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Hide and Go Sec

T3 ships are a mystery.  They are technically cruisers.  Strategic cruisers if one is to be technical.  But they are so unlike the ship form that we know as a cruiser.  Their flexibility and mobility fascinate.  They are the only ship who's exterior appearance we can affect through its build.  They seem to have vast powers, be created from pure ISK and are the ultimate in errything, erryday.

Or at least, to hear people talk about them that is how they sound.

I’ve never been fascinated with them.  Maybe it was because mostly Tengu seem to exist in high sec and I do not care for Tengu.  Or, it may be their expense.  When people talk about fitting up T3s it almost always sounds like a competition for bling.  I understand, quite well, the purpose and need for many of the what we call shiny modules.  With the gummy like flexibility of T3 ships the various advances produced by bling mods create probabilities.

My Legion stories create dark nights for the most sound sleepers with terrors and night sweats.  At least they do mine.  Something is just so, incredibly, ugly about so many of these ships.  I’m not in love with them.  I have discovered the usefulness of their complex flexibility. I have used it once to solve a problem and I shall use it again.

My first problem was my need for a sturdy CovOps to run sites with.  I was tired of my poor Anathema almost dying every time something looked at it.  When looking at my options everyone screamed Tengu.  What they meant is, “T3s” but Tengu just kind of rips out of their throat and splashes across every discussion.  Thankfully, my distaste for the missiles weapon platform is profound and after a terrible, terrible summer of Tengu that I chose not to remember, I chose horror a Legion to replace my covops frigate.

My current problem is sec status.  I kind of want to work on it sometimes but the mechanics suck.  Low sec gives pathetic sec gain compared to null sec.  That irritates me to no end.   If sec means security status and your security status can only be lost in high sec and low sec but it can be gained in high, low and null sec. It can be gained the best in the area with no security standings at all.  Which means I’m clawing my keyboard a bit.

But my desire for sec status will and does send me to null sec.  My inarticulate moanings about the subject do not solve my problem.  For now, I must go into null sec for the best security gains.

The problem is that I don’t like nullsec.  I don’t like null sec to the point that I was told not to tell people how much I dislike null sec because it is discouraging   I dislike null sec for only one reason.  I don’t like bubbles ('cept bubble bath, mmmm so much fun).  This is also a reason I don’t like wormholes.  I have other reasons I don’t like wormholes that are all 100% personal.  I’d never try to change wormholes to fit any of my personal likes or dislikes.

I’d also never try to change bubbles.  It took me a while to get them and understand them and to see why there was a reason for them.   I can understand things but that does not mean I wish to expose myself to them.  NPC null is not the land of bubbles that Sov Null is but it shares its own people who care for anchoriable bubbles.  Funny enough, I love the bubble system on Hics.  I love their infinity points.  It is attached to the ship however and it’s not an object that is anchored and gets to stay there until the end of time.

[Start Rant]
So, that’s my issue phobia with null. I’ve not gotten over it.  I may get over it. I may not.  Most would find it stupid.  It is what it is.  Nothing and I mean nothing makes any part of playing this game worth me dealing with bubbles when I want to rat in nullsec.  Nothing.  If you said that I had to take a ship by itself and go into nullsec and wade through bubbles and fight through bubble camps constantly I’d say that I am going back to high sec or leaving the game.  I dislike, personally, dealing with the mechanic that much.  In fleets its different but alone the fly in the spider web thing is game breaking for me and I happen to hate it as much as others love it.  That's why Eve is fun.  Differences.

Anyway, like inspiration from on high I realized that not only can Sugar fly two racial T3s but she has a Loki won off of blink around six months ago kicking around her hanger.  I can make a bubble proof loki to rat. That is all I want to do in it.  Oh, and hide. Okay, two things.  I will be the ultimate pussy hiding cloaky in system and running through bubbles and I will like it.  I will run away from fights. I will rat and improve my sec status.  I will change my ship name to Ratting Navy Raven if I must and draw symbols of successful sec gain on its hull.

It gets me out into null, expanding my game a bit.  I can't play like everyone wants me to play.  I can only do so many things just because other people want me to do them before I'm not playing for myself anymore. My choice on how to dip my toes into an area of the game I almost completely refuse to go into may not be ideal, it may not be pirate, it may not be PvP, it may contain no balls, and it may be a cowards approach but its mine and I'm going to do it.

Oh yeah, why not stealth bombers?  Every time I bring the topic up people go, "Stealth bombers!" and I go "No!" and they go, "Stealth Bombers!" and  I walk away. Stealth bombers have two problems for me.  One is missiles.  I do not like.  I do not want.  Second, I was told I needed to train into them asap to participate in something.  I was given the impression that my value was directly related to this.  My reaction was, "No" because, I am five inside.


  1. Confirming stealthbombers are shit for ratting sec. The Vexor is another cheap alternative. You can fit a cloak+tank+MWD and still have nice DPS. Bubbles could be a problem. But once your away from the null entry systems you should be fine.

  2. The beauty of T3s is that you can make specialized ships out of generalized parts. The horror is the outlay to make them effective. I personally have 5 of them; an ideal set would be 7.

    Three of the 5 (or 7) are cloaky specifically to make sure I don't lose my investment in them! For fleets where chance of death is >50%, I leave them in the hangar and bring out a less expensive weapon.

    1) Loki - Scanning/Exploration. Cloaky.
    2) Loki - Ratting, like you. Cloaky and nullified.
    3) Loki - Webbing. Never used solo, always fleet duty.
    4) Proteus - Initial Tackle. Cloaky.
    5) Proteus - Max Damage. Rarely used solo.

    The other two if I could fly them would be:
    6) Tengu - ECM, fleet duty.
    7) Legion - Neuts, fleet duty.

    They're ugly as hell (especially the Proteus) but very effective if you can save up enough to afford to fly them.

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