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Hate Mail Update: Petition Created

Mr. Malachai Thorne Eve-Mailed me back this evening, continuing our conversation from earlier.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Fuck you.
From: Malachai Thorne
Sent: 2012.10.21 03:31
To: Sugar Kyle,

Nah, you're a douchebag. You attacked someone that was clearly afk, had no valuable cargo and in a ship 2 or 3 classes below yours. And then you killed my pod, which is like a turbo douchebag thing to do. You gained nothing by doing that, only the satisfaction of knowing you inconvinienced someone else. Which makes you a douchebag.

Oh and btw, I sincerely hope you do get raped. What would be even better is if you or one of your loved ones have been raped, that would bring me endless mirth.


I did not respond. Petition submitted. When I read it I made the decision. When I pasted it to corp chat the boys asked me petition it without delay.

So, Eve is a game. It is a game of loss. And loss gets people get mad. As someone that engages in PvP I understand that I do, on occasion ruin the day of others. It is an endless argument back and forth about safety vs non-safety and being prepared vs being oblivious to your surroundings.

So often, the rage I see in people comes in two main flavors. Those that are killed in high sec and those that are killed in gate camps. Both times, while I do not understand the rage I do understand that they were in positions where they did not expect what happened to them to happen. Right or wrong, situationally aware or not, the environment a player in can affect their response to a negative action.

The oddest part about this entire thing is that I was reading a post the other day from a female blogger discussing some of the sexist content in WoW that she found offensives. While this is not the game's storyline it is still a sad fall back behavior. I've been debating the view point of the WoW bloggers reaction to the in game story and its 'place' in a game. I wonder how she would feel about this reaction from a person vs the content she was bothered by in the games story.

When this random person decided to respond with rage to a loss his fall back was to wish cancer and rape upon those that harmed him. He did not know that I am female. He simply picked two of the most horrible things he could think of and wished them upon a random stranger for upsetting him. I rather pity him.

I made the petition simple. I wrote it up as "abusive language" under the Harassment section of the petition page and pasted the entire string of eve mails. I'll let CCP handle that side of the equation. I decided not to respond back to him. It'd be poking him with a stick if I did and stirring shit to stir shit.

CCP GMs responded to the petition 4 minutes after I sent it with a form letter that said they would investigate the situation but they would be unable to share the results of the investigation with me due to account privacy issues.

That was about what I expected. Now, unless he comes back with more I've washed my hands of it. My blog will return to its normally scheduled batches of random posting about whatever flickers across my mind and game.


  1. Carebears are the most deranged/psychotic people around. Always amazes me when people call PvPers psychotic. We rarely exhibit this sort of uncalled for behaviour.

    And Ethereal Dawn are carebears of the nth order.

    1. This made me laugh, probably cause I read it in your voice.

    2. Dear Diary,

      TIL that Poetic Stanziel considers me a carebear.

      No fucks were given.

      ED member

  2. Unfortunately we live in a world full of open-mouthed drool bags who sit immersed in video game induced trances. Many can no longer distinguish between what is real and what is fantasy. They live mostly in fantasy land. Sad this is the case. Too bad for them that they can not differentiate the two.

  3. To act appalled by this is pretty sad. Hes crying over his internet space pixels, your crying over his internet word pixels.

    You can be offended that's fine, but outrage? You look foolish. He used "rape" and "mirth" in the same sentence. I have never seen a move obvious case of hyperbole ever.

    You went for the knee-jerk emotional response and reported him. Instead of thinking for 2 seconds about the ridiculousness that its was and laughing at his tears.

    Frankly I would have loved to have received hate mail that was different than "watch your back bro, I gave your name to my pvp friend" or the general "fuck you."

    In closing; I hope someone rubs aids blood into your eyeballs(pst that's an example of hyperbole) so you can't sully the name of all PVPers as hyper sensitive cunts.

    1. Hello Mr. Troll,

      Malachai Thorne sends two Eve mails wishing Sugar gets raped in real life. And he sends the second Eve mail a day after the first. Sugar doesn't send the petition until the second Eve mail and her corpmates agree its the right thing to do. So that's really knee-jerk?

      Normally I wouldn't respond to such an obvious troll, but with the reputation that Eve has in many circles as being a pit of misogyny I figured that I'd put in my .02 ISK. And that is that Malachai needs to stop crying, HTFU and act like a civilized person. CCP has put into place rules (i.e. the EULA) and procedures to follow to deal with those who break the rules. And Malachai, if he hasn't broken the EULA, came real close.

