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The Days in the Life of Low Sec

I don't always get to be the predator.

Command Ships IV has been learned. MacG asked me out to do a Minor Angel Annex with him. I decided to give it a try. I can say that it went quite well. The faction spawn did appear and he was nice enough to drop a shiny. However, it was a cheap worthless thing valued at about 3mil ISK. Damn. With a large number of large wrecks on the field, I decided to dust off my Noctis and undock it to clean up the area and make a little bit of ISK in the process. Like many things I have done in Eve, I haven't given up salvaging because I dislike it. I just have not had the opportunities to do it as often as I would like.

My biggest mistake was using Sugar to fly the Noctis. Every one of my characters can fly it. I even have it set up so that it can flip between all of them without any fitting changes. I am just used to salvaging in low sec with Sugar. The problem is, Sugar is my only combat toon. Eventually my others will catch up with the pew and the pew but they have other paths that are more productive to me at this time.

For the first room there was only blues(friendlies) in system. When I entered the second, I puttered off of the warp in (as in my habit) and started slogging towards the faction wreck which was over 100k from the warp in spot. It is not the fastest way to salvage but I'm used to moving around. With wrecks all over field finding a position to clean the room takes a bit of management.

I puttered around, my salvage trailing behind me when I noticed local went up with a neutral. DSCAN showed sisters core scanner probes. Well. The site that I was in was finished but it had not despawned which meant that I could be scanned down. The wrecks would tell anyone that I was in a scanned down site not a mission. I did not see the ship on scan but I decided to monitor the situation. A Noctis is a tempting, tempting target.

Maybe I should have warped back to station and just waited. Instead, I made sure to get clear of any clouds of cans. The scanner probes were pulled in. This would be the time where they would leave or find me. I decided to take the safe bet. I dropped my tractor beams, hit my MWD off into the distance, and cloaked. Sure as shit, about a minute later they warped into my mission in an Ishtar.

Well, hello there. He was about 30k off of me. I was off in a random direction but I got the adrenaline rush of panic. In my mind's eye he knew where I was and he'd come decloak and pew me to death. At one point I almost uncloaked and tried to warp away. I got control of myself and kept drifting. "MacG? Ren?" I asked. MacG undocked and headed for me. Ren was afk watching football. The Ishtar sat there and all I could do is curse my stupidity and hope that I hadn't left to obvious of a trail as to where I might be.

Why had I not used another character? Sugar could have been in a combat ship ready to take care of business. I was trapped between panic and frustrating. It was a weird place to be. However, MacG's undocking spooked him. He warped out and said, "see ya" in local and jumped out.

MacG stayed on grid with me while I finished up. Sugar will be giving up the Noctis.


Dher got us back into a wormhole again. This one was six hours of grind grind grind pewpew. However, at hour six the residents of the first wormhole woke up. See, we were two in. The first one from low sec led to a C3 that led to a second C3 and both were quiet and full of sigs. After clearing out all of the mag and radar sites we started to chew through the 40+ sigs spread between the two wormholes. We were in the second layer when we our scout in the first one (so confusing all of this) sitting on the low sec hole saw several Domi's on scan.

We waited to be discovered in our wormhole. But, he didn't go and check his out holes. Instead, two domis, a domi navy issue, and a tengu started to run sites. Naturally, we now needed to go and try to gank him. Our little fleet was 5 drakes, 2 canes, and a ferox (who we kept wondering if he was with us. Poor Fried, for some reason his Ferox puzzled the fleet) with two scimis. We, obviously, could do anything. Especially, after six hours of PvE. "Do we want to try for this guy?" asks Dher. "YES!" "Okay then."

Our cloaky scout found the anom that they were working on. We waited on the wormhole. He got within 30k off and we entered the wormhole and cloked. Once he was 15k off we warped to him.

Drakes for the domis and canes for the tengu. As I landed and started to target the tengu cloaked. The furthest off domi made it off grid. Everyone else just sat there and we chewed through them without him ever fighting back. Due to the fact that all of the names were nearly identical, it looks like it is a one man wormhole op with two less domi's. However, he probably makes a ton of isk and he got the tengu off the field. It was not a sparkling fight. But it gave me a chance to duel box a combat and a logistics ship. Its a lot of work.

Being Reckless

I spend a lot of time being cautious. A lot of time. Every now and then my caution filters completely fail and I decide to say, "fuck it!"

I was doing a bit of a business contract a few systems over. I was rolling in my Jaguar because I love that ship. As I ran through one system I said, "Wow there are thirty some people in here?" just as I hit the gate and landed on top of said 30+ person fleet.

"Oh, hi there." The local Russian corps that we have not yet managed to get along with. They had rolled through earlier in a 20 person fleet. It had swollen to 30 some. Batttle ships, battlecurisers, logistics, falcon. I bounced through the gate and warped to a safe.

They followed through and said. "кто ганг видет" in local which google translate said meant, "gang who sees". So, I said, "или капли?" back which was the google translation of, "or blobs?" I figured out what station I needed to be at and docked.

Then, I decided to run back home back through their blob. I was 95% sure that I could make it. I was being brave and I was having a "screw you if you think you can camp me in system", moment. I undocked. A scorpion was sitting 56 off of me on the station. "Oh Hai!"

Off I went in my ever so powerful Jaguar.

And land on the gate, red flashy as all hell. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

They jumped through with me. They had 3 or 4 ships on the other side. I gathered myself and took off as their entire fleet came through. Cuz, I am Jaguar! RAWR! They waved in local and I gave them a heart back as I bounced into the next system.


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