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Some Optional Words

This blog post inspired by Dave Lash. The player.

After writing bad music earlier today I find myself not in the mood for dark thoughts and deep moods.

A few posts ago I rolled deep, vicious words around and their concepts. Today, in a much less thoughtful post, I decided to look at alternative words and their usage. Mostly because they make me smile.

I, for the most part hate smack talk. It tends to be stupid and shallow. It makes the smacker look terrible. I know that some people get enraged by it. I know that it is a valid tactic for those that engage in it. I know that my opinion of it is my opinion of it and others feel differently. Such is the nature of opinions.

However, some people can take their local chatter to new levels and the entire situation is amusing. It is a fine balance but it is well done. And this is where I am often amused by Mr Lash when he takes to local. Dave's favorite description for ganking is, "clubbing baby seals". It is absolutely terrible and completely hysterical and not one of the culture shaking negative terms.

While everyone may want people to give bows and speak in polite language, its not going to happen. But there are fighting words and derogatory language and there are the words that spawn massive awareness campaigns. Clubbing seals isn't nice. Nether is ganking. And when particularly cute and harmless things and killed for being all the things... well sometimes it is seal clubbing. Not the dancing kind.

Of course smack talk was not put in the world to amuse me. Such as the assault frigate with logistic support fleet that we encountered with our kitchen sink cruiser fleet in Faction Warfare space. Wex just sighed as local filled with smack talk. They chased us several systems insulting us and telling us to fight as they screamed we were cowards. I will always wonder if people feel stupid saying that deep down inside. Probably not. How dare an unsupported fleet out numbered 3 to 1 not engage you on your terms. For shame! I closed local. We turned around and kited them, lost Dave's Zealot and such was that.

The other term that I hear a bit more and to me fulfills all the brazen arrogance and attitude one could desire is 'dunk'. The image of a basketball player soaring and slamming a ball into the hoop is quite a powerful one. Its arrogant. its egotistical. It does a fine job of laying the smack down.

Of course it may not satisfy some who wish to indulge in darker, more venomous language. It does amuse me. I will admit... I gave someone a mini rant when he posted images of an attractive, well endowed, clothing deprived lady.
[02:05:53] Sugar Kyle > Can I have a dude?
[02:05:55] Sugar Kyle > No one ever gives me dudes
[02:05:59] Tilar Ardan > please
[02:06:04] Tilar Ardan > I'm with Sugar on this one
[02:06:31] Shadowglyph > damn it! the tits always work!
[02:06:40] Sugar Kyle > Tilar and I have our own they get boring
[02:06:48] Tilar Ardan > yea pretty much
[02:07:13] Sugar Kyle > No one ever gives us decent dudes to look at
[02:07:19] Sugar Kyle > Whenever its dudes its always really nasty dudes
[02:07:23] Sugar Kyle > But guys get hot chicks
[02:07:30] Sugar Kyle > Its really obnoxious and impolite
[02:07:42] Shadowglyph > id find you some but that means i have to look also/
Double standards!


  1. Just make a collection of guy images for hotlinking. Although this might just encourage the men to spawn even more vulgar images themselves because you join in instead of speaking out against.

    And somehow I expect men to link images that that make a gynecologist jealous while I would expect women (or Stephen Colbert) to link more decent stuff like

    Surely there are enough men in 7-2 that are confident enough in their own manliness to link you some hot guys? Or that have a desire to troll their fellow men by linking images that might require brain bleach?

    1. My boys are more creative. Lots of cat gifs and men chasing seals.

  2. As much as I think that every man has the right to look at attractive women, so do I think all woman have the right to look at attractive men. (The other option would be that nobody should look at anything, and thats plain boring.)
    So to follow the line of "if you cannot stand the heat...": More guys pics for Eve!
    (That could tick off some people... an added bonus)

    1. And men men and women women. Were not close minded on this blog. In general cute kittens trump naked people or clothed ones. Links don't have to be vulgar to be fun.

  3. Sugar:

    Harvesting baby seals is no different than spring lamb or veal. The only difference of course, is that the seal pups live in their natural environment first, as opposed to in captivity for the entire, short lives unlike our domesticated animals raised specifically for the dinner table.

    What makes it appear so, is the brutal images we get of the seal hunt as opposed to the farm slaughter we've long become used to. We don't post bother to pictures of an abattoir or slaughterhouse when the lambs or calves are slaughtered, as we've turned farms into factories and distanced ourselves from the harvesting.

    So while the image of clubbing seal pups is a bad image, I will say that is more appropriate than the image of gutting a lamb. When ganking, the victim at least has a chance of getting away, much like the seal pups.

    Not like the calf or lamb.

    1. I will also say that there is more concept of waste involved which makes a grimmer image. For the meat and pelt of the lamb and calf are used and consumed. The stripped bodies of the baby seals are left to rot on the ice.

    2. That depends. Most inuit communities find uses for just about every part of the seal.

  4. Must have been one of GUIYNAN's fleets. You guys were smart not to engage with a cruiser fleet. I've seen those AFs in action and been in the fleets, very very nasty. They have trouble with guardian supported fleets, short of that...

    Anyways, I wasn't in that fleet, but if I was I'd have said the same things I always say when they get into that, which is you can't be mad at someone for being smart.

    Now, fleets that outnumber AND out ship us, I will ask in very blunt terms how far I have to down ship to get a fight.

    1. There was a 12-mna 'The Scope' fleet (the NPC corp) that has passed through Hevrice area quite a bit recently. They're mostly noobs who have no PvP experience. And they're led by Anslo, a guy who keeps his entire killboard listed in his bio. ( ) They were in a mix of T1 cruisers, destroyers, and frigates, with a lone interceptor to their name. They were bouncing between FW plexes in system, so I undocked a RLML caracal to engage them. They were bouncing around so much that I finally just gave up and told them I'd be at the top belt to fight. Just me. 1v12.

      It took a little more cajoling to get them to come. I was sitting ~160km off the belt, and they declined to chase me down (probably not realizing they could send a couple fast frigates, then have the rest of the fleet warp to them when they reached me). So they warped off, and said they wouldn't engage. All the while linking a hawk kill from a few days earlier and saying how fearsome they were.

      So I took up the chase again. (No remember, this was a fleet that had formed up to *roam* low-sec. I couldn't understand how they wouldn't take a 12v1 fight. Were they only hunting ventures??) I finally landed on grid with them, burned off, killed a few frigs and the ares, then got scrammed by a punisher, and the rest of them slowly caught up and piled on top. (

      I don't normally bother people in local. But sometimes I just have to be incredulous when someone won't take a fight.


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