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The Lame Shield Fleet

I was in a lame shield loki boosted fleet today.  At least, that was how it was described by the triple guardian armor tanked station hugging fleet that we were fighting with.

But they came later.  I had bounced up to MH to fit out my stack of cynabals.  Vov found a corp bashing a poco in the next system. They had a hurricane, prophecy, 3 bombers, 2 of the new destroyers, a thrasher and something else or another.  'Detta wandered over as well and we transformed into the tempest fleet issue(TFI)/talos/hurricane group.

We jumped into system and warped to the poco to land at range.  As we landed, everyone warped off.  All of them.  Just gone.  Okay.  Well.. hmm..  we hung around for about ten minutes.  They were set up in a POS.  Okay, we went back to the next system and docked while the scout watched.

After their suspect timers wound down they came back to the POS.  This time, we undocked, jumped in, and warped to zero.  We managed to nail the prophecy before it warped off.  Everyone else ran way.  The prophecy was quickly dispatched as it shot at the TFI.  We waited again but they did not come back out.  Instead, we wondered why the prophecy had a cloak.  So we left.  Again.

(So far I am finding the new ship explosions underwhelming.)

And sat on the gate.  And once the suspect timer wound down again they went back to the Poco.  And we jumped in again, warped to zero and had a hurricane slam into the TFI.  It was pointed before it could warp away and we killed it as well.  This time we didn't hang around but we left.

With their two bigger DPS ships dead 'detta and I decided to down ship into frigates with the hope that maybe we could tackle something.  I had a rifter and 'Detta a wolf.  Vov stayed in his TFI.  'Detta and I hopped into the system and attempted to form a tactical distance and land on the stealth bombers.  We had this glorious plan based off of our intel but they warped off grid as soon as we entered system.

I wandered afk for a bit while 'Detta tried to chase them around in his wolf.  Eventually I came back and there was not another corporation, in a fleet on the high sec to low sec gate.  Vov wanted to go poke at them.  'Detta and I followed.

Lain (from pirates vs carebears) was hanging around in chat and after I posted the kills asked if he could join.  In short order he shipped into a frigate and found out where I was hanging in Molden Heath low sec.  Kittens had also wandered into system and wanted to join.  I asked Vov if they could come.  He was like, "Sure, whatever" which for him means "Yes they are welcome, please let them know not to be stupid."

By the time we reached the gate they had warped to a station after fighting something.  We followed to the station.  This is where I typed in, "I hate station games," because I do.  I just want to leave whenever they come up.  Last night was station games as well when I was out with the boys.  Vov goes, "I know you hate station games."  We played them anyway.  I tried not to be grumpy.

They undocked some hurricanes to feel us out.  Station games seem to be a lot about both sides trying to get the other side to do something wrong.  Vov was reminded that Kittens and I are fair game due to the outlaw sec status.  The dock and undock game was played while they attempted to position ships.  They did some attempts to lure people into their trap.

Eventually a Tempest warped on grid and we were far enough off that we decided to shoot that.  Like an idiot I got into neut range of it.  However, Lain came and tackled him and I cheerfully motored out of range.  That was when the rest of their fleet undocked.  I was rather separated from everyone else due to leaving the area of the heavy neuting Tempest.  As everyone else undocked and targeted me I warped off.

My cap was dead, dead. I safed up for a moment for it to regen.  As I headed back I heard  "They are getting reps.  Burn away.  You're fine.  We're fine.  Just burn away," said Vov.  Followed by, "Well maybe you're not fine Kittens," as Kittens new Corax exploded due to a Vagabond Vov was chewing away at.  "Everyone else is okay," he added as Lain disconnected and died in a tiny frigate fire.

I warped to Vov.  'Detta regrouped. I land on grid and they have half a dozen ships out and three guardians. The vagabond that had killed kittens had wandered out of range of the guardians and Vov capped and blapped it (while 'Detta stole the final blow somehow but we don't discuss that in public).  We stared at their fleet, hovered under the undock, with their guardians cap chain illuminating them and decided to leave.

The scout, in system, caught the "We chased off their lame shield loki boosted fleet."  I guess if we had been an armor fleet with legion links and 3 guardians we'd not be lame?  I don't understand smack talk.  Especially smack talk like that.  I know its meant to upset people and make them make mistakes but.. bleh.  Whatever.

It was a good day.


  1. Honestly, I find a lot of people are poor at evaluating their own fleet comps and distinguishing disappointment from smacktalk and tears. From what i've seen out of the MH crew, you aren't really some shining beacon of light either.

