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Eve... uhh... Admirer

I have an Eve stalker admirer. Where this post goes, nobody knows. Before I move forward with the rest of the post please understand that everything is in good humor and I am not being harassed.

When I was first made aware of the situation I closed my eyes and hoped that it would go away. I decided not to write about it, even though it has been amusing, because it was silly.

Lhorenzho is a member of Mirua Bull's corp and appears to me to be a roleplayer. He likes to get fixations on female characters (players?). He has a blog and although he has been accused of being an alter ego of Miura Bull, Miura insists that he is not and he has been backed by members of R1FTA who have been in coms with both of them.

I don't read Lhorenzho's blog because I do not like his writing style. It is very energetic and descriptive. It is also to frantic and full of slang for me to relax and read. I know many people find it very amusing. But, I am not a regular visitor. Therefore, it had to be pointed out to me when he developed a fixation for me. His previous fixation was Ava Starfire who is a Minmatar roleplayer.  Ava did write about him at some point. I assumed that he was confused and picking the wrong person and would grow bored and find someone else to do his roleplay on.

He has left a comment or two on my blog although he has deleted some of them as well. I've ignored him for the simple reason that I do not like talking to roleplayers. I have no problem with role players. I just do not wish to engage in a conversation with someone that may be 100% synthetic towards their role play goal. I feel that I cannot trust my conversation to be a conversation or be a conversation with someones role play character. It is a quirk of mine. I spend way to much time trying to be honest with myself and while I do not think role players are dishonest the duel player of their personality does not mesh for me.

Therefore, I've ignored Lhorenzho. That is not my normal reaction to people. However, after reading his blog and the occasional interactions I decided that I was not interested in his fiction. It seems that behind the scenes that I can see the issue has been escalating a bit according to Miura and Vincent. I've not cared.

Until today. Well.. I still don't care.. but I decided that the level of weirdness had reached the point where it should be shared with those that wish to see it. The decision making process started when I noticed Chella had an Eve mail.  Chella for the most part gets corp mails and incursion mails. When I saw it was from Lhorenzho I raised an eyebrow. Then I read it. I picked my eyes up off the floor where they had rolled out of my head and fallen into a dusty corner.
need your help
From: Lhorenzho
Sent: 2013.09.16 22:30
To: Chella Ranier,  
Dearest Chella,
A person i considered an ally in my campaign to win the heart of sweet Sugar, one Noaru something or other has allowed my pleas for help to fall on very deaf ears. I now appeal to you, a person who has shown in the very limited contact we have had (you have at least acknowledged me in the past) to be more open to assisting a lovestruck hombre get a leg up in his quest to convince the beautiful Sugar Kyle to at least cast an occasional glance his way. A furtive smile or some fluttering eyelashes is all I ask at the moment.
Can you convince her to throw me a bone? I am perilously close to crossing that fine line between ardent romantic pursuit and pathetic needy clinginess. I am beginning to not like the man I am becoming. Even my so called wingman, Miura Bull is beginning to distance himself from me. Chella, I need your assistance!
I will forever be in your debt.
There is something creepy but amusing at his approaching my alt. I was debating a response when Naoru logged on and forwarded me an Eve mail.
From: Lhorenzho
Sent: 2013.09.16 14:36
To: Naoru Kozan,  
After i spoke to you earlier, I stopped in Istodard to pick up a couple of rigs and who should be docked up in station but one of my fave heartthrobs, the delectable Sugar. Of course, she continues to shut me out completely offering nary a wave or word of greeting. I feel like the world's bluntest ice pick trying to chip away at a supercold chunk of ice! Why can't she be more like Chella? I have become so despondent lately over her chilly reception that i have taken up with  Serenity135. Any port in a storm as they say. I still hold out hope that you will act an intercessory for me and begin to thaw SUGAR out to the point where she will look my way with other than pure disdain in her eyes. Take care Naoru.
From the looks of things he is getting tired of me. However, Eve mailing me escalated the situation. Treating my alt as an individual who is not me is him being a role player. I consider my alts aspects of myself. Semantics really. It was weird to be asked about myself to myself. Also amusing. Mostly, I am amused.

I assume that he will take this as as some type of recognition or acknowledgement. Game on.


  1. Good lord. I had never even heard of him and glad I had not. The line between RP and creepy is not fine at all and he is squarely on the creepy side.

    1. Hey you stop picking on my Uncle Lho! :D

    2. Lho's harmless, mostly, unless you are a Cyno :)

    3. lol! Yeah I can't decide whether Lhorenzho is just a really creepy troll, or some kind of meta-troll who is consciously lampooning rape culture ^_^.

    4. Actually, I read a bit more of his blog post and I'm now pretty much convinced he is definitely lampooning rape-culture/pick-up artists etc

      His post reads in parts like it was written by an alfalfa red-piller and in other parts like a desperate loner. And it's so over the top that it has to be very very tongue-in-cheek.

    5. I've always thought of Lho as the reincarnation of Hunter S. Thompson. Great fun in a crazed manic sort of way and Eve would be a less interesting place without him.

  2. Can't you just repeatedly blow him up till he goes away?

  3. I, for one, think it's too bad you don't play along. Even rebuffing him with your usual class and charm could make for some hilarious interactions. Of course, I also think roleplay is a lot of fun.

  4. I don't suppose you heard the podcast where T3mp3st (who was otherwise promoting the Toronto meetup) described how she took care of an unwanted admirer. Not to be a spoiler or anything...


      About halfway through.

  5. I don't think anyone in Eve has ever made me laugh as much as Lho has. New Eden would be a grey and dull place without him. Throw him a bone! :D

  6. Lho's writings have delighted and impressed me in their eloquence over the years. He is a dedicated fellow.

  7. I have recently become suspicious that whilst Lhorenzho is indeed most definitely NOT an alt of MB's it is entirely possible that he is some sort of Ghost in the Machine lurking in the interstices between reality and New Eden.

    Possibly he is the only true capsuleer out of all of us...

  8. Roleplay is cool. Is MMORPG after all. As long as he keeps it within Eve do what you like. Tease him, spurn him, whatever. Get a single email to your work email address though, and petition him ASAP. Eve creepy is one thing. IRL creepy is something else.

  9. I missed this, busy week and all, but "Game On" the right response.

    Think of it as cooperative improv. In writing.


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