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For Want of a Clone

[TL;DR: This is a long about me as in my actual player characters.]

Chella has just under thirty million skill points. With the racial battlecruiser and destroyer split, June 4th brings a six million skill point increase to everyone who has trained these skills to V. I decided to check all of my clones and get them updated while I was thinking about it. That is how I realized that Chella was softly breathing down the neck of thirty million skill points.

June puts me comfortably into a year and a half in Eve. Thirty million skill points is quite the point to reach. It is not a goal. I've not been counting. I do find myself fascinated by it. How did I get here? I ask in the puzzled way of someone reaching goals without realizing it not the actual inability to comprehend time. There is a MOTD in one of the channels that suggests to the capital pilots that they pick up spare capitals and rig them before the patch hits. Not only did that message include me (I am a capital pilot!) but I had already noticed the change and acted upon it.

I said, not so long ago, that I wanted brilliant leveling effects when I reached large milestones. Yet, I already have so many behind me. Chella is a very streamlined, Gallente based character with some Minmatar leanings. I am detouring off of my capital ship plan with her to develop some basic gun skills. My next plan was to remap into drones. It crosses well enough with gunnery and it will allow me to improve across all of my platforms at once. I also need to train Amarr Cruiser V so that she can access Guardians and Augorors.

The 'I need this' list really doesn't end for a long, long time. Eventually, I'll have some unreasonable number of skill points. For now, everything is still this and this and some of that and a bit over here. I always seem to need something else or a bit more of this and that.

Odyssey will be my 4th, expansion. I started after Crucible, saw Inferno and Retribution land. I have had more to do with Odyssey then the others before it. I wasn't even aware of Crucible which was released a few days before I started. My cycle of interest and participation with the game is only deepening.

I have more people reading these days. Some have picked up at various places and others have wandered back to my beginnings when I spun around and went, "wee missions!" gleefully cackling as I rubbed my hands together and died spectacularly to level two and three missions. My understanding of Eve was vague and confused and I shared that because I wanted to capture it.

Now, fast forward a year and a half and four expansions later, where am I at? What do I do? What can I do? First of all, I have four accounts that I use daily and consider the essential me.

My First Account:
Chella has just under thirty million skill points. She will plump up to about thirty five million after the expansion. I decided not to train freighters on her before the patch because she already has Advanced Spaceship Command V. I did train command ships in case I don't want all of the link skills on her right now. I almost forgot to train command ships on her but I managed to remember and squeak it in at the end.

Chella is:
  • A level V logistic pilot for Gallente and Minmatar
  • A drone user
  • A ore/gas/ice miner
  • An industrial character with perfect, basic ship building abilities
  • A Gallente capital ship pilot
  • A blockade runner pilot (she spends more time doing this than anything else)
  • Black Ops capable (opens bridges)
She also has basic skills for things like salvaging (Noctis) and exploration. She can fly Gallente Battleships, although poorly and she has the subsystems for Minmatar and Gallente T3s plugged in to assist in any wormhole thefts. (One must always be prepared). Because I was adopted and taken in hand fairly early, Chella is not as scattered as many first characters are. She also has cool things like Jump Drive Calibration V and eventually she will be a perfect capital ship pilot.

My Main:
Sugar started as part joke part "my pvp character". I picked the name because I thought it was funny to name her Sugar. It is very not me for a name. I made her after I started hanging out with Lue and decided that I was going to learn that PvP thing. Eventually, she became my main and took over from Chella and now she is my basic who am I.

At twenty seven million skill points Sugar is:
  • A T2 capable combat character across all four races up through battlecruisers but primarily focused in Minmatar and Gallente
  • A salvager
  • Covert T3 for Black Ops
That's really it. Sugar's skills are all devoted to combat. She has access to a large swath of T2 ships. I've trained things like Command Ship V, Assault Frigate V, Interceptor V and etc. She has Large Blasters/Rails and is about to access Large Autocannons/Artillery. I also fly Gallente and Minmatar T3s. Her missile skills = rockets at level 3. Combat eats away at the skill points. I can shield and armor tank both passive and active. My navigation skills are nice. I've put time and energy into my capacitor skills and my gunnery skills and I still have many, many things to do here. Because Sugar was created to be a PvP character she has always been very focused. She has also completed her battlecruiser and destroyer training for the patch.

