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Sleipbear Down

Poor Sugarbear the Sleipbear down. So young. So innocent.

I think the suckiest part about losing it was that I had managed to avoid the very people that wound up killing me about two hours before. Then a warp at a very bad time and I got grabbed on a gate.

I did try to fight back. But between the fleets of ECM 300s the flocks of ECM 600s and 4 webs and pointed to all sides and their four guardians repping the damage I was able to cause I didn't get very far with it. My MWD was off, my speed was nonexistent and I couldn't target anything for most of the time that I spent dying to at least take someone down with me. So I worked to not lose two ships instead of one.

It is one of those moments when local went up just as I headed started to warp for the gate and I knew that I was not going to make it back out the other side. Some people may say, be positive about it. If it had been another type of gate or not an armor fleet maybe. But maybes are what they are and losing spaceships happens.

I did get Chella away which is good. I was dual boxing at the time having received an expedition that went to low sec for once instead of high sec. It isn't the easiest one to burn my way through but I was not doing badly. I almost lost Chella once to it due to her being caught by the boss and knocked into 84% structure before I could get her away. She was also GCCd from repping me earlier. The site was in a stationless system. She managed to spawn 26k away from everyone which kept her out of point range. For some unknown reason I burned her to the gate. I think I was trying to get her to rep Sugar while Sugar was busy being jammed figuring maybe I could fight somehow and if I was going to lose ships take something with me.

Heh. Yeah that wasn't going to happen. Anyway, Sugar went down, I somehow managed to jump Chella and then warp off Sugar's pod and run Chella two systems away to where there was a station while my scout wound up sitting somewhere for a minute before I got her headed to a safe spot.

I had watched the group form up for a roam as well. They were camping a series of gates right next door to my home system for reasons I didn't understand. It started with a Hurricane but they had an Abaddon in a pounce. Then the Abaddon kept warping out and back in. A Tengu appeared and then reshipped into a Viator while another Hurricane came up. Finally they rearranged and the Viator became a Phobos. Then they all reshipped into Harbingers and Guardians with a Brutix. Somewhere along the line they grabbed two Hurricanes.

The amusing part is that I had been debating going after their first 'cane earlier. I had not because I realized they had more people in system and I didn't recognized the group. I didn't like how the set up looked and it smelt like trap to me. I'm glad of that because they did have some elaborate trap pounces set up. I just could not figure out why that system at the time. Maybe they have moved in? 3 of their 4 guardian pilots were out of corporation characters.

Anyway, the Sleip is now my most expensive loss. It counts in at a bit over 500mil according to the in game summary. I had popped some shiny large faction gun from the site. To my pleasure, that did not drop.

My only solution was to go and buy another Sleipnir. The nice part was that there was one for 285mil locally. Sadly it was a high sec but I snatched it up anyway. I was then bright enough to send my scout to do the shopping for fixings instead of Chella.

Not to get it fit and see if I can find someone to fly it out of high sec for me. If not, I will just Black Frog it down and downship to my Hurricane for ISK making for a few days. Also, my Scimitar is stuck a few systems away from home but I figure I can slip that back to safety soon enough.


  1. No shield booster on your Sleipy? Sad times. :(

    1. Tis my carebear ship that runs with a Scimitar.

  2. Carebear ship with warp distruptor?

    Death happens, but such a pirate as yourself must know it.
    I hope you had platinum insurance.

    1. The reason for the warp disruptor/neut is simply so that you can actualy just turn around and kill most people who will warp into your site thinking that your one of those idiots in a purely pve fit ship.

      The buffer fit isnt ideal for pvp but since an active tank doesnt cut it for low and null exploration you dont really have much choice other than using something like a tengu, which sugar doesn't seem to care for.

      Additionaly the way insurance works is it only covers approximate mineral costs, and on a t2 ship most of the cost comes from things other than minerals. I would expect you to already know this since you claim to fly logistic cruisers and they dont insure for any notable amount of isk.

      Theres always going to be times when you die and theres absolutely nothing you can do. -VoV

  3. With your skills how much does it affect your buffer to swap a shield extender for a second adaptive invulnerability field?

    I'd think the drop in sig radius would balance the loss of a few EHPs...

    It'd also make your remote reps 'more effective'.

    1. My effective hit points as git are 61,927 in EFT.

      If I drop to a second Invul it goes to 60,044.

      However, Invuls can be neuted out or cap can run out.

      Buffer helps with things like tanking the rooms and getting aggro from the NPCs before I drop my Scimi in the room.

      As for reasons, I asked some of my boys their opinion on the topic.

      Point 1: "well that would be a valid point for big gangs but with your usually small gangs and at max a single logi u want the bigger buffer. Also a shield extender cant be neuted off, an invul can."

      Point 2: "if you have no remote reps making ur reps more efficient doesnt really help :)" Said on the grounds that often times we do not field logi.


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