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Lonely Logistic in Low Sec Looking for DPS Protector

Splender - I think God Can Explain

It is beautiful when it rains. The sky becomes silvery with tints of steel grey. Water begins to fall from the sky and colors become deeper and more vast. The green is richer and the pavement shimmers under the moisture. It is really lovely to look at the black pavement become silver as it illuminates the sky.

I like the rain.

As it often is, my work weekend is full of brooding thoughts and random babble. Saturday night I was spinning my ship. Someone asked me what I was doing and I told him that I was spinning my ship because of work. He was busy playing around with his new corporation. He told me that he was sorry I was spinning my ship. I told him that it was fine because I was also talking. I hate to use a blatant curse word but 'responsibility' keeps me from committing to roams and anything in depth when I have work the next day.

My login time is not always full of serious actions. I spend a lot of time communicating. I have mentioned before that the people I interact with are as much an aspect of my game play as the undocking of my spaceship. Sometimes I just get caught up chatting.

I did undock a ship that night. Mac found another combat ladar site and Razor agreed to help. Razor then asked if Chella was nearby. Chella was actually in system at the time. So, Razor headed to assist Mac and for the first time ever, I undocked my scimi by itself in low sec.

I was a little bit terrified. I had debated undocking Sugar as well but decided not to. Once Chella was out on her own I immediately regretted my decision not to bring Sugar along as her bodyguard. I was only going over two systems I decided to bite my lip and forge on. I would be brave.

No guns. No guns. No guns. NO GUNS.

I was defenseless. Well, I had some warrior IIs. Yuck. Space was empty. I was okay. Honest.

I hopped into the system that the site was in. I was alone. I also had no bookmarks and one of the anti-pirates was hanging around somewhere. He flies a cloaky loki a lot of the time. Plus no station. Did I mention that I did not have any guns? Or bookmarks? Sugar has bookmarks but not Chella.

"Razor where are you? Logi is all alone here."

"I went the wrong way."

"I don't have book marks." Panic. I started to warp around like an idiot. I knew that loki was coming for me. He'd eat up my helpless scimitar. I'd... I'd.... I had no idea what I'd do. I could feel him hunting me down. I was going to die. I should have undocked Sugar.

Then Mac called me to his safe. Yay! I warped to him and bookmarked the safe. Somewhere. Now I could watch for probes and feel a bit better. No probes appeared on scan and Razor hopped into the system. Once he had aggro I landed and started to rep him.

"Would you like to do this criminal act?"

Ren was sweet enough to be a picture model for me. He is another one of my outlaw corpmates. We are, obviously, in low sec.

I rolled my eyes and said yes and let Chella take GCC.

There is a soapbox beside my desk. It is one of many. This one is different from the others. It is worn out and well used. The paint has worn off and the edged are pitted and dented. This soapbox reeks of age and carries the weight of the thousands of logistic pilots before me that have screamed, "Bullshit!" to taking GCC for repping their own corp mates.

Let me rehash this problem. Know that Chella was safely repping Razor while Mac cracked the cans.

In high security space you can kill your corpmates. You can pod your corpmates. Concord looks on an goes, "How cute you are sparing" and looks away. In low sec space you can kill your corpmates. You can pod your corpmates. Concord looks on and says, "That's nice". These are the two areas of space where you 'get in trouble' for pewpew of other players, sometimes.

I will repeat this. In high security space I can kill my corp mates with absolutely no repercussions. That's okay! Concord gives me a cookie. Enjoy!

In low security space if my logistics pilot reps a corpmate with an outlaw status, this being -5 sec status or lower, I take GCC. That is the same GCC that gets me shot by gate guns and station guns for shooting other people in low sec. That is the same GCC that gets me concorded in high sec.

This is my corpmate. I can KILL them and concord does not care but if I repair their spaceship with my repairing spaceship I take GCC even when we are in the same corporation. If he had aggression for pewpewing spaceships or GCC for pewpewing spaceships I could understand the criminal flag. But he is in fact attacking the hoards of terrible NPC pirates that Concord pays us ISK and sec status gains to attack. But I, the logistic ship, takes GCC.

That is something I will flat out call a bullshit mechanism . Obviously there is code for layers of aggression and status of members. Why I should take a criminal flag for repairing my corporation mate I do not understand or agree with. If it was a noncorporation mate I would be okay with. But we're together, in a corp, and we could kill each other and pod each other and that's absolutely okay, but heaven forbid I help his shields to regen faster. I think I just pulled out some clumps of hair in frustration.

Chella took GCC and Razor killed everything and Mac popped Drug Manufacturing and Neurotoxin Recovery. He scuttled out to go drop off his goodies. Razor types in "I'm warping out" hits enter and hits warp. I see Razor warp out and leave me on grid with a fresh spawn of battleships and then I see "I'm warping out" pop up.


I was like, "Razor? Why am I alone with a field full of angry red crosses?"
"I typed that I was leaving and hit enter as I warped out."
I still bitched at him for days about leaving me behind.

I ran away and follow them back home. The next system over the possible cloaky loki pilot is in system. I'm sure he is on the gate and ready to eat me. Argh. I feel weird about this logistics stuff. It was very exciting to rep someone else and to be asked to come and do the reps. It is terrible not having guns and being alone.

I do fly two gunless ships on the regular. One is my covops scanning and probing frig. The other is my cloaky hauler. These two ships have one thing in common. They both are cloaking ships. My scimi has no cloak. It has some nice reps in its high slots instead.



Deep breath.

New stuff. Blah. I paid out the fleet for the books. I'll run them up to Jita on my days off.


  1. You know, when you make the argument that way, it makes really damn good sense.
    And ironically, I was just bitching in Mabrick's comments about how wonky and "artificial" the game mechanics are, and how EVE completely lacks any sense of "in-game universe" immersion. Even for a hisec bear who doesn't worry about all those "ebil pvper" mechanics, you can only rescue the fucking damsel SO many times before you just roll your eyes, go "yeah whatever", and click "accept". Eventually you find yourself not even reading the missions anymore, or even worse, reading the title and immediately clicking over to EVE-Survival.

    I need a large capital investment, cause I can do EVE :right:. I just need the money to set everything up. ;-)

  2. Buy a cloak! You can fit a simple T1 cloak on a Scimi and hide. Can't warp cloaked, but can hide until the enemy leaves or help arrives.

  3. No! dont cloak the scimi.. bad lock times on a scimi is terribad! Besides, to catch a scimi in lowsec is really hard ( if the pilot has some basic understanding of how to survive in lowsec) so just fit a mwd and burn back to gate :)

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