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In Molden Heath; We Fight

I didn't think I'd wind up writing about Dust 514. And perhaps, I am not. Yet, I feel that I am. It still puzzles me a bit but I am slowly accepting the change for what it is and what that is, is interesting. It is odd to see my own writing topics change. I would not have thought, even a month ago, that I'd be writing about Dust 514, a first person console shooter.

The first day of Planetary Conquest resulted in me coming home from work to hear that there was an Eve Uni blob of 70 some in a system. 7-2 had just undocked a smart-bombing battleship and landed in the middle of it to try to kill some of them. With only a few people on they were mostly amusing themselves and losing some ships in the process. It seems that Eve Uni has declared Hedaleolfarber as their low sec home.

I logged in and made my way over to try to assist. It is a different type of fighting. Various groups are moving in and out. Some want to fight. Some do not. I'm buzzing around in my Jaguar trying to be useful and get into the groove of things.

However, once time deepened into America prime time  it kicked into full swing and everyone started to log in for the evening. We had figured out how to set up the beacons for the districts and some had done enough reading to update others. With overviews reconfigured we started pouncing upon the gangs coming in to assist their Dust corporations.

New vocabulary has flared into existence inside of our fleet.  "District 1 active" means something.  "Close the district" is a new thing involving a different reason to set up various tacticals  We're buzzing around systems and engaging where we can. Some groups are large and well organized  Others are trying to slip in and assist their people fighting. We can't see the Dust side of things. We don't know where the fights are happening and what systems are active. We wound up engaging one group in a discussion after we chased them off the field asking if there were battles on the planets.

For hours we ran around Molden Heath attacking various groups. We had no need to sit still and defend the orbitals. I, in my Jaguar, had a splendid time running sniper defense. My goal isn't to get on all of the killmails. I often miss out on many of them. My goal is to keep our Tier3s alive. Altaen called out that he was tackled and I landed on him to grab the Malediction that had him pointed. We were well away from the rest of their fleet and I was able to break Altaen loose and the Malediction went down.

We can bring in a full fleet comp as well. The districts are not restricted grids. Everything goes with no gate or station guns. We can bring interceptors and recons to the field. Cynos are a go. Hot drops will be incoming from all sides in these things.

And what says that indeed, day one, we did a good job killing all the things:
From: ********
Sent: 2013.05.17 02:11
To: James Ogeko,  
was providing OB for Dust... it would of been cool if you came 5 minutes later but god damn it >:(
 I don't see this as rage or tears. In fact, the emoticon at the end says to me that it is in good humor. But it was a lovely little assurance that indeed, we were doing the right thing. Low Sec is infested by pirates and small gang PvP. We're not going to just ignore ships in space. The tie into Dust 514 fascinates me.

Yes, Dust players, some Molden Heath Pirates denied you your orbital strike. I don't know who you are nor do you know who I am. We do not even fight on opposite sides of the same conflict. But know, that as you spewed fire and flames on the ground the sky above you was shattered with balls of exploding energy as spaceships battled and your support burned.

Murmurs are that some merc corps are going to come down in mass and lock down Molden Heath down.  What is it with people wanting to come to the region and lock it down? I'm not sure what they are locking it down for. It seems that it'd be hard with there being no bubbles, tons of stations, lots of entrances and exits, multiple temperate planets and other large groups who want systems as well. What do I know? If a blob really wants to sit on a station so that I don't undock they are more than welcome to. It seems rather boring but I don't know what entertains people. I'd be endlessly amused if that is what they devoted their game time to. They'd be denying me play time while I denied them playtime. Fun stuff. Maybe the big fleets can clash with the other big fleets and they can keep each other entertained. So far random groups have appeared and 'moved in' and 'claimed' systems which seems to involve blobing undocks and playing station games when they have numbers.

I expect that I'll be losing a lot more ships in the upcoming future. I can taste the change in the air. I'm finding myself faced with more small ships. It's tackle vs tackle now and that is new for me. On one side I wallow in worrying and fretting but that is something that is best left for the time to do it. I no longer have that time. These fights need to be taken as they are there. The fight fought and the lessons learned from the outcome.  The fights are longer and the focus is different. It is a situation where the killboard does not tell much of the story. I may only get on one kill out of 3 or 4 because my job is not to whore on all the kills. My job is to keep my T3s alive and not run away from them to try to get into range to shoot other things.

Sometimes, things just won't work out. I'm always frustrated when people rage out a bit when the situation doesn't go down well. It happens. Every day is not perfect. Every fight does not go as we wish. It especially happens when we are facing larger numbers constantly. We are going to die more. Losing ships is the price of doing business. But its business we are out there doing. We don't have the numbers the announce a 'shut down'. We never have. Numbers do matter but they are not the be all and end all of everything. Not in low sec at least. It has always harbored the social individual. I believe that it still can.

I don't know how this will end. I suspect things will cool a bit after the land rush. I'm curious as to how many of the groups can truly dedicate their Eve corporations and alliances to Molden Heath permanently.  Are they invested in low sec and the mechanics that come with it or just playing in Dust because it is something new? Those of us here are here because we wish to be. We've chosen low sec as the region of space that sings to us. It has its pros and it has its cons but it is the place that we love. We stay here because we want to be here. Not because we cannot go elsewhere but because we love where we are.


  1. I'd say this means that the Eve/Dust integration is s starting to come into its own indeed. A nice win for CCP and it sounds like fun content for you and your friends as well.

  2. This sounds fun. Not sure if my stuff will make it to MH before the weekend but I sure hope so now ^_^

  3. Run out the colours......gather our brothers.......the beacons have been lit & the Pirate Brotherhoods are returning to the Heath!

  4. I knew I should have moved my shit outta there!

  5. look up some of the EVE/Dust alliances that are moving into the molden heath area now. Most of them are not prepared for life in low sec. Some of these dust alliances have a small EVE presence and haven't been on long enough to understand certain mechanics.

    They started off as carebears living and mining in low sec to make isk for their dust corp and now that Planetary Conquest has hit and they are moving into low sec, they are making simple mistakes with ships they shouldn't be flying. Not that I'm complaining.

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