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Me to! Me To! Odyssey stuffs!

I figure because everyone else is writing a 'Odyssey!' post I might as well to so that I can fit in.

I do not yet have a Hurricane Fleet Issue. Do I want to pay 150 million for a blue print and build one? Or do I want to wait a few more days. I don't know. I also like the little UI cleanups. They are not little but big. The ship status notifications in space over the HUD are amazing.

I'd like to say that some of these Sansha Relic sights are garbage with the cans spawning inside of the Derelik station in a somewhat unreachable way. I'd also like to point out that I am in Sansha space doing exploration which means I have left the cradle of Molden Heath.

That is because I no longer need to tote along a combat ship.

Eve is current flooded with explorers. The detachment of the combat ship has proven successful for getting out and finding sites. I fitted up a stack of Anathema to lose off in the various reaches of low sec space where I normally would not venture while duel boxing a non-cloaky ship. Now I can toss my frigate out and go find some exploration sites and make some ISK. I wound up spending a large chunk of the day doing just that.

I'm getting used to losing a solid half of the cans that spawn. I'm able to pick and choose a bit and I've been focusing on the cans that appear to have the higher values. This just lets me cover more ground faster. Plus, the flood of people in the systems closest to high security space was giving me a nervous twitch. I have never seen so many probes in space. I've even been racing people for sites in high sec. I will admit I laughed as I warped out of a site I had just finished as a Probe and Cheetah warped in and headed for the cans. In low sec I found another Anathema exploring and decided to take the path of least caution. I ran in and hacked the cans far away from him. Four cans in the site and we each got two without ever getting within 40k of each other. I bolted with a hold full of salvage and a bit of a wide eyed giggle.

Most are trying it out. Some are satisfied, some are not. Probing is a fickle mistress that often vanishes when you are most hungry for ISK. For now it is new and fun but it is still more time consuming and less guarantied then other means of financing. I won all but one can that I tried over the course of the day. That one had so many of the reinforcement nodes pop up and firewalls that I was surrounded by things at 3 and 4 times my strength. I'm not in love with the hacking game. I'm a lot faster. Its stressful to hack and scan and gather and scan. I'd not call it fun but its doable. I'm sure plenty of people think its amazing.

The belts are swarming with people looking for tags. So many people are looking for them that there is no supply. What is currently on the market is, for the most part, over priced. It will be days until things settle down to some form of reasonable normalcy. I'm mostly spending my time doing some alone things. I've had a cold which has kept me off of coms and in general made me a bit anti-social. With out being able to easily talk to people I haven't been in the mood to join fleets for PvP.

The interest is there. Odyssey has made waves. People are trying out the new toys. Will they hold on for six months worth of occupation to the player base? I don't know. There will be more tweaks and fixes coming in. Things are pretty smooth but there are rough spots that need to be soothed out. My probe formations randomly do awkward things for instance. Stuff like that will be micro patched over the coming weeks. Also, feedback.

The feedback about the jump animations has already started. People love it. Its fantastic. They want to turn it off. They want to turn it off post after post and tweet after tweet. I don't think leaving them on is a battle CCP is going to win.

Of course people did not listen, read, or pay attention to the changes. I've been putting out fires over skill change complaints left and right. I'm almost exhausted from the rage over some changes. Very few things that cropped up are new. Knowing of the changes ahead of time causes a bit of temper for those who ignored the changes until the last minute.

The Odyssey trailer is out. It is lackluster. For those who do not play Eve it may interest and draw them in. They are who the trailers are for, I guess, not we the current players who listen to the wonders and dangerous of exploration and roll our eyes because we are well versed in the reality of it. I consider myself the most massive of CCP Fangirls but this trailer leaves me with zero inspiration and a 'meh' feeling. I'm sad. I wanted something to churn my mind and make me gasp with the delight of raw creative energy like the Origins trailer. Thankfully, I can just watch that one again.


CCP has also gotten to meet the very, very ugly side of their player base when their newest hire was met with a blast of intense, vicious, hate fueled contempt. I'm sad to say that I was not surprised by the reactions. It is sad that people cannot bring themselves to express their distaste in a reasonable manner. If they had politely, but honestly laid out their reasons for their disapproval they might have gotten somewhere or received some type of communication. The unreasonable, vicious, personal based attacks pretty much ensured that would not happen. I don't believe in "if you don't have anything nice don't say anything." Sometimes a negative opinion has validity. I do believe in approaching an argument in such a manner that communication will result and not a door slammed in the face and a lockdown enacted.

I'm pretty disappointed in how that entire situation went down. It is a backwards step for gamers and the public perception of us.


  1. "If you don't have anything nice to say, you can still say it nicely."


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