My Scout:
I started this account because I wanted an Amarr account. Really, that was the reason of it because I started her in January, before THC2 adopted me and while I was still living in high sec. I kept her quiet for quite a while and just started training her through the basics (gunnery to V, navigation to V, spaceship command to V etc) until I figured out what to do with her. Once I started in THC2 and moved into Low Sec I decided that she would become my cloaky scout to keep me safe and eventually my booster alt. Slowly she became more used then Chella and eventually she started to pick up some of my needs that Chella and Sugar could not take on. She is the key to my active income due to her scanning abilities allowing me to find exploration sites.

At twenty five million skill points she:
  • Perfect Scanning Abilities
  • T2 in hacking, archology, and salvage
  • Flies Amarr and Cladari T3s
  • Flies Blockade Runners
  • Training into Recons
  • Flies a Freighter
  • Runs my booster manufacturing
  • Does my blueprint research
  • Manages all my POS
Ender does not like POS. Also, having POS skills means a lot of roles and THC2 is not a corporation that tends to give out many, if any roles. Instead of asking for roles or dealing with restricted roles to manage a POS I made an alt corporation with my scout and turned her into my booster production account. This meant flexibility for my drug business and it made it easy to keep it fairly separate from other activities that I did. For some reason I like to keep my income streams defined away from each other. Eventually she will start her booster and leadership roles. She is also done the battlecruiser and destroyer training and has command ships plugged in. Technically she is combat capable but I never fly her as such. I will also detour her into Logistics at some point.

My Industrial/Market Alt:
I made this account with the intent of becoming rich on the market. I sat her down and started to train her market skills. I quickly found out that I hated station trading. I decided to make her useful and set her to train as a proper and correct miner compared to Chella's never quite hit T2 barges. I then wandered over into industry as well so that I could spend some time building my own things out of the minerals I mined. Thing kind of flared into life from there.

At twenty million skill points she:
  • Perfect skilled Miner
  • Perfect skilled Refiner
  • Perfect T1 builder up to dreadnoughts
  • Orca pilot
  • Freighter pilot
  • Jump Freighter pilot
  • Rorqual pilot (just needs the skill book)
  • Perfect Market Alt with orders up to Tycoon IV
Her only combat skills are her T2 drones. The only thing I lack is standings and I could have standings if I wanted them. But the time and effort make me sigh and find other things to do. She will start to skill into T2 ship building and T2 production soon. I don't know what I will do with it once I have it but I want it. She also has almost max production slots and research slots. She can make jump clones if I injected the skill books. I just haven't dropped the ISK because I do not have the ship.

Some other stuff:
I also run TCS (The Cougar Store) a low sec market hub for ships, fitting and resupplying of daily necessities. That has a herd of market alts with perfect market skills and order abilities up to Wholesale V. I have an assortment of random combat characters that I almost never use. Two are involved in a mild, side project that I will write about one day. I will often accept a power of two offer and train up an account and let it go idle to have it 'for later'.

Everyone has +4 implants in. I will be upgrading some trading clones to +5s shortly. On my long work weekends I rarely undock and never undock for anything complex. That would be the perfect time to drop into +5s. I didn't remap anyone for the first year due to the fact that my skill plan dragged me everywhere. I only started remapping last fall and that is why Chella has surged ahead of Sugar in skill points even though they are only just under a month apart. Sugar also spends time in empty clones due to combat.

That is 'me' in a nutshell. I guess I could use this to sell myself to someone if I ever needed to, or something. I'm not sure how useful or cool it makes me as a player. I'm not displeased with my progress.


  1. Should have waited on the clone as they are becoming 30% cheaper with Odyssey.

    1. If my clones cost more than a few million each, perhaps. However, the savings of a few hundred thousand ISK isn't worth the peace of mind of not forgetting to update them.

    2. There is truth in that.


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