    My last experience in MH was when we took a 13-14 man cruiser fleet to Bosena. We base out of Egghelende, so going through lowsec its quite far for only the chance of a fight, but i'm always down to find some new playmates. I had my eye on MH for a long time, and after about a week of bugging everyone that we could have fun in MH (it took a LOT of pestering), we fit everyone up with warp core stabs and lost 2 ships along the way to disconnects as we flew the gauntlet through highsec. (we're pirate)

    We finally found a group to play with, and despite some people flying shinies, the intention was to welp and have fun. After 30 minutes of waiting as more and more trickled in a Mael undocked and warped to a safe. The obvious bait was obvious, but we were looking for a good time so we went for it anyways. Then, battleships and Tier 3s undocked and the fleet welped. We expressed displeasure in local for the heavy upship and were met with comments about how maybe we should bring a real fleet next time and smacked for supposedly expecting them to bring stuff that would lose. (not the case)

    Before I moved to lowsec, the style of EVE I played was much less about the gudfite, but more about the gank, so I am not naive enough to expect people to lose intentionally. I'm fine with the getting upshipped and dying in a fireball since this is EVE and that was our goal anyways, but I don't understand the heavy smacking when a slightly different attitude could have resulted in us bringing derp fleets out to MH for you guys to blow up when we get bored.

    1. In this I can and only do speak for myself. I happen to hate smacktalk and the longer I play the more I dislike it. At first, I was somewhat amused but its just gone downhill. I've had one breakdown that I remember rather vividly and I'm actually sad that I lost my temper but I did with a major WTF over someone not committing..

      And yes, I am sure that you heard exactly that. I don't understand it. I can only refrain from it myself and chat with people about cakes and silly topics instead.

      I often ponder the viciousness of communication. From screaming at people in stations, to the nasty insults that result in temp bans, to the poking people with a stick comments. The why and what it does for people and everything else.

      But that's another whole long topic about the internet I guess.

  2. Bosena had been our home system for years. Everyone in the area, and most roaming groups that occasionally venture there knows that if you engage in Bosena, that everyone gets pinged who is afk on TS or playing other games, and whatever is available undocks.

    You want a gf you don't sit at range off the only station in the main high-sec entry system in MH, the most populated system with the most standing fleets, for minutes.

    You want a gf, you move around, force us to undock a mobile ship comp that can catch cruisers, and then try to split us up because we are probably in BCs since not everyone has cruisers ready. We tend to formup on the fly and will generally be split up already since we are really bad. You could very easily kill the initial ships and better position yourself for the rest of the gang.

    You didn't do any of that. You sat and waited for us to kill your cruisers 200km off station. ::shrugs:: We aren't required to make it easy on you if your not going to make it harder for us. You can use that as an example of us not giving good fights, but from your apparently intentional act of mass suicide I'm not convinced that if we showed up in noob ships you would have gave us a new fight.

    Also, I have the local log somewhere, and I am pretty sure the only thing said in local was "gf" until Pinky Feldman said something stupid.

    We live in Assah now. Put some more lolstabs on your cruisers and head that way. lol.

  3. [ 2012.11.07 01:44:43 ] Pinky Feldman > you guys getting numers to fight or should we go?
    [ 2012.11.07 01:45:13 ] Dirty Protagonist > we just got squished in etherium reach
    [ 2012.11.07 01:45:26 ] Pinky Feldman > :(
    [ 2012.11.07 01:45:27 ] Korvus Falek > We're busy with a circle jerk in station tbh
    [ 2012.11.07 01:45:29 ] Dirty Protagonist > give us a minute to collect our testicles
    [ 2012.11.07 01:45:46 ] Pinky Feldman > i saw those KMs so figured you were active
    [ 2012.11.07 01:45:52 ] Pinky Feldman > didnt see the lossmail part tho
    [ 2012.11.07 01:45:56 ] Mr Turing > just dust them off
    [ 2012.11.07 01:46:04 ] Dirty Protagonist > it just happened
    [ 2012.11.07 01:46:14 ] Dirty Protagonist > eris managed to get on top of me as i died~
    [ 2012.11.07 01:48:03 ] Pinky Feldman > Mr Morita where mah reps at?
    [ 2012.11.07 01:48:11 ] Mr Morita > lawl
    [ 2012.11.07 01:48:17 ] Mr Morita > scimi is still 2j out
    [ 2012.11.07 01:51:59 ] Dirty Protagonist > gfgfgf
    [ 2012.11.07 01:52:02 ] Altaen > gfgfgf
    [ 2012.11.07 01:52:07 ] Jordan Musgrat > gf
    [ 2012.11.07 01:52:07 ] Mr Morita > gf
    [ 2012.11.07 01:52:07 ] Titus Veridius > gf
    [ 2012.11.07 01:52:08 ] Kane Rizzel > gfgfgf
    [ 2012.11.07 01:52:16 ] Pinky Feldman > :(
    [ 2012.11.07 01:52:17 ] Special K > meh, shame you didn't want a fun fight
    [ 2012.11.07 01:52:17 ] Dirty Protagonist > ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?~
    [ 2012.11.07 01:52:20 ] Kenrin24 > gf
    [ 2012.11.07 01:52:23 ] Pinky Feldman > too much
    [ 2012.11.07 01:52:26 ] Mr Turing > gfgf
    [ 2012.11.07 01:52:30 ] Kane Rizzel > Special K > meh, shame you didn't want a fun fight
    [ 2012.11.07 01:52:31 ] Pinky Feldman > cruiser vs bs :(
    [ 2012.11.07 01:52:32 ] Dirty Protagonist > you came with a blab of ewar and are crying about what we brought?
    [ 2012.11.07 01:52:33 ] Dirty Protagonist > i'm sorry
    [ 2012.11.07 01:52:34 ] Michael Harari > wants funfight
    [ 2012.11.07 01:52:36 ] Talus Ormand > gf
    [ 2012.11.07 01:52:37 ] Mr Turing > my butthole is a bit hurt
    [ 2012.11.07 01:52:38 ] Michael Harari > brings a rook and curse
    [ 2012.11.07 01:52:39 ] Dirty Protagonist > i should have told everyone to dock
    [ 2012.11.07 01:52:49 ] Pinky Feldman > lol not crying
    [ 2012.11.07 01:52:58 ] Dirty Protagonist > it was a fun fight
    [ 2012.11.07 01:52:59 ] Bob FromMarketing > Kill: Vana theHunter (Ashimmu) KILLBOARD IS GREEN
    [ 2012.11.07 01:53:08 ] CoiledVipers > your friend special k is crying
    [ 2012.11.07 01:53:11 ] Vana theHunter > woop
    [ 2012.11.07 01:53:15 ] Dirty Protagonist > safe
    [ 2012.11.07 01:53:18 ] Dirty Protagonist > ashimmu such a great ship
    [ 2012.11.07 01:53:29 ] Mr Turing > yeah ashimu kill
    [ 2012.11.07 01:53:31 ] Mr Turing > awesome
    [ 2012.11.07 01:53:35 ] Dirty Protagonist > care
    [ 2012.11.07 01:53:38 ] Dirty Protagonist > i'm just saying

