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"Come roam for an hour!" <--- Lies!

I had an idea that was beautiful(to me) for a moment. It was then pointed out to me all the massive holes in my pretty idea due to my general inexperience and ignorance. The shattering of my little excited bubble from having an idea was disappointing. I threw the ashes in the trash, pulled the post with the idea and went to join the boys on a roam.

It took a minute to catch up. The general decision was made to do some stuff in null sec. Yuck. Of course they go, "Catch up as fast as you can" and then "Oh btw a pull bubble is in..." to which I said, "I know I'm in it."

Sigh. Bubbles. I burned through as they popped a cyno ship on an outpost and met up with them on the gate.

I was sent through the gate with one of the drakes. A random vagabond popped into appearance 30 k off of me and aggressed the drake. I then decloaked and went for him. He was orbiting the drake and then tried to orbit me. I pointed him, he pointed me. We both had long points. That turned out to be more of a disadvantage for him then me. I burned through his orbit at an angle and caught him with my neuts. That shut him down. My drones jamming him did not help the situation. The drake then webbed him. By the time the rest of the fleet came through he was almost down and then done.

I kinda blinked with a "wtf" just happened. Someone asked how he let himself get webbed. I explained that he didn't have a lot of choice.

Our fleet comp was kinda fun. I'm trying to work on seeing the positives of null. One of them is the specialty ships that do cool things like have webs that extend 60k.

On the other side of the system there was a Tengu 170k off whom was trying to lure us into a kiting situation. Corpmates of the Vagabond. He decided to dive in and shake his ass like a target. With two interceptors and a dictor they went for him.

At 60k out he was suddenly webbed and his 100mn afterburner tengu fit wasn't the answer anymore. Then Razor dropped a bubble on him. As soon as he was webbed the fleet burned for him. He was webbed, tackled, bubbled, and the fleet descended on him and melted his tengu.

We then ran away from our own bubble and headed out of the system.

At one gate I got utterly lost. We had been jumping between null sec and low sec and told to shoot things and the fleet was on both sides of the gate and it was hectic. The drake jumped into my side of the gate. I was there with the lighter stuff so we pointed him and burned him down. A random Myrm appeared from I have no idea. He was also flashy red. The drakes shields broke and we finished burning him down. The FC had called out the Myrm. I switched my point to him since the drake was already pointed. After the drake was down we went for the Myrm.

The drake and Myrm were not corpmates. In fact, it seemed as if it was a three way situation. Maybe? I got to loot both wrecks.

Where am I?

I need to get better at having my dotlan maps up during these times. Most everyone else seems to have a general know for what system is what. A few systems later we wound up chasing a drake in circles. He had a cloak and we kept losing him. There was also an itty V with at least 5 stabs because we had four or five points on him and off he went. We finally just left him alone. With all the low sec and null sec back and forth we were bound to lose one of our interceptors trying to tackle it.

It took us three systems to chase this drake down, decloak him, pin him, and blow him up. He was a nanoed drake with no DCU. He was pretty damn fast and good with his cloak. It looks like he overclicked maybe and failed in his mwd + cloak attempt which gave us the extra second to grab him and burn him down.

I got to see my first outpost. I've never seen one before because I tend to avoid nullsec. This one is relatively new I was told. They were trying to nab a nomad that jumped in but we were a few moments behind with the bubble.

On the way back we almost bumped into another fleet. They bailed. We chased them in circles while the FC howled because he wanted a fleet fight. After the fifth or sixth jump through this patch of space where everything connects to everything else and half of the gates are super close to each other. The fleet is scattered in six parts, we keep missing them, they obviously do not wish to engage. It was like, "Can we stop and go home?" The 'one hour' fleet had turned into three. That always happens. The 'one hour' is just a lure.

Of course, as almost always happens, on the way back, a few jumps from home, we get into a fight. We jump into system from one gate and another fleet jumps in from another. We're sitting and waiting. Our scout says they have jumped. We high tail it for their gate to follow them. He meant, "they have warped." As we land on their gate they land on ours.

Sigh. We had pushed a few people through to the next system. We reland on gate to a battle and start brawling. The Naga was called primary. He didn't have the distance to use his guns as he needed to use them. Everyone else jumped. The Naga got bumped off the gate and went pop.

I looted his wreck and noticed that he had T1 guns. I worry that I am becoming a fit/ship/skill snob. For PvP it seems that one would be more effective with medium T2 guns on a different ship then T1. But I don't know. I do know that I'm not flying a Tier 3 BC before I have T2 larges (maybe the end of the year?). I have to remember that everyone is not me.

I had plenty of time to Ponder it because I was on a one minute cool down before I could jump through to join the fight on the other side of the gate. They had a Myrm, a Navy Geddon, a Mega, and a Curse over there.

The Myrm they had pointed and off gate. The Navy Geddon made it back to gate. The problem is the group that had killed the Naga was still there. We webbed him, kept him off the gate, and pewpewed him into explosion. He was fielding two different types of ammo. Range? Damage? I have to remember to look them up in the morning.

On the other side the Myrm killed just as I jumped in. Another 60 second gate timer there. Oh, my guns burnt out as well. Nice. So, I had to dock and repair while the fleet tried to chase the rest of the group. They chased and chased and chased until they docked up.

By that point, I was one jump away from home, had been awake for 23 hours, and bowed out of the rest of their station smacking as they tried to get the fleet to undock. Obviously the best idea I had was to write everything up in a sleepy, disjointed post and then wander off to bed.


  1. A vagabond failing at keep out of neut range of a cane? A drake with a cloak? Nagas using t1 guns? Sounds like people are bad at eve.

  2. Sounds like you had fun even if it dragged on a bit.

    Out of curiosity, what was the idea that didn't make it?

    1. It started out as concepts for area effects or what would equal an area effect in eve and ran off in excited creation that turned out to be more ignorance and newbie glee then anything else.

      It was about passive innate/mod related racial focused boosts from logis given to their locked targets. Logistic ships basically improving the X ability of whomever they were locked/communicating with for only rep related things.

      It was quickly pointed out that it'd screw over small gang fighting even more since logistics often kills people wanting to fight you and would promote bullshit like station games and that type of thing.

      So, something that sounded cool on paper turns out to be stupid in game.


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