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Eve Vegas: CCP Guard Likes People

A moment of silence for Sean 'Vile Rat' Smith started the day. It had been debated the night before at the reception but it was deciding that the atmosphere was not proper for the seriousness of the moment.

I admit that I skipped the reception. My corpmates that came decided not to do the convention. They are also leaving Sunday evening. I went to have dinner and some chat time with them while I had the opportunity. Plus, I'll admit, I'm was bit exhausted of the intoxicated.

There had been an announcement where the alliance that had the most members buy tickets would win a prize. That alliance turned out to be Goonswarm with 22 attendees. They received a set of alliance specific poker chips.

From Eve Vegas 2012

CCP Guard talks about the community.

The previous day, Ender asked me if I had asked if the promised sec status changed were coming. I had to admit that I had not. With CCP Guard's presentation about to start people were chatting with the Devs. I sat there for a bit trying to figure out who to approach and how to do it without being creepy or irritating. I picked Bettik because I remember him running around during the Friday night socialization meeting people. I managed to insert myself into a conversation and present my question. I did get conformation that we should not drop below -5 for regular ship pewpew with the patch and only below -5 for pods. Then for the spring they are trying to give us sec gain for tags and easier ways to get back into high sec. He says he is a low sec supporter. He may have a new admirer in me.

Guard started off with a discussion about the community. Points Made: ---The organic nature of it and the importance of it. ---The values and the goals. ---Our common interests and blending so many different people together into a whole. ---When you blend it all what do you get? ---------------He said you get "Eve's Fan Fest". It's a great community where people will travel to a cold rock (Iceland) to hang around each other.

He discussed how things happen from craziness at fanfest to massive player events. How Incarnia showed that players cared and how the Eve Players have raised funds for natural disasters and internal tragedies. He has enjoyed Eve Vegas and the fact that players put this together and the work that has to go into it to bring players together for players. He compliments Eve Vegas coordinator for the hard work. He says that more and more player events are cropping up and he hopes that they will become regular things.

The Community Team and what they are going to be doing:

He says that CCP Navigator is an awesome dude. There is himself, and his craziness that they let him do. Then there is CCP Phantom who has just had his one year anniversary with CCP. CCP Spitfire it seems is a traitor who has run away to the marketing department.

Right now CCP has started to grow. After Incarnia they lost half their team. It's been a difficult year with the reorganization. They cleaned up a lot. They trimmed the stuff behind the scenes that were just fluff stuff and they attempted to condense into the things that made forward momentum.

They have a new guy called ISD Ckang who is going to be part of their live event and back story team. And Verone will be helping with this and also Michael Boltonill. Both will be part of this new community team. They are all moving to Iceland and joining the community team. They will be taking over the CSM project, the Alliance Tournament and the Volunteer Program.


Ensuring quality two way communication
Empowering community
Representing the needs of the community at CCP
Connecting members
Highlight noteworthy contributions (
Internal Marketing/messaging
Providing community support

He says that people can contact the community team if they have a project or things that are interesting and need perhaps a little support from CCP. They feel that we are what makes the story interesting. If they just did everything it'd get boring pretty quickly. They try to connect us and point us to other people who are doing things. They run their social media and just want people to know what is available in game.

He then showed us an amazing picture that he drew about connections.

They are working on Dev Blogs and communication. They are working on the video dev blogs as well so that people know that they have them. They have tried to make both the written and video dev blogs more interesting with more creative freedom. He says no one has stopped them from the silliness they want to create so they are continuing to run with it as long as they can. They are trying to make sure they have everything from forums, facebook, twitter, reddit, google+, community news, IC news, fansite blasts, eve mail, message of the day, launcher news, and whatever they can to connect to the players.

Sometimes their role is two faced. Representative of the community and Representative the company. He said that the players see them representing the company and the company sees them representing the community.

What you give to the community the community gives back. He says that a lot of the people here are people who give back to the community. That he enjoys seeing the people who go above and beyond playing to add to the game.

Cool projects in the community:

Otherworld Media Group.
Eve Mon
Killboards (he said he has heard that they are having some problems so he needs to look into that)
Pod Casts (they are doing one after the event)
News Sites (he reads them with great interest it helps him keep tabs on the game)
Player Videos (points out clear skies)
#tweetfleet on Twitter

What's down the rabbit hole? What does this give back? He said that he got a ton of interesting stories back from people about it. That the Eve Community has affected people in positive ways. He says that when CCP gets visitors he tells people about the players. The things the players do. The reality of the players.

Q&A Time:

The internet: Which Devs are responsible for what part of the game. Are they planning to do another meet the Dev live dev blog? The answer is yes. They are debating the format of maybe an online panel with live streaming.

Q---Are they going to take ownership of Eve Lore and Backstory now?
A--- No, but they are working with Team Story now. There is a new team called the Illuminati and they are working together.

Q---Are there any plans for an in game video capture tool?
A---Not that he knows of. But he'd love it because people would make more videos so he will push for it.

Q---There is an active blogging community. He'd like a more active blogging community where it was not bloggers talking to other bloggers. He'd like a way for Eve to show more bloggers so that they could be out there and enjoyed by the player base.
A---CCP Guard is going to do more and revamp the fansite and try to help direct people to the interesting material that is out there for Eve. (Hong looked at me and laughed as I was typing during this question). They may do blog features and such things. (And then the blog banters would be a great way to bring Eve to the content in the blog sphere) CCP Guard feels it's sad that people don't read the blogs and that there are a lot of people not connected. However, we have to respect that people just want to play the game and not do the community aspect. And how he has met people who don't keep up at all because he is not interested so there are those people as well.

Q---Did he enjoy his career as an astronaut?
A---Yes he did. It was a lot of fun.

Q---Will they be making an Eve Online movie? ---He won't be at this time. They are interested in doing something and many people are interested in doing it. The right thing has not appeared yet for it.

Q---The biggest visibility the players see are the dev blogs and video blogs. Are there plans to expand it into other areas? Maybe the stuff from youtube on the video part with more names to faces and more tactile reality.
A -- Guard says that they will do new things but they don't want to get stuck.

Q---The in game browser? Any chance of getting flash or video or media player support to it?
A---He is not the expert. There are a lot of security risks from what he knows. But to ask CCP Stillman for more details.

Q---Live Events? More Details?
A---It's supposed to be surprising and mysterious so he is not giving details. They are committed to doing both casual live events and proper back story live events. But they want to preplan and have an organized and proper event instead of half assed stuff.

Q---What is the community game plan for Dust with bringing the console gamers into the Eve Community and to bring the Dust players into us?
A---He is relying on us to convince Dust players to turn into Eve Players. They don't know what to expect because no one has done it yet. It's still up in the air to see what happens.

Q---If the Dust community does develop well would CCP try to link it to the greater community as a whole as they have with other fan sites?
A---Yes. They are there to support and merge the communities to the best of their abilities.

Q---Are you going to do more to promote the forums so that people that play eve are more aware of the CSM elections?
A---They would love for there to be more. They say that the forums are tricky. People like forums or don't like forums and it's hard to promote them properly. Only a very small percentage uses the forums.

Q---Any progress on Eve Player Events being able to take PLEX for payment and feeding it back into Eve?
A---They are looking into that. If people could pay for tickets with PLEX and CCP becomes the intermediate that would be great because Events could grow.


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