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One Year in Eve

Happy Eve Birthday to me.

A conversation with Cheradenine Harper who writes Diaries of a Space Noob a few days set the tone for this.

He made the mistake of accepting a conversation invite from me. Poor thing. I’m such a chattering stalker too. But, one of his comments was that he was a bit amazed at all I have done at not quite a year old.

My response was eh? I was flattered but I do not see myself as very accomplished. At the time I brushed it off but I thought about it some and it rattled about my thoughts as I debated my one year point.

My year in Eve has been defined by a lot of things. I've before commented that my path looks and sounds very romantic. I went from miner with dreams of becoming a ship building industrialist to a pirate with a builders bent who refused to let go of the dream of building various things but approached the path at an angle instead of head on.

I’m not much of a pirate. I don’t have a rack of solo kills to display to anyone. No one quivers with fear (although some people chat with me :D) when I enter the system. I’m prone to dragging people into conversations about baking in local if I have the opportunity. Yet, I am enough of a low sec denizen that I define it as my home. Low sec is where I want to be.

When I let my Sec Status drop below -5 it was a final step to letting go of high security space. I let go of secure space all together. In a way for me that is more defining then my number of kills. I stepped deep into the pool of risk and I stayed there. I can only hope that next year my comfort level with null will grow enough that I can move beyond that hang up as well.

Eve is a video game that has the potential to cause personal growth in their game character if one chooses to take that path. I don’t define myself as my Eve character. Yet, I define my playing from my Eve character. Other games are interesting but they pale a bit. I cannot take them with the same obsessive seriousness as I can and do take Eve.

It’s a fair trade off.

A bit about my actual game of Eve. I spend a tremendous amount of time wandering around writing about the social and emotional world of the game. It is good for me to dust my own statics off now and then for people who are interested in what I've accomplished/done to see what I am as well when it comes to my actual characters and income and abilities.

Today is the year point day that I first created Chella. I define this as my start. Sugar is a few weeks younger with a start date of December 22nd. I started as Chella with 'who' I wanted to be. However, due to a corporation decision at the start of my second month it was Sugar who became the face and name of my personality. I'm rather fond of being called Sug now.


Chella has 18,700,000 skill points.
Sugar has 17,500,000 skill points.
My Scout has 15,000,000 skill points.
My Industry Alt has 13,000,000 skill points.

I list all of my accounts because I use and blog about all of them. Chella started using implants the third week. Sugar did not start until her 6th week or so. I did not do my first remap until October and that was with Chella. Sugar has not yet remapped.

Why no remaps? I've spent most of the last year doing a lot of everything. Basics skills are across the board and under every type and mix of attribute. I'm T2 shield tanked T2 armor tanked, I have cap skills, navigation skills, gun skills, ship skills, and other such things. I've rarely been on the same path for months on end to warrant the use of the remaps for me. This year has been about completing the core abilities of my accounts with specific specializations.

Now, with a lot of the smaller things out of my way remaps are my future. Chella is already under one that will carry her to Gallente Carrier V before she switches out of it and remaps into drones. Sugar will be switching to guns (I'm pretty sure I mean it) and will cover guns in several different races before I move her back out of it. My scout is going to finish her probing skills to top shape and them switch into leadership and learn to be a booster (I think). My industrial character is going to become a badass builder.


I have eight billion ISK liquid
I have, between all of my accounts about 7 billion in fitted ships and unfitted ship hulls. That will spike up with the estimated value of my future Charon that I am putting together. Right now these are only ships that I physically can touch.
I manufacture boosters and normally sit on a billion worth of unsold product at any given time to fill demand when it crops up.
I have one billion in sell orders.
I have about three billion out in investment and business 'things'.
I would love to have more. I have some things that I am working on with the goal to improve my monthly intake of ISK. I know the market is a prime way to make ISK but I am just not set up for it personality wise. I could also make more ISK then I do if I went for more exploration sites or heaven forbid tried Missions. Instead, I spend excessive amounts of time chatting and writing instead. I can't say I'm unhappy with my progress.


My killboard is here.

I have 404 kills and 20 losses. Of my 404 kills they have all but one been in fleets. The 1 that was not in a fleet was a 1v1 with someone that I know who wanted to try something. Of those 404 kills 84 are POS modules. I have no solo kills that were the result of me going off and roaming for pewpew

My very first kill was a POS with me in a rifter.
My latest kill was a Proteus.

I have been in three corporations not counting the one that I made for myself. I have been with The humbleless Crew (THC2) since my second month in game.


Then Salvaging
Now Exploration with a touch of industry


I made a billion ISK
I have Command Ship V
I have a perfect Logi V Pilot in 2 races
I live in low sec full time
I PvP regularly

I've built an Orca

What are my normal rides?


These are the ships that I mostly see in my hangers with my various characters in them day in and day out.

The path I have taken...

My path goes from Newbie that wanted to Mine to...
Newbie that wanted to build ships to...
Newbie that wanted to learn to PvP and not be helpless to...
Newbie that managed to move in with pirates in low sec to...
New Player learning the game in low sec...
To New Player kinda getting a hand on things to...
Young player starting to take care of themselves to...
Young player that began to be able to assist those that had assisted her to...
Often useful and trusted member to...
Revisualizing of industrial dreams mixed with piracy...

Goals for the new year?

I don't have any. I have things that I want to accomplish and things that I want to do. Yet, I will go after them or I will not. I've never been one to go "Thusly I go forth into the future and shall accomplish these things as my goal!". I'm much to wandering a spirit for such a process. Random interest is a core part of my personality.

My accounts are paid up for a year and I am only starting to step foot into the adult swimming pool that I've been staring at for the last year. I don't see myself going anywhere.

In the End:

I've enjoyed myself. I've made friends and lost friends. I've gained confidence and not gained enough in others. I've discovered things, planned, joined in, and enjoyed myself in ways that I cannot clearly express. I dearly love this game and thank everyone's effort that keeps it going. Both the players and their monies and passion and CCP for trudging along still and working on it.

I have two more year point posts that will crop up over the next two months. One will be the blogs year point and the other will be my corporate year point.

P.S. Hono gave me a fail and said that I should scheduled this to be posted on my exact entry into the game time which would be 2137 Eve Time (also known as GMT). However, that would not allow it to publish early enough in the day for my tastes so I did not.


  1. Lot of things were done in your first year. Most players are at the "got myself a L4 missioning ship" point at your age.

    PS: I think you have 18.7 million SP and not 18700000 million.

  2. You did indeed accomplish a lot of things - my accomplishments pale in comparison: no PvP at the 1-year mark, no Billions in assets...

    ...though, thinking of it: Sucked at PvP, managed to earn 500M running low-sec courier contracts in a T1 without a scout (and travelled across most of New Eden in the process), lost those 500M to a suicide Brutix in hi-sec, quit for a while, came back, successfully revitalized the reaction POS operation of my corp (and got a lot of practice in moving POSes in the process). Didn't mine once.

    It wasn't the career I had in mind when I created my account, but it certainly wasn't boring.


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