Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Earley Morning Blinking

Blink has its 700 trillion celebration going on.  I logged on, noticed Ueber winning as normal and decided to spend my morning playing instead of doing things like eating breakfast before work.

Not a bad little run. I had deposited a billion ISK yesterday in preparation for the event. I won 250million blink credit.

And after burning through a billion isk (still have 250 left for later) this is the result.

I have a pretty strict pattern. I deposit only what ISK I am willing to lose for my entertainment. I always cash out my winnings as ISK. I click mostly small button items because I can click more and the entire reason I play is that I enjoy clicking on the things and seeing if I get bacon.

I got plenty of bacon this morning.

1.7b cashed back out. A fun 20 minutes.

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