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Saturday Night Part One: The Highsec Uprising

For a Saturday it was a bit dull to start.  I understand now that was because everything was waiting to happen later in the evening.  I stayed up far later than I should.  I may suffer for it later this week.  Yet, the side effect of my disregard for my schedule allowed me to participate and record one of the most random nights of stuff I have had in this game.

We started out with a roam that netted us few kills and no fights.  It was disheartening but such is the way of things.  Little was done.  We headed back to home.  There was  grav site in the home system and I had made a deal with Maq to jump freighter several loads of booster materials, minerals and POS supplies.  In that shipment I had smuggled a few Ventures.  I figured during those quiet hours I could idly clear out some of the high quality Grav sites for my own random building needs.

There we were, 4 Mackinaw's, a Rorqual and a Venture on scan.  Diz left the system from mild embarrassment   It is always amusing when people jump into system and have a WTF reaction to dscan.  But I was on coms, for the first time ever and the boys were gatecamping one of the high sec gates.  They killed an auto piloting Retriever and then an auto piloting pod and that was after an auto piloting something else earlier in the day.  I put down my mining lasers and went to join in with the goal of writing a blog post about auto piloting through low sec later.

That is not this blog.

Indeed.  While we were in system having little sparing fights with other low sec residents and pouncing on whatever came through the gate, Razor had eyes in high sec watching the gate.  People started to report our gatecamp to others in the area. I always like when this happens.  Those that pay attention to local will be rewarded with a warning.

The part that most fascinates me is the incorrectness of the intel given in high sec.  They reported us as more then we were.  They reported more ships in system then there were.  They put us into battleships and granted us more kills then we had and had made.
SlayinMantis : masive gate camp onBosena
Zecthah Trees'ent : Yep. They got me around there earlier.
SlayinMantis : spread the word
Zecthah Trees'ent : They weren't camped when I went through.
Long Stroker : ^^ what he said
Zecthah Trees'ent : They were by their station and they chased me. Must have set up camp after that.
Zecthah Trees'ent : Lost my Mega but kept the pod
Vov was also with us.  He had been sparing with the boys.  He couldn't kill any one of them before the rest landed.  They couldn't pin him down to kill him.  Finally, they just invited him to join.  We have a fine relationship with hatchery.  And a few of the other groups were rolling about.  So, Vov joined in and we managed to call Maq as well creating an interestingly mottled ball of corporations and alliances.

Razor told us about the intel and then he got an idea.  An idea that was bound to fail but so hysterical yet so wrong that we could not help but start to laugh.
Razor's Alt: that Bosena gatecamp almost got me
Razor's Alt: someone needs to get a fleet up to get them
Zecthah Trees'ent : Why don't we all organize one? There are plenty of us. Let's get them militia style lol
Razor's Alt: i'd be willing to join up
Zecthah Trees'ent : I'm in.
Liz Usagi : im broke as shit
Liz Usagi : if some one has a caracal
Liz Usagi : i have perfect heavy missle skills and i will go
Razor's Alt: going to need at least 5 ppl i think
Zecthah Trees'ent : I can only go frig, though. It's the only other ship I have that's fit on this side of the galaxy and I'm broke.
Iron Fracture : I will volunteer my caracal
Razor's Alt: ill put a fleet up and invite ppl that x in local
He was relaying this to us as he did it.  We told him it wasn't going to work.  Diz did tell him that if it did work he'd like him to bring at least fifteen people.  "I'm working on it," was Razor's response.
Razor's Alt : x up for Bosena gatecamp fleet
Liz Usagi : x
Iron Fracture : x
Zecthah Trees'ent : x
MisterFalcon : x
Armeggeda iscariah : x
Zecthah Trees'ent : Fuck. Yeah. Seaking.
Razor's Alt: iron/armagedda you are already in a fleet
Armeggeda iscariah : lame
Iron Fracture : hold on one sec
Iron Fracture : Im ready
Razor's Alt: need a few more ppls, x up please
Razor's Alt: lets go get these pirates and show them who is boss
Razor's Alt: x up for a fleet to go break the gatecamp in Bosena
Razor's Alt: any size ship welcome
Kamikaze Tigh : How many you have so far?
Razor's Alt: 4 right now
Razor's Alt: need 6-7 to make it work
Kamikaze Tigh : Count me in.
At this point we started to offer Razor money to offer them to get them into decent ships and help out with fits.  "More!" Diz ordered.  "I'll contract you some Thorax's or whatever they can fly."  We hoped that the offer of hulls would warm them to the idea of fighting if they did not lose as much ISK on their own.  "We can down ship?"  Our camp was my assault frigate and cruisers for the most part.
WB TRAVIS : 13 peeps in Bosena, 5 at the gate, 13 moree peeps in heild
Razor's Alt: 11 in local, 3 on gate right now
Razor's Alt: if we get enough we can gank the 3, then run
WB TRAVIS : suicide and you are bait
Razor's Alt: just need a few more cruisers, x up plx
Razor's Alt: only 3 of them on gate right now
Kamikaze Tigh : C'mon lads and lasses!  Just looking for another couple of brave souls to join us in a good dust-up with some rogues!  Surely someone would like an extra dose of excitement tonight!
Kamikaze Tigh : \o/
WB TRAVIS : 16 in bosena local, 5 more sitting on heild gate
Razor's Alt: 11 in bosena local, still 3 ships camping gate
WB TRAVIS  Razor's Altis a pirate so you have been warned
"They are calling out my alt's corp history," Razor told us.  "Well it is kind of obvious," we answered.  His alt did have a our corporation history after all.
Razor's Alt: my -0.2 sec status? mistake i made a long long time ago
WB TRAVIS  The humbleless Crew i call BS, more like a -10 that has been low sec ratting
WB TRAVIS : anyway the bosena thing is a trap and she is the bait
Razor's Alt: sure
Razor's Alt: thats why im not just taking the ships we have a jumping in anyway
Razor's Alt: trying to get a fleet together to break up this gatecamp
Zecthah Trees'ent : How often are ragtag fleets put together at random to fight against gate campers?
Razor's Alt: i have to get my Impel through at some point
Kamikaze Tigh : If she's a pirate she's got a lousy kill record showing.  And yeah, she'd just jump us in. :P
Iron Fracture : ^
Iron Fracture : She isnt a pirate.
Kamikaze Tigh : Besides, if she is... well it's still going to be a fight.
Kamikaze Tigh : Which is way more exciting than spinning in a station.
Zecthah Trees'ent : ^
Zecthah Trees'ent : Just sitting. Waiting for skills to increase.
"They have defended my honor," he told us.  "We're on the gate.  Don't kill me."
"We're going to kill you."
"Don't kill me!"
"Dude, we'll replace your ship.  It won't be as real if you don't die."
"I don't believe you all are going to kill me."
"Of course we are and you are going to kill yourself as well."

They jumped in.  Razor had coordinated them and they went after one person.  We managed to kill the two frigates but the Caracal pilot managed to disengage and bail.  We were also very focused on Razor but he had bait tanked his Rupture and made it to the gate in low armor.

It was a very insanely silly experience.


  1. Oh, that was mean indeed! ...and silly! ...and evil!

    Though, I guess, brownie points should go to Kamikaze Tigh for living his name.


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