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A little bit of Corporate Bonding

We decided to take a corp bonding roam. We rarely go out just by ourselves. Its a good time and a different enviorment. Most of the guys have played together for years. They are also rasiing me so my PvP style meshes in with theirs. We're a very cohesive unit when together and one that I find I am meshing into better and better.

Earlier in the evening we did chores. I have no other way to describe it other then chores or housekeeping. The jump freighter is on the move. It was a slow evening so we did some local ship collecting. People had ships all over high sec systems that edge low sec. Due to the constant rise and fall of our sec status (I'm back at -3.4 from -3.2 earlier) we sometimes lose access to ships.

A trip to the trade hub and we managed to jam the jump freighter full of ships, mods and ammo from around the area and to restock the corp hanger. It is a social time. Buying and transferring money to each other, lighting cynos and setting up trades and contracts for various items. I guess we could screw each other over but we never do. We're a corp and we're a tight knit group. I guess, not everything and everyone in Eve is 'bad'. My corps been together for 3 years and many members longer then that.

I guess in other corps the 'corp' would pay for everything. We're all self sufficient. Our corp taxes pays for communal things like the ammo that goes into the hanger. Most of us carry our own supplies. The ammo is there for when its needed. If anyone needs anything they will give it. We buy stuff from each other all of the time and just discount each other.

I'm a bit pensive on the subject of trust lately and the perceptions of low sec dwellers. I just watched someone call members of low sec amateurs because low sec is easy. Yet, not wanting to live permanently in null and wormholes does not equal amateur. That is another topic.


The boys tried to get some action in a system but a lot of smack talk happened and nothing more then station guns. We got bored and left to keep looking some action.

Smack can be interesting but it is not really our thing. We were looking for fights. In the cool, blue of caldari space we went and looked for something else.

I realized afterwards, when I looked to see who it was, that they had come after us.

It started off with a Tempest. He jumped into system, warped to a gate, and warped to another gate. We followed. He started to align off the gate. One of our guys jumped through the gate in case he jumped. Then they decided to scram him as he aligned away from the gate and bump him off it.

As he was agressed by Ren, Ender called out that they had a fleet on the other side. The call was made to burn away from the gate. We had one three people taking gateguns. On the other side was a Maelstrom and a Megathron and some battle cruisers.

There were eight of us and all in battle cruisers. The decision was made to bail. Gateguns would not work for us. The drake that had agresssed burned out of scream and webrange and warped off.

As we left they managed to nab one of our canes. He told us to finish bailing and not come back for him. He went down and then black screened. We idea what was going on with his pod. He wound up losing the entire client.

Drunk Ender had decided not to leave and stay on the gate. They decided to GCC on him as a group when the rest of us bailed. We turned around, made decision for ranges and poured back into the fight. I think that they thought that we were running.

Now they were taking gateguns. We landed and the call went out to take down the blackbird. We poured the DPS into him. Then they jumped in the Drake and two canes. Then we took down the Tempest and the Maelstrom before we started on the Hurricanes. During that time we lost our cyclone.

First one of our Hurricane's went down. He was webbed and scrammed when we said clear the field. We didn't want to take GCC for that battle. We were all in battle cruisers. They had 3 battleships and a blackbird at first.

Then on to the canes... the first one went down and the second was shooting me. I was shooting him back. They popped the first one and shot the second as I went into structure. He exploded first. For a moment, I thought that I was free. Then I saw the web and scram had not gone away. The mega had me. I sighed, tanked it for a few more seconds and exploded before I could do anything to him.

I warped out and they took out the mega. They then took out the drake and a rupture jumped into them. The rupture also went down. Not bad. We lost a cane/cane/claymore/drake for a tempest/megathrone/maelstrom/drake/cane/cane/rupture.

Good Fights were exchanged in local. They had come looking for us to fight us and were pleased to get the fight. They had been in the same system where the smacktalk happened earlier, but had not engaged in said smack. Our alliance has quite a history with their alliance. They are also an antipirate group, so we are the ideal fight to find.

We reshipped in Hek. I picked up a new hull. The hauler dragged all of the loot from the battle in. I wound up having to buy handful more ammo to carry my normal levels and my neuts. Not bad at all.

Bait ass shaking is a skill that CCP should introduce. I handed out a theme song to help with the ass shaking.

They did a good job. A flashy (sec status under -5 and down) typhoon landed. Battlecruisers really do eat up a battleship when they are in a pack like that. As much as we like killing anything that passes

I waved to Poetic Stanziel in Dal Local. It is nice to cross paths with people in game. I got to exchange pleasantries with him. My drunken corp wound up trying to solicit pies from someone. However, the FC, ordered us on so I herded them out and off we went before the conversation in fleet poured over into local.

A few systems away we stopped for a potty break. While we were gone, someone popped in system and asked if any of us was interested in fighting with him. We discussed it and dibs were called. Ender agreed to 1v1 the guy. He'd had experiences with him before.

The rest of us sat on the gate. The guy was bringing his main. We told him that he could pass through. He said that he'd fought with us before and we'd always honor our word. We did and we let him jump his cane through to go 1v1.

I can understand how uncomfortable that was. We were planted around the gate and at any moment we could have changed our minds and attacked him. Eve is well known for its backstabbing and lies. And while many people may have a low opinion of those that live in low sec our pirate title does not automatically mean that we are terrible people. There is killing everything we come across and letting people have good fights.

While they were fighting off at a planet in sytstem a Tengu landed 13k off the gate from us. "Is that tengu really on the gate?" asked the FC. "Bump him!" We went for bumps, knocked him further away. The command to engage and we all took GCC. We suspect the poor thing had disconnected because he did not attack anyone.

However, someone lagged and popped the wreck when we had it 3/4 emptied. We lost a few pieces of bling that dropped, sadly. We also discovered that Eve Kill is no longer accepting manual postings for ships over a bil isk. That is fine, the corp API pulls and posts. We just manually post so that everyone can look. We're still getting used to being able to share the killmail (kill report) itself in game. Old habits and all.

People were starting to get tired. We decided to roll with our GCC and gategun aggression and curve home through null sec. We'd been out for almost three hours by then and it was nearing 0500 hours my time.

Our alliance mates had joined into the party while we reshipped in Hek. One was in a broadsword and that is how we caught a falcon on a gate in nullsec. Gatefire and the bubble went up. The falcon did cloak but we had a few fast ships that took care of decloaking him. Drunken corpmates popped the pod before we could formulate the ransom request. Whoops. A few people were very sloshed by that point so getting them home was important before we had folks passing out on gates.

We made it back to Molden Heath. Half of the group broke off to go to bed. My cargo hold was very full by that time. I made a pitstop in a station and dumped loot. Our much smaller group decided to go see what we could find.

Space was empty tonight. Also, the alliance had their own chores that they needed to take care of. So the fleet was broken down for the night.

Good night all told.


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