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My Swagger Returnith

The Dev blog for the Faction Battlecruiser's came out. I expect that everyone will be all over this of course. However, I'm overjoyed so I'll stick my say in.

Yesterday, I got wind up the Faction BC changes. I shared with Rhavas and hoped that it was the truth. I'm not into going over stats and doing the basics breakdowns. I'm still terrible at ship fits. However, what I did find was that my old Hurricane was back.

Now, this is one of those moments where I could grind my teeth and complain that the Hurricane was not also buffed as the other ships were. The Brutix and Harb look amazing. But for me, the Hurricane is what I flew. It was what I understood how to fly. That is more important to me than the perfection of base stats.

For the last four months I have been floundering. I have tried different ships. I have been learning how to fly new things. None of this, however, was my Hurricane. The ship that had become an innate glove to me. I knew what I was doing, how I was doing it, and what the ship could do. I had worked for that ship and I flew that ship like nothing else.

Here is the ship selection for my killboard.

My cane flying was under old mechanics. Ones that limited us to 15 minutes pauses after the kill. The Retribution Patch (Dec, 2012) that improved fighting in low sec so much also held the first of two Hurricane nerfs which decreased my use of the Hurricane. The second hit in January and I stopped flying Hurricanes. I tried to walk away and accept that CCP had made their decisions and changes to the ship that I loved and enjoyed.

But I was way to bitter to be completely calm. I sold or reprocessed every hull I had. I was mad. Very mad. I've been unable to not slip in references to my anger. It hurt. I had what I loved taken away from me and it sucked. LR may own the new Hurricane but I refused to touch it. I refused to add to CCP Fozzie's metrics that the nerf did not stop people from flying the Hurricane. If he posted that stat again I knew that I would be able to say that I was not contributing to that situation.

It did help me to expand. I've been flying new things. However, it has been hard. I don't understand blasters well. I use projectiles for PvE and PvP and the constant use of them has assisted me in understanding them. I'm not fantastic but I felt that I was a pretty solid fleet member in my Hurricane.

The other ships, outside of my Jaguar and Stiletto have not had appeal to me. Even my Talos has not replaced what I lost.

Now I have it back. I have it back badly. I will make a FW alt. I will farm level four missions for LP. I will make ISK to buy and lose this ship. I will throw ISK at this and I will laugh because I am getting back what I lost.

Yes, it was that serious for me.

I'm also rather in love with the new Armageddon. The baby Bhaal thing is incredibly appealing to me. I will be learning Amarr BS it looks like.

The fit for any too lazy to go look:

Hurricane Fleet Issue: over its regular version, this ship has 8 high slots, two utility slots, slightly more mobility and fittings, while the role itself doesn't change. Kind of reminds us of something, but what could that be? Memory must be playing tricks on us.

Minmatar Battlecruiser skill bonuses: +5% to medium projectile damage and 5% bonus to medium projectile rate of fire per level

Slot layout: 8 H, 4 M, 6 L, 6 turrets, 3 launchers
Fittings: 1235 PWG, 420 CPU
Defense (shields / armor / hull): 6375 / 6750 / 5250
Capacitor (amount / recharge rate / cap per second): 2250 / 592 s / 3.8
Mobility (max velocity / agility / mass / align time): 165 / 0.704 / 12500000 / 12.2 s
Drones (bandwidth / bay): 30 / 30
Targeting (max targeting range / Scan Resolution / Max Locked targets): 50km / 220 / 6
Sensor strength: 20 Ladar
Signature radius: 250


  1. You were sounding remarkably like a bitter vet there for a minute.

    I'm still bitter about the hurricane, but as I'm discovering perhaps my disappointment was really more directed at autocannons.

    Still pissed about the cane. 145m+ for the privilege of what it used to be...

    1. I know. That is why I tried to shut up over the changes and accept them. I want to be fair and admit that I was mad and that is why it kept bubbling up now and then.

      Price is what it is. Not perfect but to step back and look at all of the nerf/buff/etc it is where they are going.

      Now if they had announced it was slower and fatter like so many other Minnie ships have become I'd have lost my mind all over my blog I suspect.

  2. What is used to be is WORTH 145m+, so why are you pissed that it is now appropriately priced? Just a general philosophical stance that ships should be imbalanced?

    1. As I am learning, pricing is one of those things. The value of cost vs use vs replacement is different per particular situation.

      The reaction to the BS hull cost spike once Odyssey hits will be interesting.

    2. Actually, I think hull price alone is going to be around 250-300m after prices settle.

      @Sugar: I've started a love affair with hybrids after the frigate changes. Now I'm beginning to wonder if projectile weapons were really all that good to begin with, or was it simply the hybrid/laser ships that were lacking.

    3. The common theme in the last few rounds of balancing that I'm seeing is:

      1. local shield/armor bonuses were overpriced.
      2. Maneuverability was underpriced.
      3. Weapon systems with higher projection were overpowered.

      The overpowered ships will be almost everyone's favorites; thus, a fair rebalancing necessarily involves nerfing almost everyone's favorite ships. People who've been playing mainly EVE for a long period of time are unused to this feeling. People who've been bouncing between MMO's over the past years are so used to it by now, we almost miss it when we don't get it.

      "was it simply the hybrid/laser ships that were lacking."



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