      Why shouldn't Sugar play by the rules and use all of the options at her disposal? She warned him but he decided to double-down on dumbness. So now Malachai might learn that words have consequences. Maybe he will learn a lesson in how to behave. Or maybe Malachai will quit the game. Either way, New Eden is a better place.

  4. @Anonymous

    Shall I remind you of the irony of protesting the besmirching the name of PVPer-dom while posting with an anonymous ID? Posting a controversial opinion behind the mask of anonymity is no less than a sign of extreme cowardice. Let me show you how to insult properly.

    I hope you bury your children, and that you die forgotten and alone. Come at me bro.

    1. "I'm a dumbfuck that uses an ad hominem attack instead of forming a real argument"

      Let me simplify it for you

      My argument: He was being a sarcastic ass, an obvious one at that. Nothing worth reporting to the GM

      Your argument: He deserves to have his account terminated because he broke section 6-5 of the EULA

      Because you did such a piss poor job of defending your point, I'll do it for you:
      Section 6 sub-section 5. "You may not submit any content to any chat room or other public forum within the Game that is harassing, abusive, threatening, harmful, obscene, libelous or defamatory, encourages conduct that could constitute a criminal offense"

      He technically broke this section of the EULA but the EULA is vague enough that "FUCK YOU" also violates it.
      So if you don't report "FUCK YOU" then it becomes an imaginary scale of offensiveness.
      when do you draw the line?

      By reporting, your saying he broke the EULA. Breaking the EULA is grounds to ban accounts. Goto the Transitive Property: By reporting your saying he deserves to have his account banned
      I think that's a huge over reaction.

      Its the internet, Everyone is hiding behind a handle, right now I'm using yours.
      P.S. your insult sucks cock.
      You shoulda said, "Crying about Crying about crying about internet spaceships, Is an Inception level of whiny vagina

    2. "If I throw every curse word in my vocabulary, maybe I'll sound more mature!"

      I don't recall posting an argument anywhere. I called you out for posting a controversial opinion anonymously. Ad hominem requires an attempt to discredit your logic. If you want to talk about argumentative fallacies, you're using the slippery slope by equating petitions with direct calls for bans. I couldn't care less for the eve-mail.

      Your logic is reasonable. Your rageposting is terrible. Your prose is significantly better than that of Mr Thorne, so I can't quite imagine what exactly makes you so angry. Barring any personal involvement in the situation, I'm willing to chalk your anger up to hormones, sexual frustration or teen angst.

      Calm down and I'm sure your points will resonate much better with whoever you are trying to reach.

  5. I think you're taking the words of a random anonymous guy on the internet far more seriously than you should. "Im a woman and I find the idea of rape as an insult offensive!!!1" Who cares if you're offended? The guy you killed was clearly just as "offended" as you were that you killed him purely because you thought it was fun.

    You seriously would not last two seconds in a game like LoL where people basically communicate through insults. You're on the internet, learn to not be offended by mindless hyperbole or fuck off.

    Oh and I can basically guarantee that he would only get a warning and then that would be the end of it unless you arbitrarily find something else he says offensive.

  6. Lazarus Triumvirate do not endorse this behaviour, and will be taking action, this player will no longer be a member of our corp.

  7. Definitely the right decision to write a petition. If he would curse you in-game an throws hundreds of $ into the game to get you killed by dozens of mercs, it would be fine.

    But cursing the person behind the character and wishing such things... not tolerable and eve would be better off without that one.

    Blowing up stuff is fun, loosing stuff not so much but the first doesn't exist without second.

    @Corp-Anonymous: right decision. if you know him in person, advice him to take a step back from the game.

  8. Why would you petition such a crap? Really, grow some balls and stop bothering GMs with you're whining.

    You got a kill and someone raged. move on

  9. Hi! I'm the woman blogger you were talking about.

    I've been harassed by people in WoW just like you have in EVE and it does suck. It is offensive and demoralizing and it has no place in the game as well. Especially over something like PVP. There's no actual justification for it and it's part of how shitty gaming culture is.

  10. This probably won't be read anymore, but I need to get it off my brain now.

    I don't see why Sugar should take the verbal abuse without complaint, while Thorne gets a free pass. Especially since all Sugar did was play the game as it was meant to be played.

    If there is anyone here who should grow a pair and move on, then it's Thorne. But since he refused to do that, taking it to the next higher instance is justified.

    And obviously other people agree that insults aren't ok just because they happen on the Internet, or are commonplace in other corps/games: Mr. Thorne is no longer a member of Lazarus Triumvirate.

  11. Weird how EVE is so cosmopolitan, you can even meet rapists.

    (But seriously, that guy was just ugh.)


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