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Character Update: 10 Months In

I spend a lot of my time writing about everything but my characters technical bits. However, ignoring them completely would be silly. I am a duel to triboxer most days (I'm so sorry Hong please still talk to me at Eve Vegas and don't hide from me for being evil). When I speak of myself it should also be noted that my I is spread across multiple me. It matters because I can accomplish the tasks of a small group.

The other day, after debating my little episode with the live event and my gank and revenge situation I started to think that my 'outlaw' security status may be a good thing for me. I've lost the mild protection of the gates and station guns. People will now shoot me because it is free. There will be no more hesitation as they debate if they want to deal with gateguns or GCC.

It is an enviormental push. Its moved me from debating my probability of escaping a situation to expecting every situation to end up in conflict. That puts me into a different mindset. I tend to ponder and debate and plan and fret when I am faced with decisions and choices. When I have to act, then I do and sort it out later. The difference is my personal choice in the matter. (And for my corpmates, trying to tell me or order me to do X Y or Z won't work).

A bit about my Me

What are my character's up to? Since my blog has no rhythm or rhyme to it, I figure that dropping in periodic updates as to who/what I actually am character wise is a good thing. I spend a lot of time encouraging people to go out and try things or do things in game. Showing where I am in terms of skill points and time played is useful (I hope) to other newer players who may still be caught up on the false fallacies that they can not yet do things. I will not say that an older player cannot do some things better but I find that people underestimate the productivity that they can achieve.

I do not at any point state that I am some type of lone ranger badass. I have fantastic people that I work with and that help me achieve my goals. I fully believe that my circle of friends and acquaintances both in and out of corp and alliance have been the keys to the success that I have achieved so far in the game. I can truthfully say that I have reached the point where they are now receiving the benefits of raising me as a productive member of the game and their corporation. Its like I now have a part time job and can supply my own lunch money and buy my own clothing. This does not mean that I will buy the new crop of recruits ice cream. I'm a selfish creature at heart.

I'm a fully fledged Eve Teenager now. Chella has topped 15 million skill points. Twenty million is actually there, on the horizon, in Febuaryish. I still remember when one million was a far off goal and five million was what I thought I needed for anyone to even consider taking me into a corporation. Ten million would hopefully mean I had a clue. (It didn't by the way)

I want to say that I have no idea how that happened. However, saying that will probably give me a few pointed responses on how. I know how it happened but it is surprising. At some point I became okay with my skill progression. The time to finish a skill stopped bothering me as much.

I don't have perfect skill plans with perfect remaps and +5% implants. I'm just not that person. Sugar and Chella roll with +4's and my scout with +3s. I need to move her up to +4's. I will do that soonish I believe. I'm debating getting Sugar and Chella 5's soon but that is more to open up my potential fitting options next year.

Chella is chugging away with Gallente BS V at the moment. This amuses me personally because she has medium hybrid turrets at 3. Not even T2 smalls. I dove into drones early, back when I didn't understand about secondary and support skills. She has 145k worth of skill points in gunnery. Chella will finish Gallente BS 5, go into Advanced Spacehsip Command to V, then cruse through Capital ships to 4 and then Carrier to 5. Once that is done, whenever that happens (I just don't care that much anymore) she will remap into getting perfect drones and fighters. Then, Navigation. For now, she is locked down as a logistics and cloaky hauler pilot. It is a good place for her to be.

Sugar is a pewpew character. It is what I created her to do. She is currently chugging away at Command Ship 5. After that, I will finally move on to Large Guns (if something else does not distract me.. destroyer 5 might be an idea..) which will give me access to Tornados. Yay. I need to get this done before the Hurricane Nerf leaves me potentially shipcurious. I'm hoping that the nerf won't be too bad but I am bracing for the worst.

After large guns she stands at an interesting position. Do I learn battleships? The answer right now is very clearly, "No. I don't want." Therefore, I am tentatively thinking that she will next start on Gallente ships and weapons. I'm looking forward to flying my cynabal. Also, whenever I finally reach the point where I am willing to dip my toe into battleships, I will be preset to fly my Machariel.

Whenever that will be... next year maybe.

My most interesting problem is my scouting alt. My scouting alt has developed in unexpected ways. Back when I did my Tengu project I had to train into caldari cruiser V. I also have T2 missiles and such things. The project failed. I have and had no idea how to be a missile boat and wound up frustrated, depressed, and unhappy. I gave up my project and went back to what had been working. After many beatings with the tengu stick and wrestling with my own desires I have decided to go with the legion.

Wat? The tengu would be better! I agree. I am sure that it will be. I believe the people who have explained to me why it is the best choice. However, I play Eve because I like to play Eve. When I play Eve, even as I am overly serious, ridiculously passionate as well as victim to bad days and moodyness I still enjoy my gameplay. I'm just weird about it. Part of my weirdness is that if I don't like the ship or want to fly it no matter how good and perfect it is, my rainbow of joy becomes monochromatic. I have to want it.

I don't want to fly a tengu. I have spent the summer attempting to convince myself that I did. I don't. I wanted a legion from the get go. Well, my alt is about set up to fly said legion that I want so badly. It makes me happy. It may not be the best decision by a pure game point view but I have never been a pure gameplay type of person.

But now I have this character that's skilled into two races cruisers. I am debating doing three things with her next. One: Logistics. This will give me access to Basilisks and Guardians. I already have a character that can fly Oneiros and Scimitars. Two: Recon. This will give me access to curse and pilgrim and (sigh) falcon. ....

I had to go and blot my tears of shame in the bathroom for a moment. Forgive the interruption...

Three: Leadership. This would turn my legion into a boosting legion (I guess) and not the best choice at all but the one that I want to make because it makes me happy. Of course, there is the worries and thoughts of off grid boosting nerfs in the future. For PvE I'd have her on grid so it'd work out. It might not be useful but it'd be fun.

Having access to characters that can fly all four racial logistics seems to be a good call to me. Having a legion will just make me happy because I've wanted one. Therefore, it is also a good call.

(all is subject to change on a whim)

Other Stuff?

Recruitment has gone well. We have recently enrolled a nice group of peeps. Now it is an adjustment phase for all of us. The bitter vets must get to know them. They must get to know the vets. Ender hopefully will remain tolerant and stop stroking the kick button.

It's a bit confusing right now. On one side I want to be helpful and supportive and tuck everyone into their hanged after PvP. On the other I'm like, but I'm new! I don't have answers! Thankfully its a group project. People are fleeting up together and supporting each other. Everyone will hopefully give everyone else a chance and see if they are good fits for the corp and the corp for them.

All these people keep the corps public chat on energetic. Join in game channel -THC2- to visit or hang out.


  1. Random thought: since Chella is earmarked as Logistics pilot and has Capital Ships on her plan... Rorqual? We used to use ours as poor-corp's jump freighter.

  2. Not sure if you made referance to it, but having a Jump clone woudl open some doors with those +5s you mentioned. when they say its 0.0 roam time, its time to jump to your +3s.

    Also i remember when eve started slowign down in skill training for me, i could fly enough types of ships that i wasent pressed to get into X ship for X fleet anymore


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