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My ganker has come to the end of his Tornado Army test run. His most impressive tear explosion was a simple question in caps where the pilot could not understand why his Iteron V, untanked with maximum cargohold expanders and 800mil in the cargo hold was shot.

The best drop was 4 plex.

When he first started the project it was simple enough. He made a bunch of 51 day accounts using the buddy invite system and then the plex to activate the account. Under the old change (only a week ago) the inviter would receive a plex as a reward for the activation. He then skilled them into Tornado’s and ganked untanked T1 auto piloting haulers for ISK and tears.

With the change to the buddy invite system halfway through the run a new factor had to come into play. The accounts before were essentially free. They just needed to gank enough to cover the cost of the Tornado’s used. Now they also need to gank enough to cover the plex that it will take to turn them into a 51 day account.

It is a study in time and effort to put the entire project together. Ships have to be fit and ready for the accounts. Another character sits on a gate and finds and scans auto piloting haulers. He did not even use a passive scanner. He blatantly sat there on a gate and scanned whomever interested him. The character he used had a negative sec status. He could have been more obvious only if he had sent conversations to people telling them that he was going to gank them.

Things worked out. Sometimes traffic was slow. Sometimes ships went to a different gate then the one that contained the Tornado pilot. Sometimes the drop was not what was wanted. He shoot at things valued at over 200mil ISK. Sometimes he didn't get the final blow.

End result was well over 10bil ISK destroyed around 8bil ISK profit and 30 Tornados used. The margin is a lot tighter with having to plex the Tornado account but it is still a viable option if not an incredibly viable one. He said that the chances are high about eatting a loss until a few juciy targets come by. But also, it depends on where one camps and the traffic moving through. He didn't try hard to find a best route he just found one that tends to have a steady flow of haulers.

I am not going to pretend that this is all about ISK. Hence the title. The ISK gained from T1 Hauler ganking is not worth his time. His ISK per hour price tag is much, much higher. However mix in the payment of tears and the potential to scam the gankee out of more ISK and the entire event becomes more interesting to him.

One of the better ganks was a very full cargo hold that vomited forth 4 pristine plex. The hauler had planned to sell them for ISK being broke. The ganker offered him the plex back for 4 billion but he would not bite. That particular pilot also made sure to tell the ganker how he was going to no longer be safe in game.

"Retrun my property or suffer the consequences. It's your choice. You can do it now and we can forget about it. Otherwise, I will make sure that you cannot logon without being constantly hunted. Nothing personal, just busine..."

This is both amusing and the inherent flaw of the gank alt. The victim threatened an account that is roughly 5 weeks old and in a NPC corporation. The gank alt has no visual tie to the pilot. Now, this particular person's corporation is a low sec group and would give zero fucks about the threats. Still, the anonymity of these alts can easily be seen as a negative to the game.

From: -------
Sent: 2012.11.05 01:19
To: -------




“Why don’t you go to null sec noob?” was the continuing conversation. "Go to null sec to kill people so that you get owned". I knew this one was going to be very unhappy. Sometimes, when you look at the cargo you know what the person was up to. This was someone moving their entire hanger from one place to another. That conversation also continued with such gems as, "hisec is supposed to be safe" and "I can make that back in a day of mining" as well as "were going to hunt you and kill you forever" to end with "once they fix crimewatch you wont be able to suicide gank anymore'"

I don't remember all of the ganks. One hauler pilot was very upset and wanted to know if the 80mil loss of the Tornado was worth the gank. The ganker informed him that the Tornado's fully fit averaged about 100 million and that yes it was well worth it.

Re: Re: Lost 80MIL
From: ------------
Sent: 2012.11.03 01:33
To: -----------

Well it seems like your life of crime is paying off, are you a criminal in RL? Tough philosophical issue: Did you teach me to equip tanking modules? Yes. Are you finding an opportunity to exploit to make isk? Yes. Does the destruction of others hards work matter to you? No. Will there be consequences for you and for your corp? Maybe... I'm new to eve but not to mmo's and I'm finding eve is brining my true nature out, just like I'm sure you are excercising your true nature.

I found this one to be very interesting for an unexpected reason. When searching my chat logs to see if I still had the kill mail I found only one entry with his name. That was for October 19th in Rookie Chat. He asked, "i have 3 days left on my trial, an in game friend has a plex for me, how do I use it? and/or do I need to pick it up from him?"

It is interesting how people brush up against each other without realizing it.

The cutest response was a new player with a cargo hold full of newbie items from the starter missions. He sent a little eve mail saying, "Thank you for not shooting me". Adorable.

As for my ganker. His end observation was:

"A lot of the people I killed seemed offended that hisec doesn't prevent them from getting shot at. So, I used the 'If you don't want to be shot in hisec then don't be in hisec' line a lot.


  1. ha ha, I was wondering who caused ccp to nerf 51 day alts!

  2. I'm really excited about how the recent and coming changes will effect this. I'm not against ganks at all. If you make a delivery of several billion isk you should have some money for a decent ship.

    The change to the body program with plex for plex will maybe end some ganks but with retribution every cargo will be scannable which will lead to more orca ganks and less "hidden treasure transports".

    Kill-rights for every gank you attempt will make some trouble for the ganking chars if the victim sells of this kill rights. But I really look forward to use that feature if I should ever get ganked with one of my alts, than I can execute the revenge with the pvp char. it's about time to become possible


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