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Our Total Destruction?

"Who has leadership five?"

Obviously, that wasn't me. It sounded fancy and skilled. It turns out that I do have leadership five. Whoops. It wasn't a big thing. Razor spoke up and was given control of the wing so that we could handle the invites for our alliance mates. It was a group op.

The original was was for hacs, ruptures, and SFI. I went with a SFI. While I was afk waiting for a moment during the waiting time it turned into a fleet or ruptures. Mine was eight jumps away and oh well. I felt bad. Like I broke the look of things.

But whatever. I was a bit faster so I'd hang behind and if they decided to come for me they'd run right into the face eating wall of ruptures. That would be a good day.

We were taking down a POS and a POCO about 10 systems out. They were both coming out of reinforcement and the goal was to get fights. We were not going to take down the POS hopefully just fight the people trying to repair it. I think. I didn't really know what was going on. I had been hanging out when DP told me to get into the fleet. After a bit of foot dragging over feeding my dogs, I did.

But... let me move back a little bit in time to explain some ransom circumstances.

A few days ago, the boys had a communal go and bash a POCO fleet. The POCO belonged to a group named Toxic Waste Industries. It seems that the people who lost their POCO were very upset about this. Razor said, "Did anyone else get that mail?" to which the rest of the corp that was on said, "No." He forwarded this to us:

Title: Reconsider
From: Lashmur
Sent: 2012.09.20 23:36
To: (everyone on the kill mail)

Dear Pilots

Good job in getting uninted to flip the pocos, Is clear that you dumpasses can do it alone, with more than 3 alliance to make the job done. We try to join your alliance but you know what better that way that you reject us. Thats why we are Toxic Waste Industries we own our shit. Toxic Waste Industries always grow in this moments like this. To you all, If you think we are done, you fool yourself. Toxic Waste Industries is stronger than ever and we would fight no in your term, would be in our term.


If you persist in including dumbasses Corps and Alliance that don't exist anymore we would have to bring our friends and we would clean the house and you would be so fucking poor of isk that you only have isk to buy frigs, because Goonswarm Federation and Test Alliance Please Ignore don't play fucking games

That was quite an angry eve mail. It is not uncommon to be threatened by 'big friends'. In fact, I remember being told by another person earlier this year that they were going to come and wipe us out after we killed their battleship. They never showed up. I remember that Diz killed someone and they swore that their alliance was going to destroy us. We never saw them either. Diz even gave them our home system and prime time hours. Beyond that, it seems that this entire incident upset Toxic Waste Industries. We got hands on one of their internal eve mails.

Sent: 2012.09.20 08:37
To: Toxic Waste Industries,

Fellow Pirates,

We've been going uphill last few days. Somehow the bad scrubby Toxic managed to pissed off Capital Punishment, Mean Coalition, Mountain Sprouts, Gunpoint Diplomacy, Zero Hour Alliance, The Devil's Tattoo and even Black Legion. Those l33t dying trainwrecks united all together to bring down our lonely poco. And this makes me very and very proud. We found the l33t G-Spot.

It's clear that these chicken faggots share blue status, intel channel and it's clear they're united against us:

They've had it with us and they want us out. Now all our hard losses made total sense. We lost ships, but we also killed. Killed as many as the whole l33t alliances and we killed them, totally full of themselves bunch of eve pussies. Congratulation! Their inability to deal with us solo proves our victory.

So what are we going to do now is up to us to decide. We definitely got the situation here. Lets have the council meeting any time soon and choose the course of actions.

Once again congratulations for everyone especially new people. You're in the epicenter of the eve true pirate war.


Can't say I'd ever noticed these guys before. From their corp name, I was shocked that they were not an industrial corp feeling 'griefed' by the low sec pirates being in the low sec area. Instead, they are a pirate corp upset by other pirates in pirate areas.

Back to the fleet. The rupture fleet staggered out of the system. Some people were still trying to catch up. But we were a nice little group of ships. Five guardians and 20 something ruptures and me in my SFI.

