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My Moon Saga: The Events

It has been a long, almost week in my little bit of Eve world.  Between it being my normal long work week and the series of events I was involved in, I'm rather tired and plan to spend these next few days trying to make some ISK and recharge my batteries.

This will be a two part post.  The first part will be the events and the second the what I learned and explanations of things. This has been the bulk of my last week.  It is about moons and moon defense and it is long and I suspect, boring.

Part two can be found here: My Moon Saga: Reflections

My Moon Saga: Day 0

I was notified by 7-2 that they'd need some people around to do a defensive fleet for a moon transfer.  Another corporation was leaving the area and their moons - not the super high value stuff that has caused all the drama in Sov, but enough to turn a small but steady profit - were being given to 7-2.  Eve is a game of resources   You need them and if you have the people willing to manage things a steady profit can trickle into the corporation wallet to fund more fun projects for the greater group.

I set stuff up for myself, ran around and tickled people until they decided to come or not or give me a 'maybe' and life was good.  There were no promises of excitement and in fact the explicit explanation that things would most likely be intensely boring.

My Moon Saga: Day 1

It was one of my a days off and I had fleet stuff to do!  Yay!  The time came and the fleet went up.  A little bit of time and chatting got people undocked and sorted to where we wanted them to go.  Anchoring and unanchoring POS takes a while.  Large towers take an hour to unanchor. It is also multiple trips for a hauler to remove all of the modules from space.  It is not a fast process.

A few hours in, as the various moons were being discussed, I managed to pipe up that I'd be interested in 1 or 2 if it was an option.  There was some silence  some chatting, some communications, and I was granted two moons.  Now, I don't have POS roles in THC2 because Ender hates POS.  This means I have to set up and do everything through my alt corp.

With space not very busy and the fleet mostly bored, I sent my hauling gears into over drive.  Towers, fuel, stront, modules were all go.  Over the course of hours I hauled thing after thing with the goal being to set up two small towers to skim moon materials.  Of the two spots I granted, one was currently occupied by a medium POS that was not yet taken down.  The other spot was clear but had some damaged modules that no one wanted to repair so that they could be unanchored.

The fleet, bored, wandered over and shot the modules.  Once the space cleared, I loaded up my Prorator with a POS and some fuel and dropped it down in the spot.  Seven minutes to anchor a small POS.  Seven more minutes to online it.  Stress the entire time.  Just my hauler out there.  A hundred+ million ISK worth of T2 paper thin helplessness because the fleet had wandered away.

It anchored, it onlined, I set up the harvesters and suddenly POS.  Wondrous.  Others were set up by my second moon, a system over was not going to finish that night.  My little, naked, small tower was doing its thing.

My Moon Saga: Day 2

A fleet again for POS stuff! Oh boy.  This time it was a few hours and I was able to Ninja in my POS when the other was taken down.  Thank god for cloaky haulers.  I shivered in anticipation as it anchored.  I onlined it and the forcefield did not come up.  What?  I had fuel in it.  I started to panic before I took a deep breath and remembered that I had not set the password yet.  I frantically thought of something and entered it.  The shields snapped to life and I breathed a sigh of relief.

As I was setting it up and fueling it a Tornado appeared.  It then started to shoot my POS.  Okay, whatever.  Then a second Tornado appeared.  And a fourth and two Ishtar.  Uhh. Shit.  I commented in the channels and ran back to the station to get more fuel.  The warning mail came and said it was at 53% shields.  Someone mentioned that you can't stront it after 50%.  I had thought it was after reinforcement.  I was also out of stront.

Panic.  Warping to another station, docking, buying, undocking, warping back.  53%. People are giving me all sorts of times to time it at.  I don't know what I am doing.  I run back to the tower and see what I can do.  It has enough stront to come out of reinforcement in 24 hours.  That puts it at tomorrow the same time which is horrible for us.  I can try to pull enough to have it come out for the night!  I have to make a decision now.

Not knowing what I was doing I rip out some of the stront. I check the timer.  17 hours.  I go to rip out some more and it tells me the tower has dropped below 50% shields.

Oh the tears. It is now coming out an hour and a half before downtime.  Damn.  I grimly announce this news and I'm greeted by a lot of comments about it being a bad time and how I should have timed it better.  Pretty much everyone suggests I should have timed it better as it came up for the rest of the evening.  I was gritting my teeth by the time I wrote my corporation an Eve mail about the subject and finished discussing POS defense with 7-2.

To be fair, it is one of those situations where people chime in their opinion and it just starts to grate on you.  As if I was like, "Holy hell, this extremely inconvenient weekday time is the best idea I have yet had."  I also know that everyone does not realize that everyone else has already criticized me but it is still enough to make me grind my teeth.  I was already on edge due to the incident and it was not helping anything.

Diz mailed me through Eve Gate and told me that it was fine and it'd be taken care of.

My Moon Saga: Day 3

I set my alarm to wake me up an hour earlier then it normally does.  That's right, I gave myself my first alarm clock op.  I managed to slide out of bed and make it to my computer fifteen minutes before the POS came out.  To my joy, the boys were on and had wandered over to the scene.

