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Eve Vegas: CCP Nothing Presents Dust/Eve Economy Intergration

I'm not overly interested in Dust. I hope it succeeds. The money has been spent and the path has been cleared. At this point, I believe that Dust failing will hurt Eve as well. Dust succeeding may change Eve's path but the future has never been a stable thing.

CCP Nothing started by telling us the information he would present about Dust would be all new information. The presentation was to be about the Dust to Eve Economy.

Eve has an incredibly complex Economy. Articles have been written and studies done about it. When he was hired he was hired to work with Eve's economy. The combination of Eve and Dust will be tricky. Their goal is to design for the merger to create an easier transition. When he views Dust he does not view it as its own independent thing but as a massive feature of Eve Online. Here, he uses a visual for Fallout III and Fallout: New Vegas stuck together.

A Simple View of Dust:
---Like Eve things are destroyed pertinently and you get rewards.
---The term is "consumption" for rewards.
---High consumption value battles = ISK sinks. They won't give back all that is consumed in rewards. They will get about 80% back.
---Low consumption battles = ISK Faucet.

Dust will act as a self sustained economy. Unless you are very good you will have to grind some of your ISK. There is a cycle but I can't see the diagram well. It was about the cycle of battles and consumption vs reward. They are trying to keep it balanced from the start.

The Dust to Eve Link: They are expecting Eve to pour ISK into Dust. The way Dust accepts it is by sinking it over time. So Eve giving Dust money will sink ISK from Eve. This means the total value of the economy can be tuned at need. When they shift the value up the economy will also shift immediately. They have something in place to correct the average prices earlier. They can easily adjust it against what is going on.

If the Dust prices are too low against Eve then they(the economy guys) fail. If the prices are too low everyone has everything and there is no need for anything. Prices are not a constraint and ISK progression ceases to exist. If everyone is rich then no one is rich. If the prices in dust are too high against Eve, it becomes an exclusive game for the rich in Eve. Even worse, Dust becomes a lousy investment when the rewards are not worth it and no one plays it.

There is a graph about how he uses Eve prices to manage Dust prices.

Next, he uses "The meaningfulness perspective".
---What is meaningful money for Eve Players?
---How much does it cost to engage in dust interactions?
---How much will you make from it over time? Is it worth it?

An exercise in ballparks (this is work in progress numbers)

Let's say it should cost 25billion to take over a planet. Then assume (we we follow the scenerio/example) it's worth it. A planet is conquered in about 300 battles. This puts the cost at 83 million per battle. 40% of that is spent on heavy attack vehicles. Each battle sees around 20 HAVs get destroyed. In this scenario, each HAV costs 10mil.

They are currently selling tanks from 130k to 2.4mil and they are looking at the future of that.

Future plans: A steady NPC supply is difficult t balance optimally. Things will get interesting once they release control of the NPC supply to the hands of the players and allow prices to float freely. While doing so is our goal it is likely to be a gradual process and we're still working out the details and timelines of it.

Why not let the market run free? The main challenge is that we don't know how many people will be playing Dust and how stable the player base will be. Guessing this wrong might have pretty fascinating and by fascinating he means serious implications on the existing eve economy. He is worried of tanking eve's economy.

This ran fast. I hope for those that understand Dust it makes sense. I have had no interaction with the game nor have I tried the beta.


Q---Well are not there ways to explain why some things cost more than other things using lore such as the weight of an item for a player who is on the ground. (this question has some role play lore feeling to it). So he thinks price differences can be explained by lore.
A--- Answer is none yet

Q---This person says he is excited about Dust and it will get him playing Eve more. One worry he has is if Dust is going to be only a console game when the next gen of consoles come out are they planning on moving Dust to the next generation console?
A--- "I don't know how hard it will be to port Dust from PS3 to PS4. But he thinks from a business standpoint it makes sense but don't take his word cuz he doesn't know.

Q---Why should they take the planet?
A---The goal is for the reward to take the planet to be worth more than it costs to take the planet so that people want to do it.

Q---How are they going to get stuff to the market from Eve to Dust?
A---They are still working on the polishing of it. No really good answer to this or how it will look.

Q---How is it going to affect Sov War and capturing planets with enemies and Dust interactions?
A---He says he isn't the one who handles that part of game design. So far they want to make the connection meaningful so that people want to work together and that they can achieve both sides.

Q---ISK from Eve to Dust does it flow back the other way?
A---Yes. ISK can flow from Dust to Eve. (Wll there be meaningful amounts? Enough to grind a plex?) In terms of earnings Dust players will be in a much lighter earning place then Eve. But even if they are really good the higher matches are giving a few million maybe.

Q---Is the NPC seeding the long term plan for Dust?
A---It's a stepping stone. It's how Eve started and with a lot of unknowns it's the easiest way.

Q---Social Question: With incarna and Dust and the social aspect... will Dust players and Eve players hang out in station together?
A---CCP Nothing would love that but the time line of it and the features and WHAT THE PLAYERS WANT will take precedent.

Q---Orbital strikes? Will they have shots that go up into space to blow up the ships dropping the strikes?
A---It won't be free for the dust person. They don't know what the risk vs reward will be but he thinks it is safe to say that it should be built into the back end.


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