The first situation was a POS and the fleet hunkered down inside. Our rupture fleet was not going to take it out. Sadly, the fight was a bust. They stayed inside the shields with a small defense fleet of 10 ships of various mixed types. Member's of TEXN were logging in. We told them what was going on and people shipped into stuff and started to burn across space while the fleet rallied and reshipped for round two on a POCO.

The owners of the above eve mail were bashing the POCO. We wanted to jump their fleet. They had a bunch of battleships, some battle cruisers and some other stuff. Sadly, as we headed to them we were scouted. The battleship fleet bailed from the POCO and ran to the station. Our plans foiled for a second time, we decided to go and smack the POCO ourselves.

The POCO went down. Smack talk filled local. I just switched away from it. The fleet swirled around for a bit waiting for GCC to end. There was a discussion about putting up a POCO to replace the one that was down. Otherwise, we had done their work for them.

In the end TEXN decided to take up the task of planting another POCO. The fleet rolled back to try to jump the people repping the earlier POS. That didn't work out. It was a fun fleet despite the lack of pewpew that we engaged in. Once we were back, the fleet broke down and TEXN went to replace the POCO.

Only, when they arrived they found that Toxic Waste Industries (I'm not going to follow his example and create a link every time I write the corp name) had attempted to deploy a POCO of their own. I said, attempted because they forgot to anchor it or they didn't have anyone with corp anchor skills available. Whoops. TEXN scooped it up and redeployed it under their corp name.

Then, Boko decided to write them a letter reference their earlier letter.

Re: Reconsider
From: bokonnon
Sent: Toxic Waste Industries (+ everyone who was on the original mail plus Capital Punishment.)

Dear Sir,

It pains to me to hear of Toxic's failures yesterday. POCO deployment is a very complicated and delicate evolution requiring some level of skill and pilot coordination. Very scrappy of you to attempt but I suggest waiting until your organization figures out how to fly ships before delving into the world of structure deployment and operations.

Being as limited as you are, we did take pity on your group and successfully deployed the POCO you attempted to drop last night in the prepared location. The anchoring mechanics are very difficult to understand so no one can fault your pilots for failing to anchor it. The POCO is now available for your use, but we are not exactly in the business of providing these services to everyone. We have had to set the tax rates slightly higher than average to cover the costs incurred with this support.

Don't thank us, we are here to help. Although we were never actually as inept as Toxic, everyone has to start somewhere. I'm sure given enough time you will rise to at least the levels of other mediocre alliances in New Eden. Feel free to drop in anytime if you would like some additional education on the more advanced topics of space combat.



He set the POCO tax to 95%.

I had no idea that I was 'l33t' much less the fact that there was an Eve True Pirate War going on. It is nice to be caught up on facts. I kind of feel special. l33t Pirate Queen? Hmm.

I spent some time researching their kills and losses. Eve Kill is down which is frustrating. But on TEXN and THC2s corp boards, I see one loss of one hurricane to Toxic Waste Industries. I'm a bit puzzled.


  1. *GASP* You mean goons/test didn't show up to save them?

    1. I should have mentioned that. I am a poor story teller it seems. No... but we were only bashing the POCO they wanted to bash. Perhaps after their unanchored POCO was stolen? But alas...

    2. Story telling was fine I should have used sarcasm tags. I find the smack talk they do while hiding in stations funny. I think my response to the mail when I got it was " Bring It".

  2. I lol'd at those mails. When I was with Pax in lowsec, we'd kill people and get hate-mail threatening us with Gewns, TESTes, NC., or Raiden. wrath (or all of the above! lol this was of course before the latter 2 started sucking). Said wrath, sadly never came. :-/

    I remember being in NPC corp chat with one of my alts, and watching this guy go on about he used to be part of a "l33t nullsec group" with that same toon. Upon lookin at his corp history...he was in AAA-C, "AAA Citizens" (that's the -A- carebear-renter alliance btw), but to see him go on, if you didn't know better, you'd think he was out on the -A- front lines with Maka and Mukk all the time. ;-)

  3. I know those guys. They like to gate camp in the area. I still have my Prowler :)

    Oh, and they don't own any of the POCOs in their home system. Those are owned by Akimamur Industries who are a real industrial type corp. I can't speak for all POS in the system. I've never bothered scouting those out.


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