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Diary of Our POS Take Down

A few days ago, a local group smacked our POS. They don't happen to like us much. The feeling is in general returned. They were out on a roam and tried to bait LR. LR is very aggressive with his PvP but he is not an idiot. There are some people that you know better to engage because they never have less then 13 people and falcon on the other side of the gate.

He didn't. They got pissed. They shot the POS. With only LR and I online no one really cared.

The next day they came back and reinforced it. While we have gained some people, we are still a small group and we have our down time and they have their prime time. These out of sync rhythms are one reason why we don't clash a lot.

Well, we logged in to find the POS reinforced. The reinforcement timer had it coming out hours after Eve's down time and smack dab in the midmorning for America. That is a terrible time for us on a week day. If it had been a weekend, we might have been able to do something with it. For a weekday... well... as hard as it may be admit... jobs are greater then Eve in importance.

It being my day off, I was the only one in the entire alliance logged on when the POS came out of reinforced. I sat in it for half an hour and started to wonder if they were going to show up and take it down.

For a moment, I thought that Razor's POS was saved. We had spent the previous night harassing him about it and suggesting tombstone engravings. He emptied all of his things out and I think he went and got another one.

The amusing thing about the POS is that it belongs to one person. Assets hanging about in space are not our thing. Razor does research and stuff out of. He has quite the industrial bent. We all do or can if we wish to. Most of the boys don't have the interest to do more then make some of their own things. Razor does invention stuff. So, when he asked Ender to put up a POS Ender was not overly happy but let him do it. He was told that if his POS cried for fuel he'd be podded. That happened within the first month. Razor turned off the notifications after that. He had forgotten to move his jump clone so it was a long trek back home for him.

The POS has been smacked a time or two before but this was the first take down. I was orbiting it when I saw local spike. A moment later a cyno field went up and local shoot up to 11. DScan told me that the POS was coming down.

Sorry Razor. Moros x3, Phonenix x3, Nag... damn it was going to be a fast take down.

However, now I could do something I had not done before. I could take pictures from the inside of a POS under attack. This was one of the better ideas I have had lately.

It took them a bit to come visit. I got a notification that they had shot at one of our POCOs. Maybe to get us to come out if we were around? But when they finally did land on grid...

Why do Moros look like giant blapping beetles?

They started to shoot it. The effects are beautiful.

I'm buzzing around, watching and looking at them. I wasn't just in orbit so they knew I was not AFK. A Myrm, Drake, Cane and Curse also arrived. I stared at them. They were surrounded the bubble, just in range of the carrier reps. What an interesting stand off. Could I get a picture of the POS as it exploded and get away from the people who obviously wanted to kill my Jag as a tiny frigate sized after dinner mint?

Time to find out. It was not a bright idea but I was going to give it a try.

But I had no idea how long the POS had left to live. You can not target it from the inisde. I don't have the roles to play with it. So, I just guaged and guaged and guaged...

When suddenly I realized Space was a lot brighter. The shields were gone so the POS was down. I aligned to the sun. My heartbeat sped up and I got an adrenline dump. I hit my image capture and started my warp.

I vanished into warp. I had positioned myself on the side of the POS furthest away from everyone. The curse worried me a little bit but I figured I was in a nanoed overdriven Jag, I was going to bounce. As the scene receded behind me I could see that someone had me redboxed.

I landed on the sun, immediately realigned and warped off to a safe spot. As I hit warp the hurricane, myrm, drake, and curse landed where I had been. The keyword is had.

Bye bye. Fast frigates for the win.

I docked and told them thank you for the pictures in local. I don't think they appreciated it. However, the experience was cool. My heart rate was up from running from those that wished to eat me. I had a bunch of cool pictures and a new experience.

Poor Razor. At least I got pictures.


  1. Nice shots! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Poor Razor... Cool pics tho

  3. Dumb Razor rather. He can set when the POS comes out of reinforce, it should be in your prime time, not theirs.

    1. Someone has to actually be online and manipulate the stront bay while a POS is being attacked to get it to come out at the proper time. So if no ones on that has the proper roles then it's not gonna get done. So no he wasn't stupid cause he wasn't on to manipulate and neither was I or it would have gotten done. Learn the mechanics before you decide to talk shit next time.

    2. "He can set when the POS comes out of reinforce" That's what you get for reading Mittens' column and not actually looking into the mechanics involved. Mittens makes it sound like stront timing is... well, a specific timer really, which would be very nice but isn't the case.

      When your POS enters RF it stays in RF until all the stront in the stront bay is used up. The rate it's consumed is fixed based on the size of the tower, you can't pull any out during RF or add any in until the shields are repped to 50%+ so the only way you can vary the time RF ends is by limiting how much Stront is in the bay when it enters RF.

      As Sugar said, only she and one other guy (not Razor) were on at the time it went into RF and the RFing wasn't exactly expected so there'd be no reason why the stront onboard would've been balanced for this particular enemy.

      Whereas Mittens writes from the perspective of a sov null alliance where aside from the opening move in a war you'll know what TZ your enemies operate in and can stront time appropriately, a lone POS in lowsec could be attacked by just about anyone at any time; people trying to pick a fight when the RF ends, people looking to take over the local moons for their own use, people just out to steal whatever mods are on the POS or just people who like to blow stuff up.

  4. Great pictures indeed, this game has some amazing, but there goes a lots of ISK and work, but he can always buy another. At least you could see some capitals ships.

  5. Why not just warp directly to your safe rather than the sun?

    1. Button pushing and time restrictions. It was easier to hit the sun as a warp in my over view, collapse my HUD and snap shots. I then dragged it back up while I was in warp and got my safe together landed and bounced.

      I was worried about align speeds and the shields span of protection. In my jag I was not overly worried about them catching me once I was off grid.

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