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Observation of a Ganker

Vov ratted up his security status. I have to admit that he came along on one of our fleets the other week and we tanked his sec status in ridiculous ways.  With his security status up, he decided to play with the new aggression mechanics and do some ganking. As a firm subscriber to industry by piracy I am very excited when this happens. It is like goodies falling from the sky at super discount prices from the back of a box truck with graffiti on the side.

When I popped on the other day he offered me a Nocxium drop. It is a lovely cycle. He gives me first dibs.  If I take it he can just toss me a contract and he instantly has ISK. No sorting, selling, market orders, or transporting needed. I get discounted materials.  Its great for everyone but the hauler pilot that lost his ship.

That leads to an observation he made the other day. As he is sitting on a gate, scanning people that come by he keeps seeing a particular pattern.  The T1 haulers that are tanked have nothing of value.  The hauler will have no cargo extenders, shield extenders, invuls running, a propulsion module and a cargo valued at under 100 million ISK.  Without the tank they would not be work killing by a Tornado.  With the tank they are most certainly not worth it.

The T1 haulers moving over 300 million ISK are full of cargo expanders and cargo expander rigs.  It seems to be some type of strange, unspoken rule.  The T1 hauler that mcirowarp drives, cloaks, aligns, and then warps has 100 pieces of Tritanium inside of it.  The one with almost a billion in Nocxium is puttering along with no tank.

Kills are up int he air for gankers.  The loot fairy does not always grand them the drop. One drop was over a thousand T2 drones. The drones did not drop.  Poof. They are gone forever, weeks of hard work vanished.  How do I know it is weeks? The ganked target said so. Now it is gone. That is not the interest part. The interesting part is that his business partner convoed Vov and thanked him for killing his business partner.

Eh? Some shady backhanded deal? Is this a story of darkness and evil?

No. It is a classic story of stubbornness  Said hauler pilot had decided to take the fruits of their labors out in an untanked T1 hauler to the market.  His business partner suggested they pay a hauling service to do that because of the value of their cargo. "I'm not paying anyone to move my stuff! Nothing will happen." he says and undocks powered by blissful ignorance.  Two minutes later he is ganked on a gate by Vov.

There is an impending change for industrial hauling ships coming. What direction CCP will take it, I don't know. A popular opinion is that they will make it harder to gank these ships at the request of those killed. I was discussing Orca fittings with somoene. They were disapointed at how 'small' the cargo capacity for my Orca was. "I thought it was bigger."

70k M3 of stuff and 400k of assembled ship seemed like a lot to me. However, I went and looked at fittings.  "Oh," I said, "This is what you have seen." An Orca can indeed be expanded to 100k m3 of space with cargo expanders and rigs. Yet, it makes them thin as tissue paper. My own Orca fit is tanked. I just need to live long enough for Concord to respond.

I also intelligence tank. I don't fly billions of ISK worth of goddies in the Orca. I only got mine after the change where the Fleet Hanger became scanable. I never had an unscanable Orca. I don't bemoan lost days I never had. I fly intelligently (I hope).

Of course, as a side effect of ganking people set Vov's kill rights public.  He goes, "Sugar, are you in Bose?" I answer, "Yeah."  "Okay, I'll be right there."  Five minutes later Vov appears in a rookie ship. "Activate my kill right and pop my rookie ship."  "Okay."

He had to walk me through the kill right activation.  A moment later his rookie ship is destroyed and he just has to wait out his timer before he goes back to ganking.  Not everyone will have those types of social connections but for a pirate being a pirate with other pirates the solutions are simple.


  1. You don't even need friends to kill you, there are enough ...anti-pirates... around that will happily activate killrights on noobships and shuttles - just undock at any tradehub and float.

    1. The main reason I perfer to have pirates clear my killrights instead of people at tradehubs is mostly so I dont get podded.

      When I have all of my accounts set up and in place, I tend to have a bit of lag during ship loss. This isnt much lag, but sensor booster destroyers and frigs would be able to catch me half the time.

      Ofcourse normally I wouldnt care, but for ganking I like to have a 5% Large Projectile Damage implant and a 5% All Turret Damage implant and I would rather not have to plug more in every time I lag a second too long clearing killrights at a tradehub.

  2. The solution for the hauling mystery is brains. If you have enough brain to put on tank, you have enough brain to don't put in a value that can be profitably ganked. Everything can be ganked, the question is how much would it cost in Tornados/Taloses.


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