  4. I fully understand the whole whatever is available undocks thing, except thats not what happened. People waited, we were told you were waiting for guys to reship and come back from a roam you went on. We were sitting in that system waiting for you guys to form up because you said that we needed to wait and that people were tired, giving us the impression that if we just derped around the rest of MH, everyone would just logoff.

    We would have been fine fighting Legion linked BCs or nano-kitey Tier 3s even. With what we had and knowing that this is EVE, we really didn't expect a cruiser vs cruiser fight. We specifically came to MH through highsec which was a pain in the ass for us to fight you guys, to see what kind of fight we could get. Gfs were the only thing you guys said in local, but that was hardly a gf and its pretty obvious the difference between actual gfs and smug ones.

    I think its funny that you're complaining about us making it too easy for you as if we made it harder that would have made much difference and would have just resulted in blueballs for everyone. You can make jokes about being bad all you want, but I know enough you guys to know that you're not a bad group of PVPers, so any sort of kiting/splitting on-grid would have just resulted in some more smacktalk about how we're stupid to expect you to fall for it. All of you were in Bosena/coming back to Bosena, we knew that and so did you, both of us had the surrounding area/pipe fairly well scouted so why would we want to act like we're going roaming if you know we would eventually come back to Bosena due to lack of targets elsewhere and we knew that we wouldn't find a fight elsewhere either? This is lowsec bro, there is nothing we can do to force you to undock. There are things we can do to bait fights, whether or not we stay or leave, there is no reason for you to undock, so don't act like there is. Moving around and forcing you to ship into BCs is an asinine statement in itself since its a joke to act like you would get into a ship comp that is slower than a group you trying to chase that is already several jumps away moving the opposite direction, especially when that direction is home for us.

    When people bring fights to our home system of Egg, we want people to come back or at least not put them off completely, even if we gank the living crap out of them. If we see a T1 Cruiser fleet and we have even numbers let bring mostly BCs. If theres a BC fleet and we have more numbers, we try to bring mostly cruisers. I don't think we've ever had a situation where we saw a T1 armor cruiser gang with even numbers and a call for battleships was made.

    As I explained afterwards, you took a simple comment about not considering BS vs Cruisers with even numbers a gf and turned it into tears, while simultaneously attempting to defend the fight as being a gf versus a gank. We've been dumpstered by a Shadow Cartel hotdrop before, but even afterwards they at least had the courtesy to thank us for bringing a fight even though we didn't stand a chance. Where you somehow got insulted that we didn't make it hard enough for you and thing that "cruiser vs bs :(" is some incredulously stupid comment.

    My point remains, just the fact that a fight happened, does not mean it was a gf nor does getting dumpstered mean anything the other side says is tears. You still need some work on telling the different apparently.

  5. :: plays little violin::

    I wonder if your passive aggressive horse shit works often.

    1. You complained about smack. Everyone looking at the log can see what happened.

    2. The mechanics of people getting pinged on TS in their home system, and undocking with way more shit than the FC thought they had, is a well understood phenomenon. TS upon undock consisted of, "wow, thats more than we needed". The question is really, is that a demonstration of a modus operendi or the previous mentioned phenomenon. If getting to Molden Heath in ships with guns on them wasn't such an arduous Lord of The Rings style epic trek with your stabbed might know better. (based on the paragraph you wrote on it)

    The rest of your re-response is just debate club dribble.

  6. Jesus Christ! I just moved to MH and have been laying low getting to know the routines and the area before delving into who to kill - but the amount of bullshit bitching and complaining about NOTHING in the responses have decided it - you all deserve to die. Good luck to you.

  7. We all got it coming kid.


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