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TCS: The Want for Tools


Or so that is what 3D told me someone screamed while I was at Fanfest. It is nice to have fans. Even random, caps lock underprivileged fans who don’t actually know who I am. I get all sorts of warm fuzzies out of the recognition that people are coming to Bosena to shop. I assume it is the result of my my aggressive market attacks and wide range of availability.

I wish that I had some type of coding ability. I'd love to be able to write complex things with stuff that made other things happen. I've accidently stumbled upon a section of Eve Offline and it is very, very frustrating.

Eve's corporation management stuff could be better. There are a lot of security issues depending on what you want to do. It is one of those systems where someone put it together because it made sense to them in a logical manner. This does that. This needs this and this. However, once it was released upon Eve players they corrupted it to the darkside and began to do things to it that cannot be spoken of. Sometimes we want this with that because we don't trust them over ehre but will let them do that other thing. Roles are a minature nightmare that turns CEOs and directors gray. That is fine with me. The Cougar Store, the corporation, is run by me and filled with my alts. I don't have the privacy and security issues except for some personal things that need not be discussed here... ehh hmmm....

The reason I made a store a corporation is because I needed multiple accounts to run buy orders. I decided that it would be easiest if they could all pull from the same income source (the master wallet) and list and relist the items (through the corporate office which is a shared hangar). There is so much less trading. Through the corporation orders they can see what the other's have listed. My market alt in Jita will start doing the buys and she is also in the corporation, allowing for each character to see the buy price to set proper sell prices. It is not secure at all so the chances of me bringing someone else into the store project is very small. However, it is very convenient, up to a point.

In Inferno (I believe it was) CCP introduced the ability to highlight your own orders. This lets you see where you are vs everyone else on the market. It is very, very nice. I'd love if they would also let you highlight corporate orders. I could then see what my store was listing since everything is paid for out of the corporate wallet and comes from the corporate hangar. I'm sure that I am a very, very marginal case with wanting this but it would be so, very nice. 

I now have a little bit of competition in Bosena. Maybe I shouldn't have opened my mouth about the store. What that means is I have to look through the corporation order tab and see which items belong to my store when it was another account that listed the item. I sometimes double list, often when a stack of something is getting low I'll put up a new, larger group. I don't want to cancel sell orders and lose fees. It would just be a nice little visual reminder.

That is my only real in game frustration  Out of game it is a whole different story. For one, many of the applications I use for my phone do not support corporate information. They have little buttons that say corporation but no actual support for these things. It means that as I migrate everything from my personal trade character to my TCS employees I can no longer watch the sales of my store from my cellphone.

This is distressing. As it is my store already chokes and crashes Aura when items are selling quickly. However, I have had to start weaning myself off of watching the store sell. It gets easier each day. (But why did someone buy 29 medium processor overclocking units?) But, I can't make the tools myself so I can only complain a bit. I guess those that use alt corporations as I do have their own tools or they may not have an obsession with checking their corporate orders at work from their cellphones (but I can only assume everyone does). Even my dear Eve Mentat shows corporation orders but it does not seem to do the same tallies with it as it does with individual characters.

In game as in IRL there is often an urge to hide your assets. I’ve been pretty transparent with my store. It is a project that anyone reading along with is discovering with me. I worry at times that it will screw me over. Then, I remind myself that the worst thing that could happen is that I cash everything out and go home having pretty much doubled my ISK at this point. Whoever came to chase me out would have to have the desire to run three hundred market orders and invest a considerable amount of ISK. They’d then have to maintain it because I could just under cut them if prices crept too high.

The strike and counter strike of it fascinates me.  It is this graceful, subtle little battle of numbers that is swirling around in the station and most people will never notice it. Not unless the impact is great. But, these market games are everywhere. For example: Someone or everyone has manipulated the 10mn microwarp drive market in Rens. I believed it was for limited 10mn MWDs. When I was over there on Sunday these simple, common meta modules were averaging over 500k each. In Jita, where I purchased my stack of them, they were around 30k I believe (maybe 90, I’m working off of memory and they were dirt cheap in Jita).

I find all of this terribly interesting. The side effect is that I look at the market more and I see more. Its expanding, perception wise into a wider, more comprehensive mix that has changed and deepend the game for me. Everything has this overlay of the market to it and what it means in the tangled web of innerconnectivity in the game.


  1. I found Eve Trader useful for tracking trading on my station trading corp. This is available on the Apple store, thankfully i have an I-pod... I didn't find anything suitable for Android when i was hunting. If you do find something tell us about it!

  2. I double checked on that whole expansion of hundreds of systems in Odyssey, and it seems like a lot of speculation online more than anything. Looks like people think that you'll be able to journey into Jove space, of which some people think this adds hundreds of systems.

    I googled "Eve Online Odyssey Adding More Systems Jove Space" and found the threads I was referring to.

    Might just be a bunch of junk and rumors, but thought I'd share.


  3. You probably have to put up shop in Rens and stabilize the same modules you sell in Bosena, or people will just buy in Bosena for resale in Rens (probably this happened with the processor overclocking units). More alts, more orders.

    You can prevent double-listing by separating items by alts. Alt1 sells only frigate modules, alt2 only cruiser sized ones and so on.


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