Carriers, logis and a little protection fleet greeted me.  I threw Sugar into a Hurricane and Chella borrowed a Scythe from Ren and I went to assist with my own POS.  It got repaired back up to 50%, restronted and I went to work with a glow on my face and giggles from Hector asking Razor to stop moving as he chased Razor's Archon with his Thanatos to give Razor cap.

We decided on a timer and everything was good. It was a very warm feeling until I got an Eve Mail from Titus that they had reinforced it again.  I then had one of the worst days at work I have had in the last seven years. It left me rather drained and defeated.  I came home and saw that they had reinforced it two hours after it was repaired.  It was suggested that I go fill it with ECM and fill it with ECM I did.

I spent the next three hours buying and hauling fuel, stront and modules to the tower.  It was a long night and I was drained when I got the last module in system.  I wrote a somewhat bitter and sad message about the POS being reinforced again and that I understood if people let it die.  The timer had it coming out on Sunday at noon.  I just wanted to beat my head into the desk.

"That's a shitty time," Razor said to me.
"I know."
"I thought we were going to time it better."
"You where then when we chose the time."
"That I was."

I walked away from the conversation.

My Moon Saga: Day 4

I was having a bad weekend and the moon situation did not help.  I made sure to haul some more stuff and took a little bit of my evening to catch up on things that needed to be caught up on.  I had been neglecting everything else that I manage.  My industry lines were a mess, my drug tower was confused about life.  I had market orders emptying out in various locations and I didn't give a damn.

I spent the evening trying to sort out my Eve life and talking to people.  Ender admitted that he'd like to defend the POS because it was mine but not really because it was a POS.  Okay.  It sucks but I'd prefer to know than not to know.  I guess I would let the POS die and be done with it.

I was just sad.  The timer was noon on Sunday and I had to be at work.  I write a depressed Eve mail about it and told people in case they wanted to try for a fight but added that I understood letting it die.  I went to bed.

My Moon Saga: Day 5

I was fortunate enough that things were nice and busy.  I didn't notice the time until around 1100.  I sighed and got lunch and got busy again so I didn't think about the loss of my tower.  Around 1230 I got an Eve mail (I use eve-gate and my Aura app checks my mail every 30 minutes) from Titus saying that they were repping my POS and could not stront it.

I decided to succumb to the darkness.  I asked my boss if I could go home for lunch.  I have the right to do this I just never take advantage of it.  In the 7 years I have been in this job I have asked to go home for lunch four times.  Most of my co-workers go daily.  My problem is that if I go home I don't want to come back to work so it's easier not to give in to temptation.

Permission granted, I sprinted home and logged in.   As they brought the tower up over 50% I hauled the stacks of ECM modules out to the tower. I got everything anchored (messily) and started to online them.  I forgot how long it takes to online things.  Stront done, modules onlined  I said a swift good by with kisses blown to everyone

I came home to find it reinforced again.  Sigh.  The timer was now for Monday Evening.  I had to sit down and talk with myself about it.  Was this the best thing?  Could I keep asking people to respond to defend and repair these things every day for a personal project?

I could upgrade to a medium or a large tower.  However, that would be a money sink.  I had the ISK and I'd be denying them the moon and making them work harder to reinforce me.  I had to ask myself if denying them was worth me spending the money.  That was a hard decision and I came down on the side of finical sense.  I decided that to lose the POS with the ISK I had invested was better than to burn everyone out protecting my personal projects day after day.

And it was a sucky decisions but I made it.


Mood music is not appropriate at this part of the story.  To understand the depths of my sadness and loss please listen to Boys to Men and Brandy : Brokenhearted

Ahh... as I wipe away the tears... I can start again...

My Moon Saga: Day 6

This time my POS would not come out of reinforcement until our prime time.  7-2 had a moon coming out an hour later.  I bit my tongue and wiped away the steady flow of tears that trickled down my cheeks.  I'd let it go and eat the loss.  The end result would be better for everyone.

I didn't mention it until Titus did and told me that my POS was going to be repped.  I had discussed trading the moon back to 7-2 or just taking the tower down.  I mentioned, over and over that I'd not be keeping the tower but somehow everyone ignored me.  That might be because I typed it instead of verbally saying it.

They hoped for a fight.  The other group had a tornado gang that they shot the nidhogger with and shot at the POS with.  I had been told to bring fast tackle and I was in a Stilitto.  After about six attempts to tackle them on their various pounces DP says, "Sugar come here."

"Okay."  I putter over to him.
"Okay."  I eject and he takes my Stiletto.  "Take my Loki."
"Okay."  I get in his Loki.

In the back of my mind I am thinking, don't most people make their T3's expensive?  I ran my mouse over the webs and was rewarded with the knowledge that this Loki was indeed not cheap.  "Don't lose it," DP says to me as he shoots off at 6k per second in my Stiletto.  He managed to land two solid tackles but the fleet was not able to make it to him in time.  With that, they decided to call it a day and docked up because they didn't have enough people to meet us.

However, eventually, once repaired I got it situated.  I gifted the ECM modules to 7-2, unanchored my harvester and silo, took down my tower and that was that.  7-2's tower went up and with head low, I walked out the door.


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