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It's Not Just Destruction

7-2 broken down their base in Assah and moved.  Like the loyal camp follower that I am I jump cloned over, pulled down my market orders.  I then hitched a ride on the nearest carrier for my goods.  With my stuff secured and on its way, I hopped into a Rookie ship and made my way down the road towards the next stop.  Thirty some jumps later, I settled in, reaccepted my stuff and restocked the market

The move is up into Minmatar Faction Warfare space it seems.  I'd already been meaning (but not accomplishing)  hanging out in the area.  This created a perfect situation for me to move my stack of frigates and start some of my own adventures in exploding. Or so I hope.

Pirate invasion of Faction Warfare space is a go.  I think.  As I've stated before, I enjoy 7-2.  The feel is very different.  My biggest problem at the moment is that I cannot fit several of their fleet comps.  My lack of large guns is very telling at this point.  I had planned to work my way up through medium T2 lasers but I believe now is a good time to get myself into a Talos.  Blasters will give me access to both Talos and Naga, allowing me to fly in the sniper fleets I am currently missing out on.

Of course, by the time I have large guns they will move on to another system I am sure.  At least, I will be ready for the next move.  But for now the moving is interesting.  I am used to having a 'home' system and some staged systems.  This is one of the first times I have had a temporary home, broken it down, moved it, and set it back up.  It was kind of cool which is good because I am a terrible home body and I have been working to get out and do more stuff away from my familiar circle of Molden Heath.

The day turned into a very long one of many fleets of different types.  I never got to keep track of the blow by blow battles because I got distracted by the entire super fight that went down.  We killed a lot of things during the night.  I had my Thorax out for the first time.

Early on, Randy killed a Corax that was auto piloting.  By the fit, the Jury Rigging skill book in his cargo hold and the pilots age and auto pilot, I decided that we probably had a true to life new pilot on our hands.  I decided to go the eve mail route with him.
From: Sugar Kyle
Sent: 2013.01.27 00:30
To: Illegalfuzz
Hello there,
One of my corp members killed you earlier today.  They also killed your pod.  He believes that you were autopiloting through low sec.
I do not know if you are truly a new player or not.  For the chance that you are, please remember that low security space is free fire space and one should never autopilot through it.  A destroyer is normally fast enough to jump from gate to gate before it can be caught by a battle cruiser.
Also, remember to warp your pod away from the scene when your ship goes down.  Pick something like the sun or a planet.  If you were AFK there is nothing that would have helped you in this case.  Autopilot is not a good idea, ever.
Re: Hello
From: Illegalfuzz
Sent: 2013.01.27 00:32
To: Sugar Kyle,  
Haha allrighty i am new so didnt know haha, but ok
Re: Re: Hello
From: Sugar Kyle
Sent: 2013.01.27 00:34
To: Illegalfuzz,  
No worries.  The loss happens.  The warning given for low sec from high sec is real.  Don't allow it to scare you off of low sec.  Just remember that the other players are predators once you leave high sec.  Anyone you do not know, who is not in your corp or your fleet probably wants to kill you.  You in turn can kill them.
Congrats for the good attitude.  I'm going to reimburse you your loss.
Re: Re: Re: Hello
From: Illegalfuzz
Sent: 2013.01.27 00:38
To: Sugar Kyle,  
Ok, thank you very much for the donation, i will take your advice wisely
He then wandered into our public chat room where we petted him and chatted as we continued to kill people.  He seems like a very nice person and was fun to chat with. He got some fitting advice and general know how information.

We didn't encounter any major fights.  We did stumble upon a lot of battleships.  A lot of poorly fit battleships   Randy invited another of the pilots to our public chat after she convoed him.  She hasn't said much so I do not know if she will participate or not.  We also killed a skiff that was with her.  The Skiff jumped in first and died.  Then she jumped in a few minutes later.  Maybe under the thought that we were gone?

I had a web on my Thorax which turned into a bad day for a Cynabal.  He was burning for a gate and suddenly webbed.  He was armor fit which did not help and we killed the Exequror that was repping him.  Interestingly enough, when the boys dropped "gf" in local he responded that it was not a good fight but a good gank.  True, but the situations would have been reversed if it had been him grabbing one of us.  As it was, we managed not to lose anyone.  He did die to gateguns before the rest of the fleet could land and assist.

We took a fight on a station that was going okay for us.  Then a blackbird uncloaked.  It's like a beacon when that happens.  I turned and burned for it as it jammed fleetmates.  A moment late it was dead, as was the Cynabal it had tried to save.  Flying the Thorax is very different and I am still working out the kinks and twists of it.

At one point we had a Megathron jump into it us.  Gleefully someone pointed it and then we watched as it warped off.  Warp Core Stabilizer   It had to be.  We made chase and landed two points on it the next time.  Again, it warped off.  Bound and determined we chased him across another two systems where our fleet landed on gate first (thank goodness for warp speeds).  He jumped and we jumped with him.  Everyone landed a point this time and we were able to hold him down.  We had this fear that he had stabs across all of his low spots.  If that had happened the only way we were going to keep him in place was with bumping him.  It looks like he tried this same fit later that night and he was again caught and killed by our alliance.  Kill one and Kill two.  I didn't realize it until I checked the kill board to write this section.  I guess he really, really wanted to get that Megathron somewhere.

Randy wound up killing two autopiloting haulers while he was scouting around for more things to shoot.  We had reshipped to other things and were just running around the area.  A lot of autopiloting were to be had as well as poorly fit and partially fit battleships.

I want people to come into low sec and expand what they do in Eve. I also want them to do it in a sensible way where they have a chance to do more then watch their expensive investment burn.  Yes I know that I will also try to kill them and such things.  We're a blob, they won't win, whatever the response will be to why it is a bad idea will always be there.  Some people will never come and that is okay.  They don't want to.  It isn't a part of the game they want to play.  For those that do want to be in low sec, that want to thrive in low sec, I want them to have those tools and that knowledge.  I want them to learn on frigates and cruisers and things they can easily replace or even escape in.

I've watched the boys play gategames and I can understand how it can scare one to jump into low sec.  That border between low and high is so invisible yet so deadly.  The boys swirl bright and ready.  On the other side was a group that was going to jump in.  How must they feel?  That anticipation on their side knowing what waits on the other?

It gives me a little chill and I know them.  Yet, I want people to know that they can avoid them.  Some already do.  We had to chase that Megathron down.  A smaller group and we might never have been able to pin him down.

And it happens.  We killed a Typhoon Fleet Issue and invited the pilot to chat.  It turns out that she took us up on the offer.  The boys have her in fleet and are teaching her the ropes as I finish up this little stream of thought.  I mentioned her above as well, she was with a Skiff.  For some it may sound like nothing more than me wanting easy targets.  But if all I wanted was easy targets, would we have them in fleet, answering questions and learning how to do what they would like to try to do?


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