to meet Hong for breakfast. There is a Cafe right in the convention hall area. It was interesting to watch the wave of people start to arrive super early. Around 0900 when registration started we meandered down only to find lines and the organizers laughing at the massive early morning turnout. I felt like a slacker.

In line we got our choice of a Tempest or an Apocalypse. Then the pass and a core came in. I don't know what is in the code. I'll check tonight. I know it is at least the Eve Vegas shirt which had some fucked up looking spaceship on it that I'm told is the Gallante Yacht of some type.

Next was t-shirts. The dev helping turned to Hong and asked him his shirt size. He then looked past me and asked the next guy his shirt size. Seeing that I was suffering from another case of  "not really being there" I waved at him. He smiled and waved a bit puzzled. I asked, "may I have a shirt?"

My shirt in hand and with forty minutes before start we trundled back to the rooms to drop off the goodies. Once settled into the convention area, Ender found me and I got to meet his wife as well. Then off to the presentations. They had coffee, an expresso bar up, teas, water, cookies and chocolates and biscotti. I stole some hot chocolate and tea for later :D  Ender and Hong got Awake Chocolate Bars.

This year it is a Dev -> Player -> Dev -> Player cycle.

CCP Guard started off introducing the CCP community dev who is working out of Shanghi. They discussed how Eve Vegas is rapidly growing into a huge Event. in 2010 there were 37 attendees. In 2011150. In 2012 211 and now in 2013 350. He went on to discuss the growth of the community and the general goal to have more CCP interaction at meets. Canada is on that list with the regular Toronto meets having good attendance and they just want to spread that effort.

When they did their Q&A someone brought up Blink. I called it and it took not but two questions for that to pop right up.

Someone did ask about the new CCP traiing objectives. They explained that not everyone is comfortable going to player corporations and they are trying to reach those that fall out of the cracks. People can also help they are piloting this thing and want it to work.

Someone else wanted to know if we'd give some type of immunity measures to newbies. The answer was no. They are going to educate them but they never want them to be fully safe.

Someone asked about how non FW low sec is dead. My eyes about fell out of my head. Some areas of space area dead, yes. That does not make non-FW low sec dead. Gah. They wanted to know if Guard had a plan for just that.

Another question was about the DUST link to FW. It seems the Gallente militia had a rough fight because of the Dust influence? In general, Dust is being worked on and integrated more and more into Eve.

Adding more systems? It is always open to the future.

The next presentation was how to PvE in hostile space. It was interesting and for those who want to get into more high end exploration worth their time. I went off to find Ender trying out Valkyrie and floated around hte PvP tables some.

The jucy bit was Fozzie and Rise's presentation for Rubicon features.

Deployables are their own new code. They are laying the foundation for crucial features coming in the future. Fozzie mentioned how "working up to player built stargates."

The new deployable structures are shootable in all areas of space with just a suspect flag. They are scan downable and these are only the start of what they will eventually work up to. To deploy them it is drag from your cargo and drop in space. Bam. Very nice that.

The Depot is a mobile home. It is small and made for item storage and will allow you to change your fits. This means refitting in stationless systems is now a go. It is a small structure with the hit points of a frigate or lightly tanked cruiser. Once shot they have a 48 hour reinforcement timer. However the owner can come during that time and scoup and run with it. If destroyed they will drop loot. It is reusable.

Tractor Unit: It will only tractor one thing at a time and loot it. When you scoup it a can with the loot drops. It  will only tractor legal wrecks. The tractor is slower than a dedicated tractor/salvage ship. They don't want to remove the Noctis or the tractoring bonuses on ships but want to give another looting ability. They will be reusable.

The cyno jammers are one time use. They have hte HP of a heavily tanked battleship. They cannot be deployed within 200km of each other but multiple ones can be deployed to make a cynoless grid. Covert cynos will still work. You can still jump out just not in. They are going to let people use these and see what happens with them.

Siphons have their own dev blog now.

NPCs don't shoot at any of these deployables. War decs and kill rights on the owner fall over to the deployable.

HS POCOS they are hoping that they are profitable corp objectives with goals. They are hoping that they will cause lots of wars and conflict. HS Pocos also have a dev blog.

They are going to work on overheating. They want to overheat more modules that currently don't overheat but should. They want to make overheating easier to get into. They want to improve its interface.

Exclusive features?

Ghost Sites - These are hacking/combat mixed sites. They will be in all areas of space including wormholes with wormholeness. They will also be dropping the first player manufactured pirate implant set. These sites will be more rare then current data/relic sites.

The new pirate implant set is also by sisters of Eve. They are called the Ascension Set (may have that wrong). They are the warp speed implants we've seen picked up by the scrapers. They are a high grade implant set and will be found in these new exploration sites.

You no longer have to pause training to plug in implants.

On to the preview of the Chaos server which is their latest and greatest build.

We got to see the SOE ships. I will upload photos tonight. They may suck. Also warp speed with the implants is insane. They showed us the new modules. They all have amazing pretty looks to them. Just lovely stuff.

Q & A

The new depots will allow mother ships and titans to refit? The answer is yes. Only the ship that dropped it can refit from it. So no fleets refitting from one dropped depot. Everyone has to take their own.

Dictors are to fast now and a fleet can't even enter warp before they are on grid bubbling. CCP knows this and is going to see how it goes and tweak it if it needs tweaking.

Hull repper drones please!

Siphons - Maybe some how allow them to notify the owner for fights? Fozzie said that these are only the start and more are coming with different abilities.

The new ship tree - comparison abilities? CCP would like that ti eventually happen it is still an on going new project

Rubicon Trailer? Coming soon

Public certificates still? This was removed because people didn't make them public. It was an unused feature.

New Deployable DPS? Deployable structures are super easy to shoot with Depots being easiest and Cyno Jammers being hardest.

Some discussion about the damage control unit happened and maybe moving it to a passive mod which is basically already is.

Siphon unit that steals fuel cubes or makes a pos burn fuel faster? Maybe. Good idea.

AFK Cloaking - Timer or something so its not AFK?  If they touch cloaking they'd like to make it more interactive.

Both HG and LG warp implants? Only High Grade at the moment.


I then ran off to get lunch (pho) and write this up before I headed down for the afternoon.


  1. Don't take it personally, it wasn't so much that they were looking past you, it's just that they were so enamored with me. ;-)

    1. So you don't think the reinforcing EVE players are male was a factor.
      Skye was too subtle.

      Would be better for CPP stats to check everyone, maybe a different "prize" for partners? Suitable for both male and female partners. Anyone who isn't into playing EVE (its possible?) who supports their partner by attending should be rewarded.

  2. So, new doctrine for capitals will be 'just before you die, drop a yurt and dump all your expensive modules into it'


    1. Given 48 hr reinforcement timer -- that's really not a bad idea at all! :-)

  3. Can you anchor it while in combat?

  4. You no longer have to pause training to plug in implants.
    It's the small things that improve the quality of life.


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