Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Change of Chat

I've been cleaning my house and of course that made me want to revamp the blog a little bit. It is the middle of summer after all and that's the time for spring cleaning.

So, blog is changed about a bit. A new color scheme! These types of things make me excited.

Also, a change of chatroom. I've spent the last two weeks going over chatroom names so that I can give THC2 its public chatroom back to being its public chatroom. I'm not capable of doing anything obvious like naming it after the blog or TCS. I'm remarkably creative at random things. Detta wins the suggestion contest with Spoonful of Sugar. I found it adorable.

I've adjusted the about me to the side with that info.

To find me:

Twitter: @chellaranier
Email: chellaranier at gmail.com
G+ : ChellaRanier
Eve Mail: Sugar Kyle
Chatroom: Spoonful of Sugar

Ta da!

P.S. For those looking for intel and spies (hahahaha) have fun!


  1. I like the new colours. Very cool and sleek!

  2. Sugar,
    Enjoying the new site design!